50 Cent Talks Kanan's Death and His Power Future!

In the shocking and most unpredictable turn of events, Kanan (50 Cent) has taken a bow in episode 8 of the current season of "Power". 50 Cent who is also an Executive Producer of the hit STARZ primetime drama spoke with Deadline about his character's death and how he will continue to be involved with the show. 

50 Cent said that Kanan's death, "allows me to stay involved as an executive producer and expand on the other projects I have on the network at the present moment and get them up and running." As for what's next he shared, "I’m looking at what I’m going to do with Black Mafia Family, what I’m going to do with other shows. I’ve talked about them but I haven’t actually had the time to have the writers room opened and move further with those. It also provides me with the ability to direct 603. I’ve traveled to the writers’ room since they been in there working on next season and developing 603."

But, with Kanan's death have fans seen the last of him on the show? When asked if the character will appear again in flashbacks he, 50 Cent shared, "You may see that. You may see nightmares for Tariq’s character. With the relationship between the two of them, when you do something like that, it doesn’t just go away. That’s a traumatic experience for him too."

So, what are your thoughts on the death of Kanan?

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