EXCLUSIVE! Maeve Quinlan Would Return to The Bold and the Beautiful "In A Hearbeat" - Read Here!

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Maeve Quinlan, a talented actress, is probably best known for her role as Megan Donley on 'The Bold and the Beautiful', a role she played for over 10 years from 1995 - 2006. After spending over a decade in the soap genre, Maeve starred in the teen drama "South of Nowhere" as Paula Carlin from 2005 - 2008. She also ventured into the aspects of creating, producing and co-starring in one of the first and most popular drama series "3 Way" in which she played Siobhan McGarry. Maeve then returned to her soap roots this time playing the role of Constance Tate-Duncan on "90210" from 2008 - 2011. She now plays the role of Lieutenant Nina Hathaway in one of the most popular original soap (based on a book series) of the decade, "Riley Parra". Soap Opera News caught up with Maeve for an interesting chat in which she spoke about her recent nomination for Best Supporting Actress in the Indie Series Awards for her role on "Riley Parra", Her time on 'B&B', working with Joseph Mascolo, If she would return to 'B&B', her desire to work on 'General Hospital', upcoming projects and more. Read the full interview below!

Congratulations on your recent nomination for Best Supporting Actress for Riley Parra in the Indie Series Awards, how does it feel to be nominated and do you think you will win?

MQ: Thank you so much! I'm really excited and proud of this nomination for so many reasons. First off, I've been blessed to have been nominated as an ensemble cast for several shows I've been lucky enough to be a lead cast member of, but I've never been nominated for my own performance and for that I am very humbled. And ever so excited. So, I already feel like a winner, just to have been nominated. I'm just so proud of this show. I'm also super proud of this nomination because I am a huge supporter and hold such profound respect for all of these amazing trailblazers in regard to independent streaming programming. I did it myself when I co-created & starred in one of the very first independent online series "3 Way", so I know what it takes as a producer and creator (and it takes a lot) to get this independent programming made and I also know the freedom that this medium provides to bring such amazing stories, writing, production value, performance collaboration and direction to a never-ending audience so hungry for such creative programming and such creative stories and voices. If by luck at all, I were to win, its really my incredible director and producer Christin Baker, producer Kitty Swink, writer Geonn Cannon, DP, David Chung and our amazing and talented lead Marem Hassler who would be the reason behind my win. What a Team of Talent they are.

In the past you played the role of Megan Conley on 'The Bold and the Beautiful', it's probably one of the roles you're most known for today, can you share what your time on the show was like?

MQ: The Bold and the Beautiful was the most amazing show and environment to work at I could ever have imagined. I got super lucky because my part as Megan was to only be for one day with a possibility of recurring, and it then turned into 3 days which then turned into nearly 12 years. Those were 12 of the greatest years of my professional life for so many reasons it would be hard to list. But in a nutshell, that show is not just a bunch of actors and writers and producers and directors and crew coming to work each day to do their own thing and make a living and thinking about their own part in making tv, every single person who worked on that show was your FAMILY. That feeling was there from the moment I stepped on to that set and it has never left even when I was no longer on the show. And it never has left any of us. We are one big happy family who still get together all the time. Whether you are still on the show like Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke) , or no longer on the show like Jennifer Finnigan (ex-Bridgette), Ronn Moss (ex-Ridge), Winsor Harmon (ex-Thorne) and me. We are one big family. That feeling of cast and crew as your family came from the top, Brad Bell. And before him Bill Bell of course. The Bells set such a stage for this feeling of trust and brotherhood and sisterhood in working together that it was something I was grateful to bring to the set of "South of Nowhere". I remember sitting our cast down who were mostly teens at the time and telling them, we are family on this set. The crew is your family, your cast members are your family, your producers, your directors, your writers. And I told them I learned that from my years on The Bold and the Beautiful and the Bells  And my former South of Nowhere cast reference that Bold and the Beautiful talk I gave them even to this day.

Your character was romantically paired with one of daytime's greatest actors Joseph Mascolo who is no longer with us, how was it dealing with his passing?

MQ: Working alongside Joe was one of the greatest gifts I was ever given in my years on daytime. What a legend, what a performer and what a gentleman. It was really fun to be a part of that storyline, because Megan had always been such a goodie-two-shoes so it was so fun to get this sort of sinister side to her. And he helped me so much playing that in a way that she didn't just flip a switch and decide to turn on the Forresters whom she had been so loyal to, she just got caught up in something with him that captivated her and she was lured by the lifestyle, doting and gifts and lost herself in that. I was so sad when Joe passed away because he was just so kind and actually quite vulnerable. But I am just so grateful I got to work opposite him for the storyline we did. What a treat. He was just the best.

It's been approximately 12 years since you last appeared on the show, have you ever considered returning and what would it take to get you back there even for a short story arc? What about Megan coming back to fight Quinn (Rena Sofer) for Eric's (John McCook) love?

MQ: Are you kidding? I would go back in a heartbeat if they wanted me and could find a place for me again. That show and that cast and that crew and producers/writers and tv family is the hands-down greatest place to work and I cherish my years there and most definitely would return if asked. I've been asked this question a few times before, what could be done with Megan and its funny as John McCook and I are the pairing that always comes up. And wow, would I ever be so lucky. I am just so fond of John. He truly was the male leader of our show when I was there and just set the tone for such a fun, collaborative working environment on set. So yes, that would be so fun. And if I were ever asked to return the one thing I would like to do is to bring back a different Megan. I would definitely like to see her come back to show with a different side of her that she has found from all of her years away. I see her as re-inventing herself into someone who doesn't take s***t from anyone. Even to the point of selfishness to get what she wants in life no matter the cost. Almost to overcompensate for all of those years in Brooke's shadow. Its funny, I guess I'd like to bring her back as a bitch. The bitch gets all the best lines, and I've had a fun career playing them ( Constance on 90210, Paula on South of Nowhere, and now Nina Hathaway on Riley Parra). I'd like to bring back Megan as a feisty force to be reckoned with who has come back to town to settle a few scores.

If not 'The Bold and the Beautiful', would you consider doing another soap? If so, which one and what role could you see yourself playing?

MQ: That's super easy....if not B&B, hands down General Hospital. That was the first soap opera I fell in love with and was my soap I watched growing up and through college, it was also my first acting job on a series after starting my career off in commercials. I was cast by Mark Teschner for a one day job and it was truly my first break. I adore him and producer MK Weir and their writing and Exec Producing. I think they are just such an amazing show. That would be a beautiful place to work as well. 

Can you share more about your part in Riley Parra, your character and what the future holds for you there?

MQ: My character, Nina Hathaway is such an amazing character to play. She is the Lieutenant in charge of one of the most interesting police departments and vicinities, and so I 've never had the opportunity to work as a cop or head of a police force before. I am always cast as a Mother or a Doctor, but never in the field of crime or a police. So it's so much fun to play her. And it's so much fun to also play in this genre. Riley Parra is such an incredible show that combines a supernatural world of crime, mystery, angels and demons all together and weaves a story of love, uncertainty, attraction, suspicion all within it. Nina is such a multi-layered character. You have no idea if she is a good person or a bad one when it comes down to the core. Just when you think you've figured her out, she shows you another layer and you're back to square one of trying to figure her out. I am SO proud that Riley Parra has 7 nominations including Best Digital Daytime Drama, that I am so looking forward to our 2nd Season to stream as we just wrapped that. Riley Parra is so unique for Daytime Programming that it reminds me of the kind of impact a soap that I loved when I was little girl had on Daytime. It was a show called Dark Shadows. I was like 8 and would just watch that thing because it was so cool and so different. I'd never seen anything like it before. I truly think Riley Parra will end up being the Dark Shadows of Digital Daytime TV carving out a whole different genre for Daytime that hasn't been seen in a very long time.

Do you have any upcoming gigs on the horizon you would like to share about?

MQ: I am super excited to announce I will be launching Maeve Intoxicating Beauty, in March which is a site and blog, sharing my favorite skin care regime (Rodan & Fields), my favorite makeup line (Senegence) and all day lip color (Lipsense) plus my own perfume line. This will be an online place to shop DIRECTLY FROM ME  to get my beauty faves & advice/coaching and expertise of what works for me. I am super excited about this. I am also continuing with my producing work for which my last project was ABC Family's Beverly Hills Nannies, and right now I'm getting funding for my next project. A romantic comedy about fertility.  And as many people know, I brought in a business side to my career several years ago  by following other actors before me into the beverage business by joining the forces behind Go Girl Energy Drink. I am so proud of my work with Go Girl and I'm hands on with my work with them from sales, to distribution, awareness, and growth and I am so proud that we give a portion of sales to breast cancer and ovarian cancer (my Mother is a 19 year survivor) with each can sold 365 days of the year. So a lot is going on. Plus I help to care for my 94-year-old mom. I will be saying my prayers that I win this nomination and will be cuddling up with it on a much-needed vacation soon. No, just kidding, I feel like I have already won by being nominated and amongst such incredible company. It's a dream come true.

So, fans would you like to Megan back on the canvas on 'B&B' and paired with Eric? Would you like to see Maeve join 'GH'? What role would you like to see her play?


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Soap Opera News: EXCLUSIVE! Maeve Quinlan Would Return to The Bold and the Beautiful "In A Hearbeat" - Read Here!
EXCLUSIVE! Maeve Quinlan Would Return to The Bold and the Beautiful "In A Hearbeat" - Read Here!
Click here to read what she had to say about a B&B return-->
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