Days of Our Lives' Olivia Rose Keegan's Heartbreaking Loss!

Days of Our Lives' Olivia Rose Keegan 9Claire Brady) recently suffered a heartbreaking loss. Her acting coach and friend, Cheryl Faye passed away after a battle with Breast Cancer and Lymphoma. Cheryl was a lot more than an acting coach to a number of kids. She was affectionately known to many as their friend, mentor, advisor, a great coach and supporter. Cheryl over the last 2 years battled with Breast Cancer and recently Lymphoma and even coach kids from her hospital bed. Cheryl unfortunately lost her battle and any assistance you can provide in terms of donating funds towards medical and funeral expenses is welcomed. 

On the news of Cheryl's passing Keegan wrote, "Cheryl💕 You were a bright light in everyone’s life and genuinely one of the most positive people I’ve ever known. A truly beautiful person inside and out. You were a mentor to me, helping me and so many other young kids believe in themselves and chase after their dreams. We were so lucky to know you and have your guidance and encouragement. I love you so much. Rest In Peace and keep on shining like you do. Also: there’s a link in my bio if anyone wants to donate to medical costs and funeral costs, it would be much appreciated." Here's the link:

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