The Ultimate Farewell Tribute: Remembering the Great Peggy McCay & Frank Parker!

A Days of Our Lives memoriam. Remembering the great Peggy McCay & Frank Parker. Read more here--->>

Shawn & Caroline Brady - A Memoriam

Days of our Lives

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Table of Contents

Introduction…………………………………Shawn Brady………………………………………....

Caroline Brady..……………………………………..

Frank Parker…..………………………………

Peggy McCay..…………..……………………………

Thank You…...…………..……………………………

The Brady Family………………………………….


 Shawn & Caroline Brady

Shawn & Caroline Brady came to Salem in early 1983, almost twenty years after Days of Our Lives premiered on air. Their introduction was to establish another core family in Salem (in addition to the Horton’s.) The Dimera family was also added around that time.

Shawn and Caroline came on screen as the parents of detective, Roman Brady. This hard working loving couple (and their family) quickly became a fan favorite and was well on its way to legacy soap family status.

We love the glitz, glamour and sometimes cra cra OTT of soaps. But we also love when we can see ourselves and can relate with characters based on our own life experiences. Who didn’t see glimpses of themselves or their family in the Brady’s? Who didn’t have/knew or wished they had/knew parents and grandparents like Shawn & Caroline?

Who didn’t want some fish from the Brady Fish Market? Or wanted a good cold one at the end of a hard day from the Brady Pub? When you were having a bad day or was under the weather didn’t you want a big bowl of some warm Clam Chowder with Caroline’s special ingredient? (love)

We are the Brady’s. The Brady’s are us.

Shawn Brady

Shawn Brady, patriarch of the Brady family, was an Irish immigrant fisherman. Shawn was a hard worker and a kind and loving and devoted husband and father.  His family and other residents of Salem directly benefited from his wisdom, steadfastness and unconditional love. His values and morals were real life gems on the reel. One could say he was the gentlest of the couple. Despite his gentle nature, Shawn became a lion if you messed with his family. Stefano DiMera and Victor Kiriakis are the two names that come most to mind.

Shawn endured much suffering at Stefano’s hands during his lifetime as a result of the long standing DiMera Brady feud. Murders, attempted murder, kidnapping, exercising mind control, were among some of the torment Stefano inflicted. Shawn always stood strong and did all he could to help protect his family.

Shawn’s feud with Victor was much less convoluted but none the less intense. After all, Victor had had an affair with his wife. And had made it no secret he was still in love with Caroline and wanted her for himself.

Shawn experienced the best of what life has to offer, to love and be loved by family and friends. But he wasn’t immune to the pain and suffering life too many times can bring.  Shawn’s brother, Eric, molested his oldest daughter, Kimberly, and it left her scarred and led to the development of a dissociative identity disorder.

Without question, the most iconic moment in Shawn’s life was when he was faced with the harsh reality that his devoted wife had an extramarital affair years before with Victor. That in and of itself was devastating. But his baby boy’, Bo Brady, was conceived as a result of the affair. And Caroline knew and had kept the secret for decades. Our world crashed with Grandpa Shawn’s.

He suffered a heart attack after his fish market was destroyed. But he recovered and rebuilt his business this time as the Brady Pub, which is still serving the residents of Salem to this day.

Shawn died as he lived taking care of his family and the people he loved. After a joyous reunion with his sister in Ireland, Colleen Brady, who was thought to be dead, Shawn with several other family and loved ones were on a plane headed back home, which unbeknown to them had been sabotaged. Shawn sacrificed his life, refused to use his oxygen, so that the others on the plane could use it. He died as he lived, a hero.

**Portrayed by Frank Parker during the majority of onscreen life of Shawn Brady from1983-2008.

Shawn Brady was also portrayed Lew Brown (1984-1985) & Peter MacLean (1989-1990).


Caroline Brady

Caroline Brady was the matriarch of the Brady clan and became Salem’s after the passing of Alice Horton. Caroline, what true matriarchs are made of, loving, strong, fiercely loyal to and protective of her family, opinionated and never held her tongue.

You would often see Caroline giving her pearls of wisdom and advice, solicited and unsolicited, to family, friends and loved ones alike. Caroline loved and protected her family at all costs.

As much as Caroline loved her family she didn’t hesitate to let them have it when she felt it was warranted.  She exercised tough love often.  She never shied away from letting them know in no uncertain terms when they were messing up i.e. when Kayla was involved with her sister’s, (Kimberly) ex, Shane Donavan and when Kimberly was involved with sinister Lawrence Alamain.

My goodness, how many times did she lay into her granddaughter, Sami, about all her many shenanigans? Many. Many. Many. And she didn’t exactly make it a secret how she felt when Marlena chose Roman 2.0 (John Black) over her son, the real Roman.

She was by no means perfect. She loved husband but wasn’t immune to feelings of loneliness when he was gone so much and she was left raising three small children. Then Victor waltzed back into Salem rich and handsome. Caroline was human (had an affair). Fearful of losing her husband and her family she kept Bo’s paternity hidden. You wondered if Bo wasn’t trying to kill Victor how long the lie would have continued.

Along the same vein, she switched Chloe’s pregnancy paternity results (which had already been switched) to say Daniel Jonas was the baby’s father in the hopes that her granddaughter, Stephanie Johnson, could be with the man she loved and that the child wouldn’t grow up as a Kiriakus (a fate in her opinion no child should suffer).

It was this same fierce love and protection she felt for her family that caused their burdens, issues and problems to weigh heavily on her. So much so, once she suffered a heart attack on the heels of finding out that Sami was pregnant with half-sister, Carrie’s, fian and that Belle Brady” was not Roman’s daughter, she was actually the result of an affair between Marlena and John Black (her own de ja vu.) And this same fierce love and protection also caused her to try and take the fall for Kayla when she was arrested for murdering Marina Toscano.

Caroline herself rose twice from the dead (about average for a resident of Salem). She was thought to have been poisoned by the Salem Stalker. But she with the rest of the presumed dead, were being kept alive on Melaswen Island. During the volcanic eruption, when most of the residents escaped, she was presumed dead again. But a couple of years later she and Victor were found to be alive.

She seamlessly stepped into the role as head of the Brady family when her beloved Shawn passed away. She became the sole bedrock of the Brady family.

In 2012 Caroline started having memory lapses and it was believed to be the early stages of Alzheimer’s.  The storyline was hailed for trying to bring more awareness about the disease. She received treatment off screen in California and returned on screen to Salem.

Due to the actors failing health Caroline would be seen less and less. Her last on screen appearance was in August 2016. Caroline was recently mentioned as visiting her daughter, Kimberly. As this writing Caroline Brady is still alive.

In addendum; there is no dispute on who was the love of Caroline’s life, Shawn Brady.
But I think it should be mentioned in order to do the character full justice in all that she was; she did love Victor Kiriakis. It wasn’t the way she loved Shawn but it was love nonetheless. And Victor loved Caroline.

They shared a long complex history which has had long lasting effects. Theirs was a special love (the special kind that made her want to shot him but special still). It is a part of the Brady history as a whole and Caroline’s individually and should at the very least be noted.

**Portrayed by Peggy McCay during the majority of onscreen life of Caroline Brady from 1983-2016.

Caroline Brady was also portrayed Jody Carter (1983-1984) & Barbara Beckley (1984-1985).

           Frank Parker

Frank Russell Parker, actor, was born in Darby, PA on July 1, 1939.

He was best known for his portrayal of Shawn Brady on Days of Our Lives. He was the actor who primarily portrayed Shawn Brady from 1983 to 2008.

Due to health issues he made the decision to leave the show and subsequently retire. The writers decided to have Shawn Brady die in February 2008.

Among some of Frank Parker’s other TV acting credits were Lost in Space, CHIPs, Battlestar Galactica, The Young and the Restless and General Hospital.

Frank Parker was the father of three daughters.

He passed away on September 16, 2018 at the age of 79 in Vacaville, CA from complications of Parkinson’s disease and dementia.



Peggy McCay

Peggy McCay born Margaret Ann McCay, actress, was born in New York City, New York on November 3, 1927.

Peggy McCay’s career included theatre, television, soap operas and feature films. She was best known for her portrayal of Vanessa Dale on Love of Life and Caroline Brady on Days of Our Lives.

Due to health issues Peggy McCay was last seen on screen as Caroline Brady in August 2016.

Among some of Peggy McCay’s other TV acting credits were Perry Mason, The Young Marrieds, General Hospital, and Lou Grant.

She passed away on October 7, 2018 at the age of 90.


Thank You

People who aren’t soapers don’t understand what the soaps, characters and actors mean to us soapers. Soaps are more than just TV shows they are our daily companions. And the actors and characters are our family members. Shawn and Caroline Brady were something special.

We want to say thank you to every person associated with Days who put and kept Shawn and Caroline Brady on our screens.

Thank you to the family and loved ones of Frank Parker and Peggy McCay for sharing them with us.

And most of all thank you Frank and Peggy for sharing your craft, gifts and talents with us. Thank you for the times you made us laugh, smile and yes cry.

Thank you for bringing Grandpa/Pa & Grandma/Ma Brady into our homes, lives and hearts.

We will never forget you. We will miss you. And we will love, honor and cherish you both all; The Days of Our Lives.


The Brady Family

Shawn and Caroline




















 Victor and Caroline







 **Frankie & Max Brady Shawn & Caroline’s sons via adoption.

*”Baby Bonnie” assumed be the daughter of Rex Brady.


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Soap Opera News: The Ultimate Farewell Tribute: Remembering the Great Peggy McCay & Frank Parker!
The Ultimate Farewell Tribute: Remembering the Great Peggy McCay & Frank Parker!
A Days of Our Lives memoriam. Remembering the great Peggy McCay & Frank Parker. Read more here--->>
Soap Opera News
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