Eileen Davidson Didn't Quit Y&R Over Alleged Abuse!

With reports circulating of a possible lawsuit to come for The Young and the Restless and a few of its executives, fans began to worry that one actress might have quit the show due to the reported allegations. The report stated, "Yes, Sony and CBS are aware that major lawsuits are being prepared in this town and they will be leveled at Steve [Kent] and Mal Young.  A very respected, honorable woman who has worked for the show for years is on her way out, and she is so emotionally traumatized by her alleged treatment, which included alleged sexual harassment as well as verbal abuse, that she feels she can no longer even work in the daytime industry anymore." Fans immediately thought the respected woman in question was Eileen Davidson who wraps filming as Ashley Abbott next month. However, the rumor which got out of hand was shut down by Eileen. when one fan took to Twitter to ask her if the reason she quit was due to abuse allegations, Eileen stated, "No!!!!!!". 

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