General Hospital Alum Brandon Barash Suffers Heartbreaking Family Loss!

‘General Hospital’ alum Brandon Barash (ex-Johnny Zachhara) has suffered a heartbreaking family loss. Barash took to Instagram to share that he lost his dad, Jerry L. Barash. “Gutted. Shattered. Heartbroken. In this vast expanse of universe,” the actor shared as he continued, “we’re all as anonymous and abundant as grains of sand on a beach...but by no means insignificant. Dad, if we’re the sand, then you’re the rock, and with the proper honoring of your memory, love and lessons, we’ll all be beaten down in the night by the storm of your loss and of life, only to have the sun rise the next day and find that we’ve all coalesced together into one giant, indestructible boulder held together by your love and life lessons.

The post included a picture of Barash and he father as he concluded, “Dad, wherever you are, I hope the poker chips are stacked high and that the Oban is flowing like streams. I’ll meet you in the Peacock Fields...but not yet. Not yet. Rest peacefully, my king.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with Barash and his family during this difficult time!

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