Characters of the Past: The Many Faces of Sean Kanan!

The many faces of Sean Kanan on daytime, click here to learn more--->>>

Article by: Kenyan Smith

Deacon Sharpe

Handsome, suave, a swindler, ruthless, a gigolo, Deacon Sharpe. Deacon loved women, money and alcohol. Deacon came to the coast of Los Angeles to make some cash by signing over his rights to his biological son with Becky Moore, the deceased cousin of Amber Moore, to Rick Forrester.  He caught on real quick that his son, Lil D, was worth more than what Rick was offering.  He passed out paddles, took a place behind the podium and became an auctioneer. “I got 100K in this corner! 100K! Can I get a 110K?! Yes! I got 110K over here! Can I get a 120K?!"

Yep, Deacon was a real piece of work. But everybody even Superman has a kryptonite and Amber was Deacon’s. Obsessed is not too strong of a word. Amber was attracted to Deacon and had feelings for him. But she loved and chose Rick (despite the matching tattoos with Deacon lol).  In retaliation, Deacon targeted the young virginal Bridget Forrester, he whisked her away to Las Vegas, married her and bedded the virgin and made sure the family heard every sound, sigh and moan of ecstasy (the old partial part of the phone in a glass trick).

Marriage to Bridget didn’t stop Deacon from making a stop by Brooke Logan’s, Bridget’s mom, House of Goodies and getting her pregnant. Holy soap jackpot! Deacon had another kid to use. He blackmailed Brooke into supporting him to keep the affair and their child (Hope Logan) paternity hidden. 

The Forrester’s beat him, ran him over and shot him. But Deacon kept coming back. In life no matter how good you think you are, at one time or another we all run up against someone who is just a little better. Deacon who never met a wife he didn’t like, started sleeping with Jackie, Massimo Marone’s wife. A stroke and being unable to speak couldn’t stop Massimo from exacting his revenge when he found out. As soon as he was able, he made sure Deacon fell off the wagon and ended up in rehab.

Deacon became a bi-coastal bad boy turning up in Genoa City. Why? Amber and art. Amber’s west coast beau Daniel (Danny) Romalotti was the latest man standing in his way with Amber. Deacon cooked up a plan to get rid of Daniel. This storyline was filled with twist and turns, keys, safety deposit boxes and a valuable painting. 

Deacon wore out his welcome on the East Coast too. Phyllis Newman lured him into kidnapping Amber, who was working with Phyllis and Daniel to set Deacon up. Deacon went to jail without Amber or the painting. But he hoped he had done enough to keep the “Dragon Lady” (Sarah Smythe) away from Lil D.

After serving his time, Deacon returned to Genoa City. He started another round of conquests. Phyllis and Victoria Newman were among them before him and Nikki Newman, Victoria’s mom, (Deacon did have a thing for that mother-daughter combo) hooked up. 

Now let Deacon tell the story, he really did fall for Nikki when he conspired with Meggie McClaine (who wanted Victor Newman and wanted to keep Nikki away from him) and kept recovering alcoholic, Nikki boozed up. And this “love”, also made him creatively edit and hide videofootage of Nikki killing Diane Jenkins (who he had slept with too, of course) in self-defense, for his own gain of trying to get Nikki for himself. This wasn’t exactly a winning defense.  Deacon was shipped off to the pen again this time for obstruction of justice.

Bill Spencer sprung Deacon from jail (putting him back in the West Coast character orbit) with the agreement that he would help break up Liam Spencer, Bill’s son, and Hope. Deacon had his usual brief flashes of conscience but still helped Bill and then tried to blackmail him. 

The next time Deacon had a major impact on canvas was when he met “Crazy Quinn”. While Quinn and Deacon worked to keep Bill and Brooke apart for their own self-interest, they ended up in a relationship. Brooke warned Deacon (even though she was hitting the bottle on the regular) to leave Quinn alone. He didn’t. He married her.

The honeymoon didn’t last long and they separated. When Deacon came home to end the marriage, he discovered Quinn had kidnapped an amnesiac Liam (so Steffy and Wyatt would have a chance to reconcile). Deacon was down with it for a while, but then told Quinn the jig was up. Quinn had started having feelings for Liam.  Quinn disagreed with Deacon that it was time for Liam to go home and pushed him in the ocean. Deacon survived and then rescued Quinn who was locked in a closet.

Afterward, Deacon tried to unsuccessfully save Quinn from herself many times (i.e her feelings for Liam and Eric would get her into trouble).  About a year later, he tried a new approach. He tried to kill her. Quinn survived and Deacon was sent to jail where he remains. For now.

AJ Quaratermaine

AJ Quaratermaine, the son of Alan and Monica Quaratermaine was troubled since his youth. He began drinking at a young age which was attributed to his childhood. His parents were busy with their careers, having affairs basically with everything and everyone but their kids. By the time Sean Kanan took over the role in 1993, AJ had been arrested multiple times for drunk driving. 

During Sean’s initial tenure as AJ from 1993-June 1997 arguably two of the most significant storylines that drove stories well beyond his departure were, AJ was driving drunk and caused an accident with Jason that left Jason with brain damage. And the drunken one night stand with then Carly Roberts that brought Michael Corronthis into the soap world.

In 2012ean Kanan resumed the role. It was discovered that AJ was alive after being presumed dead (his onscreen death was the culmination of a storyline where AJ faked Michael’s death so he could take the child out of the country away from Carly and Sonny, his adoptive father and raise Michael himself) since 2005. 

Monica helped AJ escape and kept him being alive a secret from everyone, including Alan. Monica believed Alan would have made AJ be brought back to Port Charles and face what he had done. AJ had home to comfort his mom due to Jason’s death.

A few months later, AJ was exonerated of all charges against him in exchange for information on criminal extrodaire, Cesar Faison. AJ developed a relationship with Michael and they forged an alliance and successful took control of ELQ. AJ’s new life was going great he had Michael, ELQ and Elizabeth Webber.

It couldn’t last. Connie Falconeri caught wind of the fact that Kiki wasn’t actually Franco’s daughter and it made the front page of the newspaper. Given that, Kiki had no voting rights at ELQ. Without those votes, AJ was out and Tracy was in. 

AJ turned to his faithful friend the bottle for comfort. He verbally and physically attacked Connie. Once AJ literally almost choked the life out of Connie until Sonny rescued her. Elizabeth, Monica and Michael all tried to help AJ but he sank further into the bottle and despair.  

Connie was murdered and the letters “AJ” were written beside her dead body. AJ was arrested and stood trial. He couldn’t remember much about that night because he was so drunk. He was found not guilty but still felt guilty because he didn’t believe he was innocent although he hadn’t been convicted. He kept drinking. But maybe alcohol in soap land helps with clarity or maybe it was Connie’s ghost. Whatever or however AJ remembered Ava had been in Connie’s office the night of the murder. AJ realized “AJ” didn’t stand for him it stood for Ava Jerome! Ava killed Connie!

AJ confronted Ava and during their confrontation, AJ was choking Ava when Sonny came in. Sonny had a flashback and put a bullet in AJ before he could tell Sonny it was Ava that killed Connie. AJ died but not before naming Sonny as his killer to Carly. 

Ghost AJ appeared on screen with Emily to comfort Monica for all her losses. Them with Edward, Lila and Alan escort AJ into heaven during General Hospital’s 51st Anniversary.

But it’s a soap people. Who wants to bet that’s really was the last time we will see AJ in Port Charles??

Tell us your favorite “face” of Sean Kanan and location. Where would you like to see him next? Port Charles? Genoa City? Los Angeles? Maybe Salem? Why not?!


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Soap Opera News: Characters of the Past: The Many Faces of Sean Kanan!
Characters of the Past: The Many Faces of Sean Kanan!
The many faces of Sean Kanan on daytime, click here to learn more--->>>
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