EXCLUSIVE: A DiMera Comeback? Miranda Wilson Talks Life After Days of Our Lives & Her Current Projects!

It's a lovely blast from the past for many longtime 'Days of Our Lives' viewers who remember Miranda Wilson during her time as Megan Hathaway DiMera on the NBC daytime drama back in the 80's. Though this was where she got her big break and quickly became a household name among daytime viewers, her time on the show was short-lived. Nevertheless, she won the Soap Opera Digest award in 1985 for her portrayal of Megan. She went on to star in two more series regular roles, on ‘Capitol’ as Kate Wells, and on 'Santa Barbara' as Sandra Mills, the psychic who went a bit psycho over Cruz! Now that a new DiMera has been introduced ironically named after her father's character, Stefano DiMera (Joseph Mascolo) and there's much drama in the DiMera family, Wilson wouldn't mind reprising her role and seeing where the story takes her character. Soap Opera News caught up with Wilson who filled us in on life after ‘Days’ and invited fans to come out to the film festivals where her film is screening. See the film, stay for her Q&A, get an autograph and a photo with Miranda.

Looking back at her time on the show, Wilson shares, "Getting the role on Days was a life-changing experience! It’s still a life-changing experience. I appreciate it more and more every day! Megan Hathaway DiMera was a very young, pampered dynamo! And playing her was a rollercoaster ride! I felt like she was all over the place. Swinging from one mood to the next. Never satisfied. I actually felt sorry for her while I was playing her. And looking back, now, I still feel sorry for her."

And then there's life after the show where Wilson tells us, "I’ve had a very interesting life! I married a man who is French and English. So I’ve lived in both of those countries. Each is delightful in its own way. I love the French language, culture, food, and countryside! My children carry French passports. I feel deeply connected to France. And I love the English culture! The weather leaves a bit to be desired! But, not many places on the planet have perfect weather! The Brits more than make up for it with their humor!"

With a new DiMera in town and we speak of none other than Tyler Christopher's Stefan O. DiMera,  she filled us in on her thoughts on the story noting, "I feel like it’s too early in his storyline for us to really know what direction he’s going to go. And, the story writers have a habit of introducing characters and then introducing twists that take things off in a very different direction. That’s exactly what happened with Megan. She appeared to be an innocent lamb and then suddenly turned into a viper!"

Wilson wouldn't mind going back to her old soap opera stomping grounds where she caused major drama. "I would love to reprise my role as Megan. Or return to the show as a character that looks very much like Megan, for whatever reason they come up with. I love the workload on soaps," she shares. She also has an idea for her character's return should it happen, "I see her as a force to be reckoned with. No nonsense, speaks straight and takes no prisoners. But, with a heart for the disadvantaged. Not the lazy, but the truly disenfranchised. I’d love to see a very powerful woman who can’t help giving a step up to the underdogs. Much to her own chagrin."

In closing, Wilson filled us in on her upcoming projects and how fans can be apart of what she's doing now.

"I have three indie films that I’m in, currently doing the festival circuit. These are all projects that I did in England. The most exciting for now is a short film that is screening in Lafayette, Louisiana next week, at Cinema On The Bayou Film Festival.
An American Attorney In London: When a criminal defense attorney visits the US Embassy in London, his appointment with a clinical consular official leads him down a dark and uneasy path to the last place on earth he wants to be.

It’s a fabulous role for me. And it came at exactly the point when I wanted a role that was a bit invincible. It just kinda fit, for me. It was a great team of people and a ridiculously quick shoot. I’m pleased with the results. And I bet the writer/director, Darrell Alden, will go far! 

I had another short film that screened at this same festival in 2015. Beneath Water, a poignant piece about mothers and children, about grief and about letting go. The film is deeply moving. I won a Best Actress in a Narrative Short award at the Queens World International Film Festival, for that role. The award was given to me 30 years after my first award as “Best Villainess on Daytime”.

I also played the role of Mary in Michael Damian’s film, High Strung. You may know Michael for his 18 yr run as Danny Romalotti on Y&R. Mary is the mother of the lead in the film, Ruby. Ruby is a dancer, a ballerina, and she gets into a big dance and music conservatory in New York. It’s an energizing, very upbeat film filled with amazing music and dance.

I’d really love to get some of the fans to come to the screening in Louisiana. Do some autographs and some photos. Generally, reconnect with the fans. And I’d love to see a wave of #BringMeganBack comments and posts and tweets and grams!!! Would you like to see Megan come back? Because I know that the show would love to hear about it if you would!

Send ‘em some #Megope #RoMeg #MegaStef LOL!!! 

What characters would you like to see Megan doing time with?

Let’s start a wave!

And with everything, enjoy!!!"

Don't remember who Megan Hathaway DiMera is? Here's a throwback below!

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