EXCLUSIVE! William deVry Signs 3 Year Contract With General Hospital!

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It was such an awesome pleasure and one of the most fun chats we had with a daytime superstar. William deVry who assumes the role of Julian Jerome on 'General Hospital' has inked a new deal with the ABC daytime drama and we spoke to him about it. Just when fans were worried that the end of the road for Julian had arrived, they got the amazing news that 'GH' and deVry had reached a new deal which would see him returning to the show. Fans would remember that after much success on 'All My Children' as Michael Cambias and 'The Bold and the Beautiful' as Storm Logan, deVry made his way to GH back in 2013. We spoke to him about his work on GH and his triumphant return, read the full interview below!

Congrats on doing such an amazing job with the role of Julian Jerome on General Hospital. And also congrats on re-signing with the show...is Julian's stay indefinite, a lengthy contract? Can you say?

William: Yes. It's a 3 year contract. Looking forward to it because I think we all believe there is a TON more story to tell. With Alexis, Sonny (Future Allies?), Sam, Lucas, Leo, both Olivia's, 2 Jason's. Can't wait!

Say what? Julian and Sonny - future allies? Lol not with the real Jason in town right?

William: That's the intriguing question. What will happen. Who will need who's help? Who will turn to whom when the chips are down?!

We know Julian's exit was done in a way so that he can return, how does the return story look? Any tease?

William: Well, I think once this chapter is written and aired, I think it's only natural to conceive how and where the new chapter will begin.

Julian's probably near to getting back in Alexis' (Nancy Lee Grahn) good graces or probably not? Are you very invested in the Julexis pairing? Do you think they're end game?

William: I think Julian knows that being a couple again with Alexis is almost out of his hands. I think he knows, that ultimately, he needs help. He needs proof, and not just his word, he was being squeezed into a no win situation. And in order to save his entire family, he had to sell something. In other words, what he was trying to sell, could ultimately, compromise and sacrifice his relationships with his entire family. #1 being Alexis. It's really a no win scenario. He needs help now. Where that help will ultimately come from is the million dollar question.

I'm intrigued...just to see how this story plays out. You've worked with some super talented people: Maurice Benard (Sonny), Kelly Monaco (Sam), Nancy (Alexis), Tonja Walker (Liv), Maura West (Ava) just to name a few. How has that been?

William: Well that is what makes it interesting at the end of the day. Working with all those people. To name a few; Laura Wright (Carly), Billy Miller (Jason), Jeffrey Vincent Parise (Ex Carlos), Ryan Carnes (Lucas). And, shared the screen with future Prime Time star Ryan Paevey (Nathan)...it's been fun!

After the lengthy contract negotiations how does it feel to be back...have you started taping new scenes already ?

William: I can't say when I will be back on air, but I get back to taping mid October. By then there will be a proper story to tell for Julian without having the writers rush through something.

We know it's far away but after all this amazing and outstanding work do you see yourself submitting for an Emmy next year?

William: No idea. We will cross that bridge later.

And your other stars are certainly Emmy worthy as well. Kelly had been killing it with her latest storyline. Maura West is keeping her A game up and so is Nancy. I hope you encourage them to submit as well...thoughts?

William: I already texted Rebecca Budig (Hayden) and told her that her scenes from Friday with Michael Easton (Finn) were GOLD. Where she comes clean about what she did with the hospital's money. Kelly has been on fire this past week. She got a deserved Gold Star. Everyone always submits good tape. Nancy is the expert at which scene's to submit.

You were said to be auditioning for other roles..any luck? Any upcoming project outside of GH?

William: Got close on almost every audition. Short listed a half dozen. But none came through. I think with GH being on hold, and not "done", it was difficult to be in the right head space. I realized that only after we finally did the deal for GH. But I have two months to book some other work right now.

So there you have it fans! Aren't you happy that though he may be off the canvas for a while that deVry is sticking around as Julian Jerome? Are you hoping he and Alexis get back together?

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