The Journey of Marriage: Lawrence Saint-Victor & Karla Mosley Talk B&B, "Wed-Locked" Series & More!

B&B faves; Lawrence Saint-Victor (Carter) and Karla Mosley (Maya) tell us about their B&B work, Wed-Locked series, Guiding Light and more. Read here--->>>

Lawrence Saint-Victor and Karla Mosley, Remy and Christina, and Carter and Maya or Robert and Denise. No matter how you know them or prefer to call them; the results will always be the same; natural, easy, funny, and entertaining. Lawrence and Karla met 10 years ago in "Springfield, IL" (on the set of Guiding Light) and one of daytime's most entertaining and funny partnership's was born.

We spoke to Lawrence and Karla while listening to the sweet cooing of Lawrence's son, Christian, and Karla's daughter Aurora in the background. Their cooing is as cute as they are! We briefly discussed Remy and Christina and Guiding Light and of course, Carter and Maya and Bold and the Beautiful. But our discussion focused primarily on their awesome web series Wed-locked, their creative partnership, filling a void in the industry and my obsession with the series.

It's was Karla's mom who first planted the seed that grew to be Wed-locked. She told Karla when Guiding Light was ending that Lawrence and Karla needed to do something else. Karla's mom knew, like rest of us, that they had an on-screen chemistry that was special. And though unfortunately; the light was going off at Guiding Light, it was a must that Lawrence and Karla's light kept shining.

Karla mentioned to Lawrence in an "off-handed" manner that her mom said they needed to do something else. Lawrence knew moms always know best and asked, "Why don't we?" That was at the end of July in 2009. Guiding Light wrapped up that September and by October 2009 they were shooting the original season of Wed-locked.

It was a seamless transition from Remy and Christina to Wed-locked. We asked them about how they made it look so easy and their overall creative process. Lawrence let us in on their secret. "It's our natural banter. Being on Guiding Light through our own chemistry, we became almost a romantic comedy with Remy and Christina. Much of that came from Karla and I being playful. Most of it wasn't on the page at first. So by the time we started bringing our heads together and writing Wed-locked, the banter was our natural thing. And then we have the spirit of improv. We are always open and playful. So, yeah it is kind of our natural thing."

Karla told us how both her and Lawrence's individual personal relationships have also contributed to the show. "At that time Lawrence had been married for a couple of years, newly married. And I was about to get married, so it was something we talked about normally. So, when my mom said why don't you do something, it seemed like the most natural thing to look at the challenges of being married for the first time and living together for the first time. Because it is a very different kind of energy and it doesn't seem like it should be especially when you've been with someone for a very long time. You think it's going to be the same. But there is something that shifts so we wanted to investigate that."

Anybody who has been married can attest to that shift. It does feel different because it is different. Time can also cause a shift in how we relate to and in our relationships. The first Wed-locked series was done in 2009, nine years ago. Lawrence and Karla detailed how with the passage of time, their views, outlooks and perceptions about relationships have evolved and how their evolution is evident in contrast from the first Wed-locked and the reboot.

Karla: "More and more people are getting married later, having kids later or getting remarried later. In the original, we were in our twenties 10 years ago. What we loved is this is not a leap forward it's really a reboot. We are in our 30's. You are seeing a new couple that is newly married but older. I think that coming together and marrying someone once you have already established who you are as an individual brings a new and different dynamic."

Lawrence: "I think that it is more relateable to the times we are in today. The original Wed-locked, we loved it.  It was really cute to see a young person in their 20's trying to figure it out. But like Karla just said to watch two individuals who have lived life, start their life together there is just even more room for conflict."

I wholeheartedly agreed with them mentioning it was my second time around and there was most definitely a difference between now and from when I was in my 20's. Then Karla said something I will be repeating forever; "In some ,ways you are willing to compromise more and in some ways willing to compromise less." The accuracy of that statement.

Wed-locked is funny and entertaining but one of the best things about the series is its authenticity. Lawrence and Karla' s commitment to "keeping it real" also played a factor in them doing a reboot and not a leap forward. "The theme and the archetype is similar (to the original series). For Karla and I to authentically do Wed-locked again we had to come from our truth today instead of pigeonholing ourselves to what our truth was 10 years ago. What matters to us today? What kind of people are we today? And then also going even deeper and being a little more transparent with each other when it comes to certain topics."

Doesn't that sound fascinating? Those brainstorming sessions must have been lit! Another element of their collaboration process was to improv (while being taped) and then use what I would call the best of the best. Karla explained the process is beneficial to her and Lawrence on a personal note as well. "It helps us to learn. We have had some learning moments too while talking about things. Because when you hear a perspective from someone else that is not your partner, you are able to hear it a little better with a slightly more open mind. You often will think, 'Oh, so that's what they were talking about. Now I get it."'

Wed-locked is a comedic gem. It had to be.  Lawrence and Karla are 90's babies. They come from Martin, Living Single, those type of classics. Karla said, "Comedy is who we are." But even with the comedic foundation, Wed-locked doesn't shy away from tackling important issues. They have an episode on money and one on abuse. In these episodes, two of Karla's favorites, she noted the importance of keeping the balance between the comedic element  and addressing the issue appropriately. "We discussed how to deal with it in a funny way but not a slapstick way. And how to bring in reality and truth. It was really interesting to find that balance."

Lawrence and Karla also found the balance on how to agree to disagree. There were some issues where the improv got a little heated. All three of us got a good chuckle when Lawrence and Karla were quick to admit there were sometimes, even at the end of a long improv/discussion, their disagreement remained a little "heated". One of the most heated discussions centered on their different opinions to the question; Can you be friends with your ex? Yes or No.

We could tell you who thinks what and why. But trust me it won't be nearly as good as watching the episode and the commentary video that goes with it. Just do yourself a favor and watch Past Lovers and the commentary for the episode.

One thing Lawrence and Karla are in 100% agreement about is that Wed-locked is purposely positioned to fill a void in the television industry.  There is without question more people of color on television now than ever before. Yet, there is still much work to do. As Lawrence accurately assesses, "We are definitely fitting a space that I'm not seeing on television right now. I see alot of shows that deal with families. I see alot of shows with dating and being single. But I'm not seeing enough shows that deal with, you are married but you haven't figured it out yet."

We asked them how is race addressed while filling that void. And if race or any issues involving race is inferred or specifically talked about.

Lawrence: "I think in the original it was just inferred. It was who we are. Now, in the reboot, we definitely talk about it. We don't have a special episode of Wedlock where we deal with race or a race issue specifically. We don't have that. But we are telling our story and we are telling it as truthful as possible and we are black. But we are specific black people. We aren't trying to generalize our culture either. These characters are very specific. But we are very aware of what is going on in the industry and the lack thereof."

Karla: "It's little nods. Like Lawrence said it's not something we explicitly talk about. But I think-there is a moment at the end of one of the episodes that Denise admits she can't play spades. In the  episode, we talk about black excellence, food. It's not that it's specific. It's just who we are. And we don't shy away from the celebration of our culture."

And a celebration it is. In one episode there are collard greens, macaroni and cheese and as Karla said a spades reference. And what's a celebration without music? Not a very good one. No worries. Lawrence and Karla has that covered too. Lawrence; "we specifically wanted the music and our closing music to be very specific to who we are. This is some really dope music. There is some R&B, some pop, some hip hop. There is some amazing music and indie artists that really represents our culture but also represents our taste specifically."  Yes, Lawrence, the music is dope. The hook for the theme's fire..We got love and we "gon" work it out.

Lawrence and Karla are pouring their heart and soul into this project. It's their "labor of love" for their fans. The fans can feel it and have had the most amazing responses. Lawrence and Karla are overwhelmed and grateful for the support of their fans, including their financial support with Crowdfunding; which has been vital in making Wed-locked a reality.

When I spoke to Lawrence and Karla, I had only seen the original series and I was obsessed. Since then, I have watched the reboot and now I'm doubly obsessed. It is so good! It's hilarious, entertaining, well-written, real and thought provoking.

Who should watch it? Soapers, people who are married, people who are thinking of getting married, people who want to be married, people who love comedies and love to laugh, black people, so basically everybody.  Make it a group activity, watch it with or at the same time as your friends, peers, family, your significant other or you can watch it like I did by yourself. Just watch it. It will entertain you and provoke stimulating and intriguing discussions.

This is really a no brainier. It is good. In addition, to the regular episodes, you get 18 additional episodes of bonus content including reactions from Lawrence and Karla doing the original episodes, round table on what it took to make each episode and also commentary on what it took to make each episode. And there are great cameos and guest stars, Rome Flynn, Aaron Spears and husband and wife Kendric Green and Sonequa Martin-Green all appear in the reboot.

Go to Vimeo On Demand type in Wed-locked and it will pop right up. Or click on this link, watch, enjoy and thank us later.  Make sure and leave feedback for Lawrence and Karla. They love hearing from the fans and it gives them some insight on what we enjoy the most.

Before closing, I'm going to take a page from Karla's wise mom who also suggested that Lawrence and Karla reach out to Tyler Perry. Again, mom's know best! Tyler Perry, Oprah Winfrey, Shonda Rhimes, Mara Brock. Akil, Ava DuVernay somebody please.......Wed-locked needs to get to TV!

The great news is Lawrence and Karla have endless ideas for Wed-locked episodes. Literally, everyday a new episode idea pops up in their houses. It's the gift that will keep on giving. Speaking of which, Lawrence and Karla in addition to a big thank you for your support wanted us to make sure to wish everyone a Happy Holidays.

Go watch Wed-Locked now. Especially daytime we must support our own!


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Soap Opera News: The Journey of Marriage: Lawrence Saint-Victor & Karla Mosley Talk B&B, "Wed-Locked" Series & More!
The Journey of Marriage: Lawrence Saint-Victor & Karla Mosley Talk B&B, "Wed-Locked" Series & More!
B&B faves; Lawrence Saint-Victor (Carter) and Karla Mosley (Maya) tell us about their B&B work, Wed-Locked series, Guiding Light and more. Read here--->>>
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