DAYS/OLTL Alum John-Paul Lavoisier Joins New Series!

Photo Credit: Tom Korbee

Former soap star, John-Paul Lavoisier has a new gig in the pipeline. The former One Life to Live (ex-Rex Balsom) and Days of Our Lives (ex-Philip Kiriakis) star has joined the cast of "Crazy Bitches". It is a horror comedy in the vein of SCREAM or I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER. Only funnier. It is based on the underground hit feature by the same name. Season one will be a re-edit of the feature into bite sized 10 minute shows with new footage and new scenes. Season Two is in post-production, with the trailer coming and both will be available in October starting October 12th.

A synopsis for the show states:

After the slaughter at Great Spirits ranch one or more killers remains on the loose, unbeknownst to a gathering of women at The Wellness Retreat and healing Spa Ranch in Big Sur. A private and secluded spa in the mountains along the coast of California, TWRHSR, as it is affectionately known, is an gathering place where small groups of women (and their GBFs) of all ages and ilks gather to reclaim their relationship with mother earth and their own vaginas. A new group of arrivals enjoy a beautiful first day in the sun before things turn dark with a storm of epic proportions. The storm causes the only bridge out of town to collapse and the communications to be short-circuited. which would not have given anyone pause if it hadn't been for the dead body in the hot tub. While the first body could easily have been an accident, the second sends off warning bells in staff and guest alike. But no one can leave and help can't come until communication is restored and the bridge out of town is...

Lavoisier will play the role of Charlie in 6 episodes of season 2! Watch the intense season 1 trailer below to get a taste of what's to come.


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