Couples of the Past: All My Children's Zach & Kendall!

Remembering the great love story of All My Children's Zach and Kendall. Check it out here--->>

Based on our very unscientific poll; a tweet, we decided that this week's Throwback Supercouple would be Zach Slater and Kendall Hart (All My Children). For this article since we are highlighting "Zendall"; our references are for Alicia Minshew's portrayal of Kendall.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and therefore very subjective. Yet there is such a thing as universally good looking. That's pretty much the category where soap stars fall. Soap stars are pretty.
So, soap couples/supercouples are doubly pretty, pretty + pretty. But there are those couples that when you see the characters side by side...doubly pretty doesn't quite cover it.  Maybe pretty to infinity, pretty on steroids or pretty to the millionth power dares to come close.

Zendall (Zach & Kendall) was that couple. Alicia's complexion, eyes and hair next to Thorsten's handsome face, beard and hair. That pic made you catch your breath. And when Thorsten spoke... his voice...that voice. Goodness. We are blessed to still hear that voice on our daytime TV screens today. Although, all that pretty was good enough to put all kinds of super in that couple; Zach and Kendall were more than just pretty faces. Both characters dynamic in their own right paired together were a double dynamo.

Zach was a man's man. He was protective, a bit cocky in the most endearing way, determined and an in your face kind of guy. He knew how to get things done and would get it done however he deemed fit. Kendall our beloved heroine. She was strong. Someone who didn't always think things through before she did them (Who was her momma? LOL). She might have led too many times with her heart and emotions rather than her head. But whose heart mostly was in the right place.

Per All My Children's writers "Zendall was set to be temporary...a bump...not its own felt like a happy accident."  We call it soap kismet. Zendall didn't have the most romantic of beginnings. Its foundation wasn't built on love, attraction or even sex. They came together because of a mutual quest and thirst for revenge. Whatever works.  Zach wanted revenge against his son, Ethan, for shutting down his casinos (which Ethan did in response to Zach suing him for control of Cambias Industries). Kendall wanted revenge against Ethan for his lies and betrayal in their relationship.

We aren't sure how Zach expected Ethan to respond to Zendall's marriage. Did Zach expect Ethan to throw them a party? For Ethan to wrap his arms around Kendall and call her mommy?  In our minds, Ethan's feelings of betrayal were expected and warranted. However, Zach was taken aback. So much so he was ready to end the marriage.  Kendall, however, was good. She figured a sham marriage built on revenge was the guard her heart needed to not get hurt. Zendall remained married and grew closer. Things got real hairy with the swiftness.

Ryan Lavery, Kendall's ex and her current BFF, Greenlee Smythe's, husband, drove off a cliff when he found out Greenlee was pregnant with his child. That's another article for another day. He was presumed dead. He wasn't. Zach knew it and kept Ryan's secret. Kendall, being a good best friend, agreed to be a surrogate for Greenlee after she miscarried and was told she would never be able to carry a baby to term. Zach played like he was begrudgingly going along with it. But had his own "dark" plans. He caused a blackout in Pine Valley to prevent Kendall from going through the insemination. An entire blackout. Consequently, Greenlee's eggs were destroyed. Kendall called an audible and used her own eggs. Kendall was pregnant but the baby was Ryan and Kendall's, not Greenlee's. Just about then Ryan arose.

Those were extremely challenging times. Kendall was angry at Zach when she found out he had kept Ryan's resurrection a secret. She wouldn't have proceeded with the insemination had she known Ryan was still alive. Greenlee was livid to find out Kendall wasn't pregnant with her child. Kendall tried to explain that she was just trying to help once Greenlee's eggs were destroyed. She had every intention to give Greenlee the baby to raise. Greenlee didn't believe a word and left town. Zach professed his love for Kendall in the middle of the chaos. Kendall finally was ready to remove the guard from around her heart and let Zach in. She did and it lasted for all about a minute until she found out Zach was responsible for the blackout. It was a bridge too far for her. Soon after Ethan died. Extremely challenging times.

Kendall found herself with a decision to make. Should she keep the baby? She decided she would after talking with her sister, Bianca, and Father Clarence during Christmas time. Kendall's creepy OBGYN, Dr. Greg Madden, took her to his island full of pregnant women. He had a thing for talking women into giving their babies up for adoption. Zach got Kendall off that island. Zendall were reunited and remarried at sea. Their happiness turned to rubble, literally, when back in Pine Valley, Kendall was injured and trapped at Fusion under failing construction. Kendall unknowingly got caught in a trap JR had set for Babe to kill her. Hardly surprising, that's how the Chandler's rolled.

Kendall was in a coma. The baby or Kendall? Zach knew Kendall would want her baby saved no matter what. He barricaded himself in her room until Spike was born. It was a rough go, but Spike and Kendall survived.

Next Kendall survived The Satin Slayer serial killer who was killing the women of Fusion. The Satin Slayer had very close ties to "The Slater". The killer was Zach's not dead daddy, Alexander Cambias. Daddy was back and killing and injuring all those close to Zach. He was on his own quest for revenge because Zach faked his death and disappeared so many years ago. These Slater men and their revenge quests. Well, daddy Cambias wasn't trying to marry Kendall (like Zach had done). Daddy Cambias had a deep revenge game. He put a device on Kendall's neck that would kill her when detonated. No worries, protector Zach stayed on his job. He saved Kendall once again.

Kendall became pregnant with Zach's baby. Yea! Greenlee returned.  Oh boy. It was understandably hard for her to be around Spike. How could she not think Spike should have been would have been her son. Kendall and Greenlee were slowing becoming close again. Why did Greenlee click? Dunno. She had a moment of something-something and kidnapped Spike. They got into an accident that left Spike deaf. Kendall already in premature labor became dangerously close to losing Ian with the stress of Spike being in the hospital from the accident. Kendall and Ian would be fine. Then it would be Kendall's turn to click.

There was no actual evidence that Greenlee kidnapped Spike so she wasn't charged. Kendall pretended to forgive Greenlee but was plotting the entire time to set her up with another kidnapping. Kendall was successful and Greenlee was arrested. Kendall was ready to confess her part but Greenlee went on the run with Aidan Turner.

Zach went missing when he was struck by a car driven by Richie Novak and left there. Greenlee found him in critical condition and brought him to safety. Zach and Greenlee were trapped in an underground bomb shelter. Aidan and Kendall thought their loved ones were dead and found solace in each other. Grief Sex 1. Eventually Zach and Greenlee found out about the grief tryst and all was forgiven.

Kendall was in dire condition when injured in a tornado. She needed a heart transplant. During that time Josh Madden (Erica's long lost son) robbed Zach's casino and a shootout ensued. Zach shot Josh and was subsequently, on life support. Erica Kane signed off on and agreed to take her son off life support to save the life of her daughter. Heavy stuff. Kendall woke up to having her brother, Josh's, heart. We hoped it was a strong ticker because it would be tested soon.

Kendall and us were surprised to learn that Zach had donated his sperm to his sister-in-law, Bianca, so sister in law could have a baby with lover, Reese. Kendall's niece would also be her husband's bio daughter. Yes, ma'am, that heart got a big test right out the gate. Kendall once again pretended she was fine with something but she seethed inside. The seething went to Defcon 3 when she noticed the looks between Reese and her husband. Kendall wanted Bianca, Reese and niece/stepdaughter gone as in move to Paris gone.

Kendall had a deal with Bianca that she and her family would leave town after their double wedding with Ryan and Greenlee. When Bianca backed out the deal, Kendall left the wedding. Zach and Kendall (at the wheel) were in the car arguing. Kendall was driving crazy and almost hit Greenlee on her motorcycle (Greenlee left her own wedding when Ryan told her he saw Zach kiss Reese). "Almost" unfortunately sent Greenlee swerving off the road and over the cliff.  Greenlee was "dead" at Kendall's hands.  Heavy Stuff. Zach covered for Kendall and said it was him who drove the car.

Things went from Defcon 3 to Defcon 1 (skipped 2) when Reese tumbled down a flight of stairs and crashed into a tray of glassware and Zach left Greenlee's memorial to be by Reese's side at the hospital. Say what? Kendall was mad at Zach, grieving Greenlee and feeling guilty. Ryan was grieving and mad at Zach (he thought Zach was the one driving the car.) Grief Sex 2 that time with Ryan. Zendall divorced.

Ian went into cardiac arrest and it was discovered he needed a heart valve. The Chandlers provided the prototype valve that was used in the procedure. Zendall individually went to the Chandler mansion locked and loaded when Ian flatlined to take Adam out. They blamed him for the faulty valve. Somebody was quicker on the trigger though. Stuart was killed by a shooter who thought they were killing Adam. Zendall was relieved to learn Ian wasn't dead. Jake Martin saved him. Jake Martin. That name has to make you smile. 

Both were at the mansion. Both armed and guns loaded. Both intended to kill Adam. What do you do? You get married so you can't testify against each other. Whatever works. The marriage was in name only. Ryan was smart enough to know that wouldn't last forever and stepped back from Kendall.

Kendall was the prime suspect. With so much going on during the murder investigation, Kendall started to believe she may have killed Stuart. She then remembered she hadn't. Zach believed in her innocence the entire time. When Kendall was sentenced, Zach was ready. He sent a look-alike to prison. The real Kendall was basically quarantined at home. He was protecting Kendall but he made it clear he wasn't opening his heart to her. Sure, Zach. 

The faux Kendall was stabbed and admitted to the hospital and the plan went awry. Kendall and Aidan went on the run. Aidan manipulated Zendall to keep them apart and kept them from contacting each other. Adam was the real killer. Kendall was cleared and ready to return home. An obsessed Aidan said not so fast. He told Kendall he would hurt the people she loved if she returned home. Aidan? Boy bye. Kendall would return home. Zendall would reunite and the Slater family left Pine Valley for a trip around the world.

The Slaters returned home and an alive Greenlee and Ryan were back in Pine Valley. Greenlee was married to David Hayward. He was murdered. Ryan was arrested for his murder.  Zach's plane crashed while traveling to find proof that David had faked his murder to set up Ryan. His body wasn't found by the rescuers. But it was found by David. We actually had to give thanks to David. His controversial and experimental Project Orpheus saved Zach. Our gratitude was short lived because David was in on/knew about Ricky's plan to kill Zach.

When Zach was at Project Orpheus, Griffin Castillo and Kendall were on the cusp of a new relationship. Griffin also saved Kendall from the clutches of the murderous Ricky. Zach thanked Griffin for his services during his absence. But told him they were no longer needed; Zach was back. The Slater family was reunited!!!

***Yes, we will mention when All My Children was rebooted Zach returned to Pine Valley without Kendall. And there was something about Kendall being gravely ill. We don't recognize that. LOL.

Zach, Kendall, Spike and Ian remain together in defunct soapland.

The End.

Zach and Kendall forever.

I AM KP Smith



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Soap Opera News: Couples of the Past: All My Children's Zach & Kendall!
Couples of the Past: All My Children's Zach & Kendall!
Remembering the great love story of All My Children's Zach and Kendall. Check it out here--->>
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