Y&R's Abhi Sinha Experiences Tragic Loss As His Beloved Dog Was Shot and Killed In An Act of "Evil and Malice"

How could someone have the guts to perform such a cruel act? Y&R's Abhi Sinha (Ravi) grieves the loss of his beloved dog who was shot and killed...click here to read more--->>>

How could someone have the guts to perform such a cruel act? The Young and the Restless' Abhi Sinha (Ravi Shapur) is currently in grief as he experienced a tragic loss recently. On October 1, 2018, Bella, his beloved dog was shot and killed in an act of evil and malice.
In regards to this Sinha shared on Instagram, "My Bella. She was the sweetest cuddliest and most fearless member of our pack. @instagrammarnazi66 brought her home not long after Boba Fett. She was so loved and despite being so small she had the biggest heart. Last week we lost our Bella in a horrific act of evil and malice. We are still in shock as she did not deserve what happened to her. To the sorry excuse of a human that did this - I take comfort knowing that you are going to burn in hell.
For the full story and details click on the link in the bio. Thank you all for your support during this horrific time."

The full story as shared by Kavita Sinha goes like this:

2018 Year of the Dog. I can’t remember a time when dogs weren’t an integral part of my life. I love my dogs and their companionship has pulled me through some tough and lonesome times.
But this year has been challenging regarding dogs I have known and loved. On February 2, as my kids and I were boarding a flight to the Arctic Circle to see the Aurora Borealis, two dogs that I follow and came to love and adore on IG, lost their lives in a tragic hiking/drowning accident in a frozen lake. 
On March 23, my oldest dog Max had a spontaneous pathological fracture of her left humerus that never healed. She had been doing well, but has been on the decline lately. We have acknowledged that she is living on borrowed time and every day is a blessing.
On June 11, we had to lay our beloved GSD, Boba Fett to rest due to medical problems, but even that, we were somewhat prepared for. The knowledge of losing two of our beloved pets before the year would end was devastating enough. 

Then on the night of September 30, I lived through the most horrific and tragic nightmare that I am still hoping to wake from. I lost my Baby Bella. My Shepherd, my guide, my loyal and faithful companion who managed to lift me from some of the darkest times in my life. She herded me back to a life a normalcy after being on a downward spiral. All the other dogs in my life were family dogs and had an affinity to either my mother, to Raj or to my children. But Bella was MY dog. And she loved and protected me with all she was. 

It was a good weekend. I got to see all my kids and all three dogs were doing great. At 5pm on Sunday, September 30, I went to watch The Steelers disappointing loss to the Ravens. I live on a five-acre fully gated and enclosed property in a rural area where many people have dogs that often get loose and creates a wave of barking on the street. I have only ever heard one neighbor ever complain. That’s what dogs do and in my opinion provides protection to all. My gates are electric and open with transponders and close on a timer set at 30 seconds. My dogs are rarely loose and return immediately if they do get out. 

My dogs are also never outside when I am not home. I entered my gates and came inside the house as all dogs greeted me and kissed me. After a little while around 9, I let Bella and Rooney outside as I normally do every night for about an hour before retiring. Max is old and weak and stays indoors. The dogs enjoy my property and the space they have, as do I. I heard some barking, but it’s nothing unusual. Dogs bark. It’s what what they do and as a single woman living alone, it’s what I want them to do. 

Around 10:30pm, I opened my side door and Rooney, my yellow Lab was panting and waiting by the door and I called for Bella. She didn’t come. Odd? Her recall is amazing and she usually comes immediately with lightning speed. I went further out and noticed my gate that I drove in through was opened. I wondered why it didn’t close and then realized it had rained and sometimes rain water blocks the sensors. So I walked to the road and called her name . My street is dark and she didn’t come. Now I was worried. 

I got my car keys and drove up and down the street and up and down the closest main road calling for her. I didn’t find her. My heart was heavy and I as I was pulling back into my gates around 11pm, the angle of my headlights somehow caught her body lying on her left side at the edge of my neighbor’s property and the road. I ran out and she tried to lift her head but couldn’t move. I left my car running and ran to the house to grab a blanket. I put her on the blanket and lifted her into my car, waited for the gate to close and sped off to the VCA emergency hospital in Indio . I ran in to ask for help and they brought a gurney and as they took her, I noticed she was bleeding on her left side. 

Her O2 sats and blood pressure were low and she was tachycardic. They worked hard to stabilize her with fluids and oxygen and did a full body scan. She had bilateral pleural effusions and a bullet in her lungs. SHE HAD BEEN SHOT ON THE LEFT SIDE TO THE HEART. The fluid was frank blood. As they tried to stabilize her for surgery, she crumped at 3:40am on October 1, and didn’t make it. As she crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, My heart was shattered, for myself and as a mother for my children, who knew nothing yet and, who had already lost one dog four months ago and were preparing to lose Max soon. Never did they expect Bella to go first. 

I don’t know or recall how I drove home in that state of shock and disbelief. But as a I entered my gates, parked and walked to my door in a catatonic stupor, I noticed blood drops on my concrete pathway. I thought, these can’t be Bella’s???She never made it to my property. She was across the street. She wouldn’t have come back and gone back out. Horror overcame me as I ran into my house and checked Rooney.
He too, had a puncture wound to his chest. His breathing was stable and he seemed okay, but he was still bleeding. I cleaned him up and put a pressure dressing on. It was about 5:30 am and I was just so shocked. 

He seemed stable so I waited until later that morning to take him to my vet. An X-ray showed that he too had been shot, but the bullet did not penetrate the lungs and was sitting at his sternum. Thankfully he was lucky and has pulled through. 

I called my friend, a former police officer with the Palm Springs Police Department and showed him the X-Rays. He said they were pellets shot with an air rifle most likely. He said people use these because they are stealth and pellets cannot be traced to a particular gun as they do not melt and the groove of the barrel doesn’t change the shape. Also, they are shot at a close firing range and and have the speed and power of a 22 caliber bullet. They are often used for hunting, so are obviously fatal. This was clearly malicious and intentional. Both dogs were shot on the left side near the heart with the intent to kill.

I filed a police report and a case with animal control and there is an ongoing investigation.
Shooting a dog, ANY dog, even if it is on your own property is a Felony in the state of California. Unless you can claim self-defense. I am quite certain my dogs are not vicious nor attacked anyone. I am quite certain they barked and created a racket. Not a reason to shoot them. So, To the mother-fucking-inbred-piece-of-shit that did this, just know, there’s a special place in Hell for people like you. 

But also know this; Bella was named after Bellatrix Lestrange, loyal and faithful servant to The Dark Lord who also had an untimely death. But your illiterate ass and inbred brain wouldn’t know this. But know this.. . I represent the Dark Lord now. Hell will be Paradise compared to the life you will live when the authorities and I catch you. 

You are the worst kind of human being and criminal, for shooting not one, but two innocent and friendly dogs and for putting them and my family and kids through the awful nightmare.
I’m so sorry My Sweet, Loyal Bella. I will always love you and hope you know what an important part of me you were. I am so glad I found you and was able to be with you when you took your last breath. Run free with your best friend, Boba Fett.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family!


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Soap Opera News: Y&R's Abhi Sinha Experiences Tragic Loss As His Beloved Dog Was Shot and Killed In An Act of "Evil and Malice"
Y&R's Abhi Sinha Experiences Tragic Loss As His Beloved Dog Was Shot and Killed In An Act of "Evil and Malice"
How could someone have the guts to perform such a cruel act? Y&R's Abhi Sinha (Ravi) grieves the loss of his beloved dog who was shot and killed...click here to read more--->>>
Soap Opera News
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