Performer of the Week: Days of Our Lives' Olivia Rose Keegan!

The performer of the week is Olivia Rose Keegan (Claire Brady, Days of Our Lives) and honorary mention goes to James Reynolds (Abe Carver). Learn more here--->>

Hello! Happy April! It's Springtime! Love is in the air. Our matchmaker was revealed out West. Do we have a Flowers in the Attic out there? Denise Richards made her debut and we are wondering. In Salem we have a new baby, Ben has a place, Gabi and her "girls" took center stage, a couple of weddings are coming up, and Kate urged Victor to get back in the game. GH celebrated 56 years. Somebody needs to get Kristina STAT. Ava is ready to kill again. In Genoa City, Ashley dropped in and it's her vs Jack; game on. And it was a whole lotta Sex in the Genoa City.

The Bold & the Beautiful

The mystery of Batie's matchmaker was solved. William Logan Spencer tired of watching and wishing for his parents to get back together took the bull by the horns, took matters into his own hands and took action. His parents didn't make it that hard to hack into their banking accounts. Their passwords are Will's birthday. Super secure. So, I guess we can't hold him totally responsible...Bill admired and praised his son for being a true Spencer and admonished him (somewhat) of his tactics. But cautioned his expectations because there were no guarantees him and Katie would get back together. Will told Batie he would give them $500.00 a piece if they didn't get back together. His parents were like, Will you don't have that kind of money. Will's response...Do I look worried? We love that kid!

Taylor is in Europe but her name is still on lips. It didn't take long for Brooke to figure out when talking to Ridge that not only was Taylor pushing Steffy to listen to Hope and get Liam back. But she wanted Hope, Thomas and Douglas to be a family. Ridge reminded Thomas (who was grateful to Hope for her being there for him and especially Douglas) that Hope was a married woman. Ridge, he's wasn't listening. He went over to Hope with a big grin talking about how great she was and that's why he was attracted to her back in the day. Sally tried to call a truce with Quinn. Quinn doesn't care. She's moved past Sally and is already working her schemes to get Flo and Wyatt back together. She told Wyatt you know what Flo is going through. Why don't you help her look for her daddy? And Wyatt like hasn't been through this before with Quinn meddling in his life; fell right in line and stopped by the DNA test kit store to pick one up for Flo. Shauna, Flo's mom, (Denise Richards made her debut) told Flo it would be a mistake to look for her father. But Flo wasn't listening to her mom's objections this time. She told Wyatt she was ready to find her father. Quinn and Shauna were so happy to see each other again after all these years. They were gabbing and catching up when Quinn told Shauna that Bill Spencer was Wyatt's father. Shauna almost keeled over. Could Bill be Flo's father and not Wyatt's? Or is Bold just messing with us? Or did Wyatt unknowingly sleep with his sister? We know what we want to see. How about you?

Days of our Lives

Jordan was telling the truth. She has a son and Rafe went to California and brought baby David to Salem. Lani was instantly attached to the beautiful bundle of joy. Hope didn't have a problem with Rafe helping an innocent baby. But she believes that she and Rafe have problems that she isn't sure they can get past. Hope let Ted kiss her again. New set alert; Ben has a place! Pimp Brady talked Gabi into trying to seduce Stefan; seduce him, marry him, take him for all he has and burn him to the ground more specifically. Gabi wasted no time. Her and her "girls" were all up in Stefan's face. Good luck Stefan you gonna need it. You don't stand a chance. Victor and Kate, yes! Kate chided Victor (no lies were told) that all those cups of homemade tea and muffins and being married to Maggie had caused him to lose his edge. Kate told Victor, I know you miss the game. I know you miss winning. Come on! Let's team up again and take Stefan down. Yes, please please please team back up.

Maggie was a busy bee. She questioned Sarah. Are you sure you want to marry Rex? Are you sure you accepting Rex's proposal has nothing to do with Eric? Then it was Rex's turn. She told Rex she had problems with her daughter marrying a serial cheater and that maybe Sarah saying yes was Sarah's way of running from her feelings for Eric. Maggie really? Two things; momma's should stay out of their children's personal lives and how many times have you taken Victor back? Moving on. Haley and Tripp met with a "I'm not buying none of this" ICE agent. They past the first hurdle next stop, I DO. The cop in JJ won't let the lighter go and he brought it to Eli. Shelia encouraged Abe to stop being Mr. Nice Guy and go "lower" and to fight back in the campaign. But Abe is Abe and wants to stay on the high ground. We got another Shabe tease. When are we going to get action from those two?? Jennifer thought she saw a glimpse of "her Jack." Hmm.

Claire was ready to blast the audio tape to send Haley packing to China like yesterday. But Jack wanted to wait until after Haley and Tripp met with ICE for a bigger impact. Jack and Eve held a "send her back" rally. They were all set to blow Haley and Tripp to kingdom come when oops the tape had been deleted. But Eve is never one to go down without a fight. She wiped the egg off her face and announced the big announcement was that while Abe and 'em was backing a faux love and marriage, her and Jack the real deal were getting married!

General Hospital 

Franco and Cam had "the talk".  Cam perfectly depicted the teen that was extremely uncomfortable and would have rather been anywhere else. And Franco depicted the adult that felt exactly the same. I've been on both sides and neither is any fun. Lulu wanted to know who was going to help her heal now that Dante was gone? Poor Lulu. She took Laura's advice to take some time away and Lulu is headed to Paris. Nora Buchanan was in Port Charles as Kevin's lawyer. Kevin pleaded not guilty, was granted bail but did lose his practicing privileges at GH. Laura paid his bail and is still unsure if she will be able to forgive her husband. Well sis, just an FYI Lucy is ready to swoop in on your man so you might want to keep that in mind. Kristina gave Shiloh the secret damaging info on a family member to enter The Trust. And you know what he gave her? A 10K bill and an oops I didn't tell you that you have to pay. And Kristina told him she had a trust fund. My goodness, Kristina. The DNA test showed Sasha is indeed Nina's daughter....moving on.

Oscar and Joss put their permanent lock on the bridge. They were playing their song and dancing on the bridge when Oscar had a seizure. He is in a coma and the doctor's are not sure if he will wake up. Sam saw Margaux going to a DOD session when she was leaving from her blindfolded session with Shiloh. That was a hmm moment. Ava doesn't care if the FBI called off their search for Ryan. She isn't fooled. She believes Ryan with his one dominant hand is still out there somewhere. She's ready for him and is looking forward to giving him a slooooow death at her hands to avenge Kiki's death. Chet asked Maxie out but she said no because she already has feelings for someone else, Peter. Finn is ready to pop the question to Anna. ***Tuesday General Hospital aired a special 56th Anniversary Episode. Alexis at the direction of Gail distributed envelopes to the invited guests to take them on a scavenger hunt. In the end, the big treasure was only envelopes filled with glitter but we enjoyed the interactions between the characters sharing special moments and storylines from the past 56 years. Lesley Webber/Denise Alexander made a special appearance. Congrats GH!

The Young and the Restless 

Genoa City had a lot of sex last week; Shey, Skyle, Victoria/Brandon and Nick/Rebekah. Hot. Hot. Hot. Did we miss anyone? If so, them too. Dominique and her accent sauntered out Genoa City leaving her stooges in the dust. Dominique's exit storyline and performance was so good. We will miss you, Alice. Phyllis was ultimately held responsible for the Kerry/Dominique duplicity and she was ousted as CEO. Ashley was there to save Jabot and offered to buy it and put it under her company, Premiere Cosmetics. It was a tie with the Board when they voted for Ashley to buy Jabot or for Jack to be voted in as CEO. Billy broke the tie and went with his big bro. Once again Jack took the helm of Jabot. It's Jack (with the "head for business") vs. Ashley (the chemist who creates the products). Winner takes all. G-A-M-E ON! What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? Billy said not on my watch. Victoria woke up with Brandon's afterglow still all on her to a knock on the door. She walked to the door with a silly grin on her face thinking maybe Brandon was back for more. Grin gone. It was Billy. Classic old school soap moment right there.

Lauren wants to break her contract with Jabot. Or she wants Jack to let her buy Fenmore's back. Lauren wants sole ownership of her family's business as she should. Phyllis is trying to hustle up funds to get in on that action. She went to Jack for help but Jack told Red right now Jabot needs all the resources it can get. Skyle impressed Jack and Billy with their business and marketing ideas. Where is Victor? When are we going to see him remind Summer she is a Newman first? Lily is getting an early release and she told Cane face to face that their marriage is over. What is broken between them can't be fixed. They both need a fresh start. Cane isn't ready to let his marriage go. Cane and Traci had some of our favorite scenes this week. She told Cane that maybe something had changed between him and Lily. Maybe Lily has realized it and accepted it and he hasn't. It could be something that has been happening between them for a while and they didn't know it. We enjoyed those Traci/Cane scenes. Kola saw each other and Summer saw them seeing each other. We are in love with the Skyle/Kola triangle. Mia sent Sharon a pic of an ultrasound. Who knows if it's hers or who the baby daddy is. LOL.

Performers of the Week!

Our Honorable Mention is James Reynolds! (Abe, Days of our Lives)

We don't see Abe nearly enough. But when we do, James/Abe is always worth the wait. Abe wasn't for Jack, Eve and Ted's foolishness last week. He let them have it. His disgust, disdain, anger, impatience and overall being sick of all three of them was evident, prevalent and we were here for it. James' eyebrows, curling up of his lip, inflection of his voice and his body language; we love us some non-verbal acting; said it all. "Well spoken," Abe told the crooked blackmailing son of a **itch (Ted) to do his job so the vultures (Jack/Eve) won't vaporize them. And when Abe read Jack; oh my goodness a thousand times yes. It was glorious. Jack should have never called Abe, Abraham. Abe was like um you don't know me and I, for sure don't know who you are right now. His read of Jack while looking him up and down with his disapproval glance and stance while Jeve could only stare in silence had us cheering! We don't know what line and delivery we loved the most. The one where Abe told Jeve he would as soon believe in Haley and Tripp's relationship than whatever it was between them. Or when he told Jack he could have stayed dead if this is what a resurrection would look like. James showed up and showed out. More James, please!

Our Performer of the Week is Olivia Rose Keegan! (Claire, Days of our Lives)

We can't say enough about how much we are enjoying Claire! She is a constant mood. Vulnerable Claire bared her soul to Eve on how she was scared that Tripp would fall for Haley for real and she would end up alone. That and thinking of the first fire caused Claire to break down and curl up for a good cry. Her in a fetal position with Eve comforting her was so sweet. Claire needing a momma and Eve always missing her daughter. Just when you started to maybe feel sorry for Claire...Claire was back. One of the times her anger reached the boiling point JJ had to duck from getting smacked with her projectile purse. Then she almost took his head off when she thought he was accusing her of starting the first fire (Um, Claire you did). Then when JJ gave her a double take when she joined in the "send her back" chant at the rally and she told him "I have to look like the wounded ex" then continued her chant; was hilarious and comedic gold. The dialogue writers are giving Olivia great one-liners and "zingers" and she is nailing every single one. Olivia is coming into her own right before our eyes. As a soap fan; it's a joy to behold. She has found her niche, her groove and her sweet spot. Olivia/Claire is funny, entertaining, fun and we can't get enough. We love Olivia and Claire! Olivia, you were awesome!



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Soap Opera News: Performer of the Week: Days of Our Lives' Olivia Rose Keegan!
Performer of the Week: Days of Our Lives' Olivia Rose Keegan!
The performer of the week is Olivia Rose Keegan (Claire Brady, Days of Our Lives) and honorary mention goes to James Reynolds (Abe Carver). Learn more here--->>
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