One Life to Live Alum Sean Ringgold Visits General Hospital Set - What Does This Mean?

Fun times!! A 'One Life to Live' alum had a blast visiting the set of 'General Hospital' today. The surprise visit saw Sean Ringgold reconnecting with his former 'OLTL' co-stars such as; Roger Howarth  (Franco) who played Todd Manning and Michael Easton (Finn) who played John McBain. So what does this visit for Ringgold who played Shaun Evans mean? It seems only to be a surprise visit as teased by the show. But fans shouldn't be surprise if Ringgold makes an appearance on the show in the future. ABC has the rights to use characters from their defunct soap operas.  They've already brought on James DePaiva, Hillary B. Smith and Jennifer Bassey although in different roles from their AMC/OLTL characters - could Ringgold be next? Let's hope so!

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