Did Eric Make the Right Choice? Should Quinn & Ridge Be Together on The Bold and the Beautiful?

Eric (John McCook) has changed his mind about divorcing Quinn (Rena Sofer) and has given her a second chance - but, did he do the right thing? We know that Quinn and Ridge has decided to stop fooling around and sharing kisses but there are some strong feelings between them that though they deny it, it exists.

Quinn may have told herself she can be faithful to Eric with this second chance but we all know how soap operas work. And, there's Sheila (Kimberling Brown) who's determined to become the next Forrester matriarch or rather the Forrester matriarch yet again. So, do you think Eric should have divorced Quinn and move on with Sheila allowing that undeniable chemistry between Ridge and Quinn to evolve into a relationship? Or did Eric make the right choice sticking with Quinn? What do you think fans?

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