Several Actors Audition for A Contract Role on General Hospital!

'General Hospital' is currently seeking to hire an actor to play the contract role of "Drew". This week the Prospect Studios where 'GH' is filmed saw a number of actors auditioning for the role which fans speculate could indeed be a Morgan Corinthos recast, the role last played by Bryan Craig. Craig is currently busy working on a new movie "American Fighter" and has made it clear that he would love to return to the ABC daytime sudser on a recurring basis, despite his being busy. But, has the show decided to indeed recast the role?

Here are some of the actors who auditioned:

(1) Jake Mast who has done a couple short films in the past. If Mast is hired for the role this would be the major break in his acting career.
(2) Heath Haden likewise has done a couple short films and would get his major break in his acting career should he land the role of "Drew".
(3) Johnny Preston who has appeared on series such as "The Dick Clark Show", "Juke Box Jury", "The Arthur Murray Party" and "Crime Story".
(4) Steve Ducey who has done a number of short films and also appearances on series such as; "Parenthood" and "A S K".

So, 'GH' fans which actor are you hoping lands the part?

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