General Hospital's Matt Cohen Fires Back At Social Media User Who Claimed He Took Advantage of Her!

DON'T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU HEAR ON SOCIAL MEDIA. General Hospital star, Matt Cohen (Griffin Munroe) now has to deal with an extreme case as one social media user claimed he and heis co-star, Billy Miller (Drew Cain) took advantage of her. The twitter account holder whose name is Monique Walls shared, "I'm really in tears right now. 2 actors and from drugged me a few nights ago. They took advantage of me because I wasn't in my right mind and it's not good to do that. I have a restraining order on them now and I'm ok." Well, don't believe everything you hear as Cohen has fired back at the distasteful claims saying, "Thank you to all that support me. No need to engage with this sick person anymore. All the information that is necessary is in the hands of the right people to bring justice. Thank you all, now lets keep my feed full of joy and love!!! ". Monique's account claims that she is employed at the Prospect Studios where GH is filmed. It's quite sad that an actor has to go through this, we hope Matt gets it all worked out.

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