Soap Stars Speak Out About Job Shaming Cosby Actor Geoffrey Owens On Labor Day!

Geoffrey Owens who is best known for his role as Elvin Tibideaux on The Cosby Show was the center of attracting in the news cycle this week as shoppers at his workplace captured photos of him working at a New Jersey Trader Joe's. This led to articles being released whom many stepped forward and dubbed as job shaming. A number of soap stars also came to the actor's defense telling their own stories about their struggles in the industry. #ActorsWithDayJobs is now the hashtag being used as current and former soap stars joined in with the move. Read below!

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So I have been contemplating posting something about #geoffreyowens because I don’t know if he wants any of this attention. It may make him feel uncomfortable or maybe he will appreciate the support. Maybe he doesn’t give a damn. What I do know is that I don’t ever want to be a source of pain for anyone so I hope I am not for him. What I also know is that being an actor, musician, writer, dancer, photographer or artist/creative of ANY kind is REALLY HARD. Most have other types of jobs while pursuing their craft. Unless you come from family money it is practically impossible not to. I have had MANY jobs to pay the bills while pursuing my career. When I landed my role on General Hospital the first time around it was after many, many years of trying to book something that would stick, something where I could make a living as a working actor. People close to me were excited that I got a contract role and had a paid acting job for 4 years! But here is the thing, l I knew that my contract stated that my employer had the right to terminate every few months so in my mind I was employed as an actor ONLY for that long. I was working at The Four Seasons hotel in LA when I booked it and asked to stay on the schedule “on call” because I may need that job again. One day they called for a weekend shift. They were in need. I had been airing on the show daily for maybe 5 or 6 months at the time. I went in. I worked the shift and I was happy to do it and EXTREMELY grateful for all the years they helped me survive by employing me so I could pay the bills. I have worked on and off since that first acting gig that was steady. Some years it was quite difficult other years it was quite fruitful. That’s the thing with this business, it’s unpredictable. I think the statistic is that under 10% of SAG/AFTRA members actually make a living AS ACTORS. That’s a very low number. Smart & responsible actors have other jobs as well. Let’s have RESPECT for people making an honest living in whatever capacity. No one job holds more value than the other. Stop shaming and let’s support each other. Work is work! There is HONOR in having a job. #honor #noshame #paythebills #work #love #support #respect
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