Characters of the Past: General Hospital's Nikolas Cassadine!

Could Nikolas Cassadine be coming home on GH? Read more here---->>

Nikolas Cassadine royal, troubled, unlucky in love, scheming and always charming. Nikolas a product of rape. Nikolas abandoned by his mother and raised without his father, not exactly a life fitting for a prince. Nikolas, for the most part, tried/wanted to be good but that Cassadine darkness always hovered close by. Nikolas spent most of his life caught in the middle of the Spencer/Cassadine feud.

There were times you wanted to give Nikolas a big warm hug. And there were other times you wanted to give him a big swift kick in the butt. But that was a part of his charm. That's what made him, made him Prince Nikolas Cassadine.

As with most princes' Nikolas had no problem getting the ladies. Now keeping them that was a different story. But he was a magnet for women. How could he not be? He was royalty, handsome, rich with a hint of danger.

Sarah Webber (who his brother Lucky Spencer also cared for), Katherine Bell (was also engaged to his uncle, Stefan Cassadine at one point) and Gia Campbell (fell in love when he was trying to catch Emily Quartermaine's blackmailer) were some of his lovers. The prince had lots of women. So, for the sake of time, we chose the ones below to expound further on their history and story.

Courtney Matthews-Nikolas and Courtney got involved while they were both married (Nikolas to Emily and Courtney to Jasper Jacks). Both marriages had hit rough patches and they found comfort in one another. They conceived a child. Courtney, Nikolas' one and only baby momma, died after having a C-Section. On her dying bed, Jasper admitted that he had switched the paternity tests and that Nikolas and not him was the father of her baby. She died before she could tell Nikolas. Carly Corinthos and Jasper kept the secret longer until Robin Scorpio found out. She gave Nikolas the good news. And Spencer Cassadine entered soapland.

Elizabeth Webber-Their unrequited love was one of those hit and misses. This was initially because Liz was with Lucky and then it would be a series of just never the right time. It started off kind of innocently enough. The two were just trying to make Lucky and Rebecca Shaw (Emily's twin) jealous because Nikolas and Liz didn't like Rebecca and Lucky flirting with each other. Who knew one little kiss would leave them both wanting more, much more. In time Liz and Lucky got back together. Rebecca, who initially was after the Cassadine and Quartermaine's loot fell for the prince. And her and Nikolas started dating. But that kiss had started something so much so that Nikolas and Liz started sneaking around. When Lucky found out, they were overwhelmed with guilt and just couldn't continue their affair. That's always a mystery. Why do people stop sleeping together after they get busted?  Guess forbidden fruit does taste so much better. After that Liz and Nikolas had more "almosts" but never quite got to really making a go of it.

Britt Westbourne-Nikolas befriended a pregnant (by non-conventional means) Britt after Patrick Drake dumped her for lying about the paternity of her child and let her move into Wyndemere. Somehow even in the midst of the Robin, Jerry Jacks, Liesl Obrecht, Cesar Faison fiasco, when Robin was trying to get Luke Spencer's blood to get a Polonium cure to exchange with Jerry for her parents' freedom, Nikolas and Britt fell in love and became engaged. A good chunk of Port Charles warned Nikolas not to trust a word that came out of Britt's mouth. Seemed crazy one would need to warn a Cassadine about anyone. But Britt's parents were Lisel and Faison. Enough said. But he ignored everyone including Liz who was on a mission to prove Britt couldn't be trusted. Liz solved half of the puzzle first when she ran a DNA test and found out Dante was Ben's father. Britt swore to Nikolas she didn't know whose sperm her mom had impregnated her with. Sure, Jan. Nikolas believed her. Liz kept digging and found out that not only was Dante Ben's father, but Lulu was also his mother. Britt had stolen an embryo which belonged to Dante and Lulu. Liz gleefully busted up Nikolas and Britt's engagement party and spilled all and that was the end of Nikolas and Britt.

The love of Nikolas' life was Emily Quartermaine. This great love affair started out as friendship. Years after knowing each other, when Nikolas returned home after an empty escapade that resulted in a discovery of useless coins, Emily told him she had breast cancer and was dying. Emily wanted Nikolas to help her convince Zander Smith that Emily and Nikolas were in love so Zander would leave Emily and wouldn't watch Emily die. It's just something about faking like you love someone on soaps that causes people to actually fall in love. They even went so far as to become engaged in their ruse.

Uncle Stefan was not team Nikolas and Emily. The Cassadine's were broke and owed some dangerous creditors. Stefan believed the only way out was for Nikolas to marry Lydia Karenin who would inherit a fortune if she married Nikolas and had a kid within five years. Stefan not wanting to leave anything to chance took matters into his own hands. He tried to make the decision easier for Nikolas. Stefan tried to kill Emily by pushing her off a cliff at Wyndemere at Emily and Nikolas' engagement party. It was foggy that night which caused Stefan to mistakenly push and kill Summer Halloway instead.

Nikolas was torn between his love for Emily and his duty to family. In the end, he was a Cassadine and fell in line and married Lydia. Emily married Zander as her last gift to him. Then Emily recovered and the battle was on for Emily between Nikolas and Zander.  She chose her true love, Nikolas. They divorced their respective spouses and got married. During their marriage they sought a treasure, a thought to be dead Zander kidnapped Emily, Nikolas had amnesia and fell in love with someone else, Helena put a curse on them, Nikolas went to jail for murdering Helena and had an affair which resulted in a baby for someone else. So um yeah, your typical soap marriage. But they endured it all and still wanted their happily ever after. But it wasn't to be. Emily fell prey to the Text Message killer and was murdered.

As stated before Emily was the love of Nikolas' life. How much do you have to love someone to be dying of brain tumors and not want to have them removed so you won't lose the hallucinations of your slain love? A lot. But he finally did and he lived.

Nikolas and all his many women provided soapy drama for years. But all of it combined didn't come close to all the drama of his' family, especially the Cassadine's side. The Cassadines evil, greedy, murderous, compelling, magnetic, wealthy, glamorous, ruthless everything you want in your soap villains.

Being abandoned by your mother is traumatic and life-altering for any child. But what about Nikolas' father? His choices were Stefan or Stavros Cassadine? Yeah, how can you choose? Would you want to?  I guess you could say, Nikolas, unfortunately, pulled the shortest of the short straw when it was finally determined that he was Stavros' son. Their first meeting was in Helena's lab no less. That's the Cassadine's.

Really, Stefan and Stavros were hell on two feet. Yet those two combined on their worst day couldn't hold a candle to the hellacious, infamous, notorious, magnificent Helena Cassadine, Nikolas' grandmother. All in all, when you really think about it Nikolas didn't turn out too bad after all!

Nikolas forgave Laura and they did develop an authentic relationship. The Spencer family, not without their own family issues, gave Nikolas a security that was in stark contrast to his erratic Cassadine family. Nikolas relationships with Laura, Lucky and Lulu though with its own challenges, provided a safe loving haven for Nikolas when he needed it and was opened to it. And then, of course, you can't forget Spencer Cassadine, Nikolas' adorable, witty more than two handfuls son. Their father and son interactions provided some of the best heartfelt and hilarious gems on our screens.

Nikolas' final storylines centered around the return of then thought to be Jason Morgan. Nikolas was one of the first people in Port Charles to know that "Jake Doe" was actually Jason Morgan. He found out but kept it a secret to gain control of ELQ. Hayden Barnes, who was brought to town by Ric Lasing to pose as Jake Doe's wife, found out and blackmailed Nikolas into letting her stay at Wyndemere.  Hayden was then going to reveal Jake's real identity. Nikolas went Cassadine on her and sent a hitman to try and kill her. He wasn't a good one because Hayden survived. But she did have amnesia for a while at least so I guess he did accomplish something.

Nikolas and Hayden eloped to Vegas. Nikolas discovered Hayden's real identity (the daughter of Raymond Berlin who was in jail for an enormous Ponzi Scheme) and demanded a divorce. Hayden said not so fast I know you tried to kill me and I'll drop the dime so I'm staying Mrs. Nikolas Cassadine thank you very much. Not sure if it was wise to want to stay married to someone who hired a hitman.  But hey to each his own. Rebecca and Tyler were great scene partners and their game of chess trying to outmaneuver each other was very fun to watch.

Nikolas found diamonds that Hayden had stolen before the IRS came and cleaned her family out that she was saving for a rainy day. Nikolas took the diamonds and faked his death by falling out a window at Wydemere. He was presumed dead but his body wasn't discovered.

Nikolas on a plane on his way to London ran into Ava Jerome. That cat and mouse game between those two was glorious! BIG BIG BIG SIGH. "Nava" what could have been. Those two were kidnapped. During the capture, Nikolas was briefly reunited with Laura and Lulu who had gone looking for the not so dead Nikolas. They were all held hostage.

During the whole ordeal, the person who kidnapped them and was holding them hostage was none other than another Cassadine. The long-lost bastard son of Mikkos Cassadine, Valentin Cassadine. He forced Nikolas to sign over the Cassadine estate to him, then he shot Nikolas, who stumbled off the balcony and fell to his death. Nikolas Cassadine is still presumed dead. But..........

Noting the character was also played by Stephen Martines from July 20, 1999, to April 16, 2003. There were also two temporary recasts one by Christen Beetem December 2005 and Nick Stabile June 17, 2016, to July 19, 2016.

Also, we send light and love to Tyler Christopher and hope to see him back as Prince Nikolas Cassadine.

What were some of your favorite storylines/moments from Nikolas Cassadine?

Do you want to see him back in Port Charles?

Do you want a recast?


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Soap Opera News: Characters of the Past: General Hospital's Nikolas Cassadine!
Characters of the Past: General Hospital's Nikolas Cassadine!
Could Nikolas Cassadine be coming home on GH? Read more here---->>
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