Another Legend Passed Away: Soap Stars React to the Passing of Burt Reynolds!

Another legend has passed. Burt Reynolds, a well-known actor passed away at the age of 82. Reynolds died Thursday morning at Jupiter Medical Center in Florida due to cardiopulmonary arrest according to reports. Reynolds was an enduring strong-featured and genial star of US Cinema who started off in T.V westerns in the 1960's and then went into the 1970s/1980s as a popular culture sex symbol, posing almost naked for "Cosmopolitan" magazine. He has done numerous films, primetime shows and more. See how several of your favorite daytime stars reacting to the news of his death.

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My very first action movie was RAVEN ... That’s me running in the distance on this movie poster with my co-star @officialmattbattaglia ... while one of my childhood man-crushes, Burt Reynolds, was the star of the movie. Surreal for me having just come out to LA in 1995 and I was going to work side by side with him! I had watched every Cannon Ball Run and Smokey and the Bandit as a kid. My whole Texas family was obsessed with his brilliance. I couldn’t sleep the night before our first scene together, and when I got to set I was a zombie so I downed 3 cups of coffee before I went to get camera ready. I was outside the makeup trailer and Burt was walking out... I froze. He said “Good Mornin’ Sunshine!” with the biggest smile face. ... I then, like the true lady I am, I threw up. 3 cups of projectile coffee puke. I didn’t throw up ON him, but close. I had to make it better and show I was professional .... All I could say was “Hi .. Umm... I’m Krista .. I just threw up. Hi. My family loves you. I love you. I’m very nervous. ...Did I puke on your shoes?” He took the napkin that was wrapped around his coffee cup and handed it to me to wipe my face.... Then proceeded to kick dust from the ground on top of the puddle of coffee puke. . ... He said “It’s nice to meet you Krista. You’re gonna do just fine. The worst is over! ... Just don’t eat the spaghetti for lunch because that could get messy, and I might be wearing white!” And with that ... I had a friend. To me, Burt Reynolds was an icon, a gentleman, and a brilliant actor and made my introduction into Hollywood pretty great. Thank you for all you did, Sir. Thank you the laughs ... and the napkin. ❤️ Rest In Peace. * * #burtreynolds #rip #icon #thankyou
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