Performer of the Week: Y&R's Peter Bergman!

Peter Bergman (Jack Abbott, Y&R) is the performer of the week. Learn more here--->>>

Hello Family!

Recaps and Winners below!

The Young and the Restless

We were curious to where the writers were going with Traci and Cane. Would Y&R pair them? We still aren't sure that they won't at some point. But at least right now Lane's marital problems appear to be a launch pad for author Traci. Nikki came across a document that Victor Newman was seeing a doctor. Oh no is Victor sick! But when she found out it was a psychiatrist; she was like that ain't Victor. We are assuming it's Adam the other Victor Newman. Arturo came back professing his love to Abby and begging and pleading to her to give him another chance. Abby who has worn the "A" on her chest before was softening until Mia showed up. She threw them both out of Society. Mia told Arturo he was her alibi for the night Lola was attacked and a contender for baby daddy. Paul doesn't trust Rey or Arturo. He's keeping an eye on both of them. Someone threw a brick in the window of Crimson Lights while Teriah was there with a note wrapped around it "Give up the gossip, you're ruining people's lives." Phyllis "reminded" Billy she kept his secret about sleeping with Summer from Jack and Nick. Now she needed something from him, money to start her own business. Billy proposed; Victoria told him; "I'll think about it."

Kyle was walking his tightrope between Summer and Lola. He told his wife how her mom had tried to blackmail the Abbott's into giving Lauren Fenmore's back. Summer and Phyllis' scenes, so good. Summer told Phyllis that she wanted Billy that he didn't manipulate her. She slept with Billy because she knew it would hurt Phyllis. She was ashamed and sorry. She wants her marriage to work and needs her mom to but out. Kyle asked Lola for more time to free himself from Summer without starting a war and hurting his family. Lola agreed to give him more time but asked him not to have sex with his wife anymore. Summer found a necklace (found is a strong word when you go into a man's jacket pockets) and assumed it was hers. wasn't. After Summer gave Lola her opening night gift an engraved knife (interesting), her husband gave Lola her necklace. This gift got Lola's approval. LOL. It was a madhouse with everything that could go wrong going wrong before Society's grand opening. It was all hands on deck as Abby and her team frantically put out fires. Everything was ready to go. Abby opened the doors....and no one was there.

Lily came home. She came back to pack, for Society's grand opening and to get Cane to sign the divorce papers. He tried everything he could think of for Lily to give him another chance. Lily was firm and resolute. She had a job teaching at the prison and she was ready to start her new life. And Cane needed to start his too. In his last ditch effort Cane threw a Hail Mary and asked Lily to stay one more night at home (he would sleep on the couch) and to let him accompany her to Society's grand opening. Lily mentioned she was meeting Neil at the opening. It's gonna be a rough family.

Days of our Lives

Jack stopped the wedding but only to call Adrienne out and expose her. Adrienne's license was expired. She couldn't have married Jeve legally. In the end, Jeve tied the knot. Eve was smug. Jennifer devastated. SIGH. Claire was ready to expose Tripp and Haley. But when it got to the part of her daydream where Tripp was going to get sent up the river; she pulled back. Poor Claire she said it best. "I'm damned if I speak up. I'm damned if I don't." New Set Alert; Gabi's got a place! Maggie spilled the beans to Kate about Will's condition. She said she thought Kate knew. Will didn't want Kate to come to the hospital. And he hasn't told Sami and Lucas yet. Hmm...we think he should. He had a seizure. But still was able to have his biopsy. Now we wait. Victor is bringing Kate back into the Titan fold. That should be fun.  While Kate was gunning for Brady's job he was manipulating picnics to spend time with Chloe and Holly.

The Cartel was back. The henchman targeted Chloe and Stefan. Gabi and Ciara were held at gunpoint at the DiMera mansion. Ben charged in swinging his piece. The henchman was done talking and shot his shot intending to shoot Stefan. But Rafe, who had gotten Gabi's distressed text, came in just in time to take the bullet. It was just a graze on the shoulder. Rafe will be fine. But the henchman took Ciara. Across town or however far Doug Place's set is from the DiMera mansion set, another henchman held Chloe at gunpoint. Eli came to rescue her and tried to talk the henchman down. Brady came in and wrestled with the henchman. That gave Eli the chance to get his shot in. Henchman dead. Good work Eli. That was a tight shot. Chloe read Brady and not a single lie was told. She said he went from woman to woman. She called him jealous, shallow, a stalker and extremely co-dependent. Gabi kissed Stefan and he responded. Oh boy. It's getting hawt in here. Who is Ted on the phone with? We don't know for sure. But it's not good.

The Bold and the Beautiful

The Logan family welcomed Flo with open arms. Katie let Flo feel her father's heart. Hope let the cat out the bag that Flo was Phoebe's mother. Shauna was like, say what? Say who? Flo told her momma the long sordid tale about Phoebe/Beth. But she kind of let herself off the hook and told the story like she was an innocent bystander who just happened to have signed bogus adoption papers. And like Dr. Reese had a gun to her head while she lied in everyone's faces time and time again. Shauna implored to Flo not to tell Hope the truth because she could end up in prison. She asked her to let her talk to Quinn first. Quinn shrugged at Shauna telling her Flo had done some not so nice things. Quinn's response; a shrug and who hasn't? Quinn told Shauna tell Flo to sit tight. There could be a future for her and Wyatt. Shauna went back and told Flo to shh.

Liam made a move on his wife who pushed him back.  Hope's still not ready to make love to her husband. She is still mourning Beth and feels guilty that Liam isn't with the girls. She encouraged him to go visit them. Liam told his wife I need and want to be here with you. Wyatt and Sally (was back) were Liam's sounding boards regarding the problems in his marriage. Liam told them he was going to fight for his marriage. Ridge reminded Thomas again that Hope is a married woman. He told Ridge he never got over Hope. Say what? Thomas and Douglas visited Hope at the cabin. Douglas cute little thing has the purest intentions just wanting a mommy. Thomas? That's a no.

General Hospital

Brad is in DOD. He tried to help Shiloh and not have the cup tested for drugs. But when Jason found out he was in DOD he confiscated the cup. Michael, Jason and Sonny found out about The Pledge (dirt Shiloh got from Kristina that could be used to blackmail/destroy Kristina's family) and tried they tried to figure out what it could be. Sonny believed it was dirt on him. Oscar moved into the Quartermaine mansion. He told Olivia and Ned his final wishes. Cam got into a fight defending Aiden when someone called Aiden fairy boy. But asked Friz why couldn't Aiden be less gay? Oh, Cam. Willow told Michael her baby didn't die. She gave the baby up for adoption, Shiloh was the baby daddy and the baby lived in Port Charles. Shiloh believed Jason had kidnapped Kristina on Sonny's orders. Then believed Alexis when she said Kristina had just taken some time away. Is Shiloh really clueless or he's just playing them? Because if he's that clueless; what kind of cult leader is that. His followers must be really really clueless to follow someone who is clueless. Julian told Alexis he gave Kristina a "substantial" loan i.e. your daughter owes me a lot of cash and she needs to get back here ASAP.

Anna found a bracelet that soothed her fears. She believes Robin is her daughter. Thank you! Sasha told Michael I'm not honest enough to have a real relationship with you. But liars need loving too. So let's hit the sheets. Michael and Sasha did the do. Julian hired Curtis to be Ava's bodyguard. Ava wasn't interested in a bodyguard. She's interested in getting a faux man to lure Ryan out as Felicia suggested. Franco declined the position. Scotty you up next. Dr. O and Valentin were still trying to outmaneuver one another about her keeping her mouth shut that Sasha isn't Nina's daughter, which was a big step up from the beginning of the week when Valentina were ganging up on Spencer.

Performers of the Week

Our Performer of the Week is Peter Bergman!
(The Young and the Restless)

M-A-S-T-E-R. Mr. Bergman is a master. Dina had a rare moment of lucidity. She even called Jack, Jack. When Dina accused Jack of destroying Jabot and failing John; something in Jack snapped.  That fifteen-year-old little boy arose in him and lashed out at the mother who abandoned him, his sisters and his father decades ago without so much as a backward glance. That fifteen-year-old boy had to grow up too fast and became "Smiling Jack Abbott". The smile masking all of the emotions he most likely barely realized let alone could articulate at such a young age. Jack had one failed relationship after another. He suffered from the inability to emotionally connect. It all traces back to his mom's abandonment. Jack dreamed and confronted a younger Dina and asked the question that has burned in his mind and his heart. Why? Why did she leave? One of the things we love most about Peter's portrayal of Jack is his relatability. Peter has the ability to draw you in and have you feel and experience exactly what Jack is feeling. Whether you have had these type of issues with a parent or not you felt for and with Jack. Peter made you feel the depth of every emotion Jack had from the time Dina told him he was destroying Jabot until he awoke from his dream in his Jabot CEO chair. We were there while he felt rage, frustration, guilt, agony, desertion and hopelessness at what Jack called the irony of it all. Dina doesn't remember (but he does all so well). So, Jack was still and will still be left with the question of Why? We were moved to tears. Peter is a M-A-S-T-E-R. And it is a privilege to witness his greatness. Thank you, Peter, for just being you!

Our Honorable Mention is Hunter King! (The Young and the Restless)

When Kyle told Summer that Phyllis had attempted to blackmail Jack with pictures of Kola if she didn't let Lauren buy back Fenmore's; Summer bolted to the Athletic Club for a showdown with her mom. Summer accused Phyllis of never forgiving her for sleeping with Billy and that this was Phyllis' form of payback. We expected that. We got that and we also got a vulnerable, remorseful, self-aware and self enlightened Summer. Summer told Phyllis she realized she acted that way before because she didn't care about anyone then including herself. But she did now. She loved Kyle and wanted Phyllis to concentrate on her own life and let Summer figure things out on her own. Summer stood up for herself. She took responsibility for her actions. She was remorseful. She was true to herself. She didn't make excuses. She wasn't naive about herself or her marriage. In just those few scenes Hunter showed us that Summer was on her own woman now. In those moments; Hunter showed us a young adult living her life and trying to figure out this thing we call life one day at a time. Who can't identify with that?! In this Skyle/Kola triangle, Hunter has been molding, creating, crafting and smartly laying a foundation for an adult Summer. Hunter has given us our first tastes. We are here with you Hunter to wherever you and Summer are taking us! "Woman Summer" is here folks! Well done, Hunter!



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Soap Opera News: Performer of the Week: Y&R's Peter Bergman!
Performer of the Week: Y&R's Peter Bergman!
Peter Bergman (Jack Abbott, Y&R) is the performer of the week. Learn more here--->>>
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