Keeping Up With Days of Our Lives Alum Brendan Coughlin!

Brendan Michael Coughlin is best known to daytime viewers for his role as Tad Stevens or T on 'Days of Our Lives'. Since 2015, T has not been seen on the canvas but we here at Soap Opera Intel had the utmost pleasure of catching up with the talented actor. Fans will remember him working at Club TBD and as a big supporter of Will (Chandler Massey) and Sonny (Freddie Smith). Now that Chandler is headed back to the show, T's return would be a good idea however there is nothing in place for that right now.

When we highlighted to Coughlin how much 'Days' fans miss him and constantly ask us about him and where T's been he shared, "Lol the funny thing is .... I have the same question. Where did T go?? They didn't really give him an outcome. I on the other hand have been back to auditions and raising my son 🙂" For those who may not known Coughlin and Teri Andrez who played his character's date, Robyn had a son back in 2014.

Back to the topic of his 'Days' character, Coughlin highlighted that he would welcome a return to the soap. "I wouldn't mind a quick visit from T. Come in for a little comic relief," he shared. When we mentioned Chandler's return to the soap, it was a bit of reflection for Coughlin as he noted "I heard! Glad he's back. He was awesome to shoot with".  And, as for his future Coughlin shares that there is nothing on the horizon right now for him but let us know that his movie in which he plays Joey will soon be out, "Nothing on the horizon but the movie frat pack coming out fall this year," he shared - be on the lookout for that one!
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