TAINTED DREAMS Star Jessie Godderz Set to Star in 2nd Amazon TV Series "NEW DOGS, OLD TRICKS" - Details Here!


Beginning Friday, September 28th, TAINTED DREAMS star Jessie Godderz will also be portraying the role of Evan McLaine in NEW DOGS, OLD TRICKS (NDOT). NDOT is a blend of comedy and drama and is a spinoff of the hit 2016 Sony motion picture, What Happened Last Night. 

The series is Directed, Executive Produced and Created by filmmaker Candice Cain from Gemelli Films. Movie and TV Legend Eric Roberts is a Guest Star in the premiere episode. Godderz (a.k.a. Mr. PEC-Tacular) also currently portrays the character of Dylan Buckwald on TAINTED DREAMS, which is in its second season on Amazon.

TAINTED DREAMS was recently nominated for 2 additional Daytime Emmy Awards including Outstanding Digital Drama Series. Come September, Godderz will be appearing in both Amazon's NEW DOGS, OLD TRICKS and TAINTED DREAMS simultaneously. Godderz also made a Special Guest Appearance on CBS' The Young and the Restless last summer, alongside the characters of Noah Newman (Robert Adamson) and Tessa Porter (Cait Fairbanks).

He is also known for starring on CBS' Big Brother for the last decade as Mr. PEC-Tacular, as well as for being a 2 Time Champion for POP TV's IMPACT Wrestling over the last five years. (Check out the official press release below and see behind the scenes photos of NDOT)

Brand new half-hour series with many stars coming soon Brookhaven, NY, April 10, 2018: The new half-hour series “New Dogs, Old Tricks” will be released on Amazon this September. The show is a blend of comedy and drama, which follows a group of friends as they face the trials and tribulations of life at college. More than just another campy college comedy, “New Dogs, Old Tricks” tackles many hot topics that millennials face. Many recognizable names are already attached to the show, including:

· Clayton Snyder who famously played the role of “Ethan Craft” in the Lizzie McGuire franchise. Snyder plays the role of Danny Barker.

· Shelley Regner, who is most known for playing the role of “Ashley” in the Pitch Perfect franchise. Regner has recently been cast in the newly formed D-Capella with Disney, which starts touring this fall. Regner plays the role of Liz Nesmith.

· Cody Calafiore is best known as the second runner up of Big Brother 16. Calafiore appears in the upcoming horror film Clinton Road alongside Ice-T. Calafiore plays the role of Joe Crosby. · Jessie Godderz, also an alum of Big Brother who still makes frequent appearances as Mr. PEC-tacular, can also be seen in the first two seasons of the Emmy-nominated series Tainted Dreams. Godderz plays the role of Evan McLaine

· Eric Roberts, one of the hardest working men in show business, is an Oscar nominated and Golden Globe nominated actor. Roberts appears as the sinister Mr. Fortnoy in the very first episode of New Dogs, Old Tricks.

· David Otunga is known for his wrestling career with the WWE, as well as being the runner up on I Love New York 2. Otunga is currently a WWE commentator as well as an actor appearing in many different films and television shows. Otunga plays the role of Tiny.

Gemelli Films is an all-female production company based out of Long Island, NY. At the helm is Writer/Director Candice Cain, who is the creator of this series. Her first film What Happened Last Night was released in February 2017 by GVN Releasing through Sony. New Dogs, Old Tricks is a spin-off of the film. The first episode of New Dogs, Old Tricks will be released on Amazon on Friday, September 28, 2018. A new episode will be released every Friday until December 21, when the entire first season will be available.

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