Couples of the Past: Passions' Ethan and Theresa!

Do you remember the great love story of Ethan and Theresa on Passions? Learn more here--->>>

I'm giving the same disclaimer I gave for this week's Supercouple Throwback as I did when we featured Alistair Crane. I didn't watch Passions. And just like with Alistair the more I read about this week's Throwback, the more I wish I had watched. This week's Throwback Supercouple is Ethan Winthrop and Theresa Lopez Fitzgerald! (Passions) Ethan and Theresa were no traditional supercouple. It appears that was a direct result of Theresa not being a traditional heroine. She was something else wasn't she?

Theresa spent a lot of her childhood dreaming and fantasizing about Ethan. It was said later that they met once as children. Hey, for someone look is all it takes. It was enough for Theresa. She dreamed of meeting Ethan again, them falling in love, getting married and living happily ever after.  Nobody tipped her off that nothing could be further from reality in soapland? She would find out soon enough.

You could say Theresa's dream started out good. Ethan did return home. But we are thinking her dreams didn't include him returning with his girlfriend, Gwen Hotchkiss. Temporary setback. Theresa could handle Gwen, couldn't she? Good question. We did find it amusing that for someone who had spent hours, days, weeks and years fantasizing about Ethan, had it never once crossed her mind that he might have a girlfriend? And it seemed she didn't have a solid plan to nab Ethan when he and Gwen arrived at Harmony.

We gave Theresa an "A" for effort. She came up with plans just not well thought out plans. Her first plans, to make Ethan notice her, were successful at face value. He did notice her. But Ethan thought she was stalking him. Not quite what she was aiming for.  Next plan was a bit better. She worked as Ethan's mom, Ivy's assistant to get close to Ethan. She was an assistant with a twist. She was in disguise so Ethan wouldn't recognize her as the "stalker." Theresa pulled out the old faithful I have a faux boyfriend trick to throw Gwen off track when Gwen correctly surmised Theresa wanted her man. Theresa was making progress with Ethan. They knew each other and were friends yet still he was moving forward in his relationship with Gwen.

Ethan was moving forward so much so, he was ready to propose to Gwen. He had Theresa try on the ring he bought for Gwen. It got stuck on Theresa's finger. Then it was unstuck but Theresa pretended it wasn't. She got roped into being Ethan and Gwen's wedding planner and her maid of honor. LOL. Again, all that time dreaming she should have been planning for every possible scenario and topping the list should have been if Ethan came home attached.

When none of Theresa's efforts had Ethan professing his love for her, she tried the direct approach. She professed her love for Ethan. When Ethan didn't reciprocate, Theresa ran off on a motorcycle and got in a serious accident. It was only then that Ethan gave her a hospital bedside "I Love You." Ethan loved Theresa. Yea! But he loved Gwen too. Oh.

Ethan waffled and hemmed and hawed between the two women. Gwen wasn't willing to just give up on Ethan and suggested he date both of them. What guy (or gal) wouldn't love that? He eventually broke up with Gwen and proposed to Theresa. Let's back up a bit. When Ethan was waffling and hemming and hawing Gwen's mom, Rebecca, was doing all she could to get rid of Theresa. At a point, Theresa was on her way out of town when she stumbled on proof that Ethan wasn't Julian's son. Ethan wasn't biologically a Crane, rich. His father was Sam Bennett, not rich. A scorned Theresa was all set to give the scoop to Harmony's version of The National Enquirer when Ethan chose her and proposed to her.

On the day of Ethan and Theresa's engagement party, the story broke about Ethan's paternity. That was the time for Theresa to come clean with Ethan and tell him she already knew. Did she? Nope. And her deceit gave Gwen and Rebecca the opening they needed to set her up to make it look like she was the one who dropped the dime on the tabloids when it was actually them. And they did just that. Ivy, Ethan's mom, who believed it was Theresa who had dropped the dime, made an entrance to the wedding when she crashed her car in the church "wedding crashers" soap style.

Ethan was still willing to forgive Theresa. Theresa had the best of intentions when she fled to Bermuda to try and find Julian and convince him to adopt Ethan and make him a Crane heir. But somehow she and Julian ended up married, sleeping together and her getting pregnant. That must have been something to see! Ethan still was willing to try and move past her marrying Julian because she was drunk. But when he found out she was pregnant and that the baby could be Julian's and she had lied about it, he left Theresa.

Ethan and Theresa were hardly over. They had hardly started. The best and the worst was yet to come. Some of their best and worst included;

  • Theresa distraught over losing Ethan tried to commit suicide.
  • Theresa attacked Gwen and Ethan with scissors (a side-effect of preeclampsia).  
  • Theresa when she thought Ethan had killed Julian (Rebecca made a fake video making it look like he had) confessed to the murder to cover for Ethan. Theresa was sentenced to death and had a faux execution to draw an alive Julian out.
  • Gwen got pregnant and Ethan and Gwen were married. Theresa did not let up in her pursuit of Ethan. Ethan did respond to Theresa's advances (kisses) but to his credit, he told Theresa he was staying with his wife. A relentless Theresa had a confrontation with a pregnant Gwen that turned physical and caused, the baby, Sarah to die.
  • Julian and Rebecca sued and were awarded custody of lil Ethan. And then Ethan and Gwen adopted lil Ethan because Julian and Rebecca weren't suitable parents.
  • Gwen and Ethan began planning a family again this time via a surrogate. In Theresa's mind, she figured the best way to get lil Ethan back was to get pregnant with Ethan and Gwen's child and use that baby as leverage. Seems pretty out there but okay. LOL. Theresa kidnapped the planned surrogate and had herself inseminated with Gwen's eggs. When she lost the embryo she drugged Ethan and made herself to look like and to smell like Gwen and slept with Ethan. Theresa had a one night stand with Fox Crane also. So there was a who the momma and/or baby daddy storyline? Now you don't see that every day not even in soapland. Theresa was pregnant with twins. But only one of the babies were viable to make it to term. Nathan was medically aborted. 
  • Theresa went back and forth regarding if she was going to give the baby to Gwen and Ethan. After Jane was born, she decided to keep her. Theresa told Gwen the issues surrounding the maternity and paternity of baby Jane. A DNA test was done. Ethan and Theresa were baby Jane's parents. Gwen snapped. She stabbed Theresa and she was paralyzed. And Gwen would kidnap Jane.
  • Ethan made good on his threat to sue for custody of Jane when Theresa went back on her word that she wouldn't press charges against Gwen. Ethan and Gwen were awarded custody primarily because of the lengths Theresa went to when Jane was conceived. 
  • Theresa married Alistair who among other things raped her. In one of Theresa's attempts to kill him, she mistakenly poisoned Ethan with poisoned guacamole and almost killed Ethan instead.
Whew. And there is more story. Through all the above and despite Ethan's love for Theresa; he stayed with Gwen. Theresa became involved with Jared Casey. Ethan and Theresa could never completely stay away from each other. Neither was faithful to Gwen or Jared. Ethan and Theresa were on the brink of reuniting and for Theresa to finally tell Ethan the truth that lil' Ethan was his son and not Julian's. But someone set up Theresa's brothers, Luis and Miguel, for multiple crimes they didn't commit. This person also known as The Blackmailer forced Theresa to marry Jared and wanted her have his child.

Theresa married Jared but her and Ethan kept seeing each other. It didn't go unnoticed by The Blackmailer and without consequences. Ethan and Theresa were violently attacked multiple times nevertheless they kept seeing each other. That was another form of graveyard love. True love eventually won out. Well not really but we were getting close. Jared bowed out of his marriage with Theresa. Gwen agreed to divorce Ethan. Ethan and Theresa were married but it wasn't legal because a presumed dead Alistair was alive thus making Ethan and Theresa's marriage invalid. In the NBC finale, Theresa was finally ready again, to tell Ethan the truth about lil Ethan when Gwen stole her moment and the final scene of NBC's Passions that had Ethan holding his son with Gwen.

Passions made the switch from NBC to DirecTV and Ethan and Theresa's saga continued. Rebecca and Gwen blackmailed Pilar, Theresa's mom, with a 25-year-old crime to keep Theresa's mouth shut about lil Ethan. Theresa would be presumed dead eaten by sharks and a few more almost catastrophe's before it was all said and done. But the couple's fans were rewarded for all of their years of waiting with their couples' happily ever after. And Rebecca and Gwen got what had been coming to them.

Lil Ethan had the evidence (in Sam's Bennett's camera) to put away Rebecca and Gwen who for years had schemed to keep his parents apart. Lil Ethan had the camera with proof of all their lies, secrets and plots. The video was played at Ethan and Gwen's vows' renewal for all to see. Rebecca and Gwen were arrested on fraud, bribery and accessory charges. A little extra good news was that Gwen had been married years before and the marriage was never annulled or divorced. Thus, Gwen and Ethan weren't legally married. Alistair by that time was dead. Ethan and Theresa were free! And a little more good news. Theresa FINALLY told Ethan he was lil Ethan's father.

So, Ethan and Theresa were married in front of all of their family and friends at St. Margaret Mary's church on August 7, 2008.

The End.

Who can get me some episodes of Passions? Come on fam, who is going to come through for me?

I AM KP Smith



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Soap Opera News: Couples of the Past: Passions' Ethan and Theresa!
Couples of the Past: Passions' Ethan and Theresa!
Do you remember the great love story of Ethan and Theresa on Passions? Learn more here--->>>
Soap Opera News
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