Think that The Young and the Restless' Camryn Grimes & Robert Adamson are A Real-Life Couple? - Here's Some Bit of Truth!

Can you believe a ton of fans believe that Camryn Grimes and Robert Adamson are a real-life couple? Well, we got a bit of truth for you. The talented pair who plays onscreen siblings as Mariah Copeland and Noah Newman do maintain their indisputable chemistry in real-life but only as friends. In a recent article from Soap Opera Digest, the two dished on their real-life and reel-life bond.

So, how did they get so good at portraying brother and sister? Camryn stated, "We were always friendly with each other and then we started hanging out away from the set, so we have this awesome friendship going, and I think that’s played into our characters’ connection, as well. I think that’s what the viewers see between them." Adamson on the other shared that "Cam and I hang out quite a bit off set. We rock climb together and stuff, but mostly, I just bug her when she’s gotta go pee. I’ll stand outside her door and knock until she answers me."

And now to the meat of the matter. Did you know that people actually think they're married? Well, yes so says Camryn. "It’s weird, but people usually think we’re married! But that’s only because we are so close. We poke fun at each other a lot, which I guess can be like siblings. I think Robert and I are closer than Noah and Mariah because we hang out a lot," noted Camryn. Adamson was quick to add that, "Although Noah and Mariah get along when we see them together, the bond that Camryn and I have off set is much stronger than our characters’, but still similar to a bond that real-life siblings share."

So, Camryn and Robert are actually very close in real-life but it's just a bond on screen that spills over to real-life!

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