Who Is Sara on The Young and the Restless? - Meet Michele Boyd!

Fans were wondering who was playing the role of Sara on The Young and the Restless. And, we have the answer for you. Actress, Michele Boyd played the role of Sara on April 10, 2019 and shared scenes with Joshua Morrow's Nick Newman. This is not the first time Boyd has appeared on the show. Back in 2008, she played a character named Carol. While there is no telling if the show will have her in more episodes, let's get to know a little bit about Boyd.

Born in Gainesville, Florida, Michele's childhood was spent constantly moving due to her father's Navy career, traveling everywhere from Virginia to Japan. Eschewing the usual career path of most actors, Michele earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior from the University of California, Davis. Besides academia, Michele became an avid snowboarder and active in Hapkido, a street-style martial art that blends Aikido and Tae Kwon Do.

After moving across the country yet again to Boston, Michele started traveling down to New York City two or three times a week for auditions and acting training. After landing roles in several independent films, Michele came back to California, signed with a manager and soon landed her first television role as a surgical intern on Untold Stories of the ER(2004). She has also played roles on S.W.A.T, NCIS, The Orville, NCIS: Los Angeles, Two and a Half Men, Big Time Rush and more.

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