New Series for General Hospital's Marc Anthony Samuel!

Photo Credit: Russell Tanoue

Marc Anthony Samuel is one busy actor! He recently made another appearance as Felix DuBois on General Hospital but now he's got a new series on the horizon. "Orbital Redux", a series written and directed by Steven Calote is on it's way and Samuel is a part of it. The series is a feature­ length sci­-fi adventure told in eight episodes, performed and broadcast live with audience engagement. First episode airs LIVE on Legendary Digital's Project Alpha on Thursday, September 27th 2018!!! The plot outline states that a washed­-up astronaut struggles with a dead­-end space transpo job in the year 2050. But when a training mission for his replacement turns to disaster, he gets a chance to show he's got the right stuff. The series star, Yuri Lowenthal with additional casting news to come. Please stay tuned for updates.

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