Couples of the Past: Days of Our Lives EJ and Sami!

A throwback couple: Days of Our Lives EJ and Sami, Ejami. Read more here--->>

We are wrapping up our Supercouple Throwback Series. We have received and so appreciate all the positive feedback, input and interest the fam has shown us throughout. There were so many great couples we couldn't get to that we most likely will revisit the Supercople Throwback at some point. Our final featured Supercouple Throwback (for now) is Elvis Aaron Dimera and Samantha Jean Brady. "Ejami"!

Ejami was that couple that nothing was too much nothing was too over the top. They thrived in the C-R-A-Z-Y. The beginning was soap "crazy". The middle was soap "crazier". Their ending has yet to be penned but we are betting the farm before it is all over with; it will be the craziest. They could not do calm and normal. It just wasn't their style. But what else could you get when you put the seed of Stefano DiMera with THE Samantha Jean Brady? Bonkers, unhinged, lunacy, was a given in the most lovable soapiest way possible! Their relationship was one of the most epic game's of chess to ever be played in Salem, appropriately so. 

Ironically, their beginning of the beginning started out normal enough. EJ moved across the hall from Sami. And that ladies and gents was the first and the last of the normal. When Ejami met it was something at first sight. We aren't sure we could call it love. But the attraction, the connection, the pull, the undeniable chemistry was there. 

When they first met Sami was involved with Austin (arguably he was the love of Sami's life before EJ). Not that being involved with someone would stop Sami from pursing someone else.  Sami was in the midst of executing one of her infamous schemes. Back then one of her favorite pastimes was scheming to keep Carrie, her sister, and Austin apart so she could have Austin for herself. She blackmailed Lexi Carver (Sami told Lexi if she didn't do what she wanted her to do she would tell Abe that Lexi was having an affair) into telling Carrie and Austin that they shared a genetic defect that would affect any children they would have together. As with many of Sami's plans it blew up in her face. Carrie and Austin wound up together, Sami's family turned on her and she lost custody of Will. But also as most times with Sami; she was on to the next person or thing. Nothing or no one kept Sami down for long. In this case it was a person. She and EJ grew close.

Ejami's closeness hit a snag when Sami learned that the Salem PD believed EJ was the mastermind behind the "gloved hands" crimes that were being committed against the Brady's. Sami agreed to help the police in their investigation which led to several tense and pseudo threatening encounters between EJ and Sami. And it was also around that time Sami learned EJ was Stefano's son. It was alot for Sami to process and she hit the pause button on her and EJ. Subsequently, Lucas (who had forgiven her as always) and Sami were making their way back to restoring their family. EJ wasn't about the pause button. He wanted Sami.

What occurred next is still debated in soapland as of this very day. We will let y'all debate about what it was or wasn't. We are just here to tell the story. This is what occurred. EJ shot John Black (Stefano's arch enemy and Sami's stepfather) at the direction of Stefano. Lucas and Sami were going on a skiing trip. Their car broke down and the roof caved in where they were. Sami was looking for someone to help her because Lucas was trapped under a beam and she ran across EJ. She asked him to help her save Lucas. EJ said sure I'll help but I need something from Those DiMera's are something.

Ejami had sex/rape (you choose) and Lucas was saved. EJ was cleared for shooting John because there wasn't enough evidence. Sami was preggo. She tried to keep her pregnancy hidden but obviously you can't keep that kind of thing hidden for that long. So once EJ found out, she offered faux paternity results. Lucas oblivious to what happened between EJ and Sami was a happy proud expectant father. Poor Lucas always the last to know everything. Turned out Sami wasn't expecting a bundle of joy. She was having two bundles, twins. Double. Lumi did marry. 

The DiMera/Brady feud was an ever present catalyst for angst, challenges and major problems for Ejami. This time Stefano used the feud to coerce Sami into divorcing Lucas and marrying EJ. Coerce, force, blackmail whatever term you want to use. DiMera's will DiMera. That's what they do. That's who they are. Still we love them. Sami being Sami, one of the more defiant Brady's, wasn't budging until Roman, her daddy, was tied to a bomb and John was "killed" in a hit and run. Fearful of what lengths the DiMera's would go to next, Sami divorced Lucas and agreed to marry EJ. Everybody tried to talk her out of it. But Sami's mind was made up. Ejami was getting married and having their wedding at St. Luke's. A wedding in Salem at St. Luke's, what could possibly go wrong? Alot.

Steve, Roman, Kate, Lucas all with their own reasons for wanting EJ dead, were seen with motive and opportunity to take EJ out. At the wedding three guns were pointed at EJ. Three shots rang out and EJ was shot in the back. EJ survived but was paralyzed. Lucas admitted to being the shooter but he wasn't. We would learn it was Will who shot EJ and Lucas took the fall for his son. Lucas got a ten year sentence and was sent to jail. Ejami was officially married before all the excitement. 

With Lucas in jail, EJ took full advantage. EJ did the unthinkable and turned on Stefano. He told Sami, Marlena, Bo and Hope that John wasn't dead. Stefano had him. Love can make you do some things you would never ever think of doing when in your right mind. Turning on Stefano is one thing but choosing a Brady over him? That's when we really started to believe EJ really loved Samantha. Stefano was arrested. EJ and Sami were sent to a safe house while Stefano awaited trial. 

Time progressed and EJ turned the heat all the way up to land Sami. He helped with the kids. He was there for her when Papa Shawn passed on. But Sami still had plans to divorce EJ. EJ was like, um I put my life on the line with my father for nothing? Nah, DiMera's ain't bout that life. EJ orchestrated it to appear that he was in danger of being deported back to England. Sami and EJ stayed married and moved into the DiMera mansion to prove they were in love and had a strong family unit. EJ pulled a few more stints and in the end EJ and Sami made love with no strings or threats attached.

Because it's a soap the night of their love making was the same night Lucas got an early release from the pen. He saw Ejami in the sack. Surprise! Surprise! Happy Early Release Lucas! Lucas was back. Sami was torn. Lucas? EJ? Lucas? EJ? What is a girl to do? What do they say when you snooze you lose? Sami took too long to figure out who she wanted. EJ ended up with Nicole and Lucas with Chloe. Now that wasn't one of Sami's finest moments. Losing two men at the same time? But everybody has an off day. There were more to come. 

Sami became pregnant again. This time there was no question, the baby was EJ's. Yet just like the time before, Sami was still reluctant to tell EJ. When she did decide to tell him and went to the DiMera mansion to tell EJ; she witnessed a murder at the mansion. Sami had to go into the witness protection program, pregnant.  Rafe Hernandez was introduced to the canvas as the main FBI agent assigned to Sami's protective detail. After some time, Sami was able to return home but needed to maintain the secrecy of her pregnancy. She told everyone she was adopting a baby, baby Grace.

While Sami had been in hiding, Nicole got pregnant for EJ, miscarried and had a faux baby bump to hold onto EJ. Nicole facilitated the soap trope baby swap. Nicole took Sami's baby (named her Sydney) home to EJ. And Sami took Mia's (pregnant teen Nicole got the baby from) child home. Baby Grace died from complications from meningitis. The truth came out as it always does. Sami's truth (a distraught Sami told EJ that his baby "died") and then Nicole's. EJ was enraged that Sami kept his baby from him. 

Nicole was arrested and got out of jail on bail. She kidnapped Sydney and went on the run. EJ hired Anna DiMera to kidnap Sydney from Nicole. Did EJ return Sydney to her momma's loving arms? Not right away. EJ, blinded by rage, let Sami think Sydney was dead. Whoa. He had a change of heart. He brought Sydney home. And made himself look like the hero. Ever the DiMera. Ejami reconciled and made plans to remarry.

Rafe smelled a rat and knew EJ was behind the kidnapping. He obtained a taped confession of EJ confessing to being behind  the kidnapping to Nicole. Rafe stormed in and busted up the Ejami wedding with the recording. How did Sami respond? She shot EJ in the head. Man those two did some stuff. LOL. EJ kept breathing after being taken off life support. The son of the Phoenix! It's in their DNA. EJ recovered.

Sami was the furious one that time and kept the kids from EJ. Um.....he wasn't having it. EJ figured the only way he would be able to see his kids was to oust Sami as his shooter. This was another tale of the confession tape. Follow this chain of custody. Arianna, Rafe's sister, overheard Will and Sami talking about covering up that Sami shot EJ. Sami admitted to shooting EJ when Arianna confronted her (Sami came clean hoping that Arianna would understand why she shot EJ). She didn't and Arianna recorded the conversation. Arianna planned to tell EJ but she was hit by a car and died first. Arianna's fiance, Brady Black, had the camera among Arianna's things. But Nicole came across it first.  Nicole used it to her advantage (of course). She first used it to blackmail Sami into letting her see more of Sydney. But when Nicole found out Rafe and Sami were trying to sabotage/steal the tape she went to option #2, EJ. She offered the same deal to EJ. With the recording in EJ's hands, Sami and Rafe got married so he couldn't be forced to testify against Sami. So, EJ used the recording to force Sami to give him full custody of the kids. 

It took for Johnny to be diagnosed with ocular cancer for EJ to relent and agree to shared custody with Sami. Meaning shared with her but not Rafe. EJ despised that Johnny was so close to Rafe. EJ and Stefano put their DiMera heads together to figure out the best way to neutralize Rafe. They decided on a doppelganger. Arnold, faux Rafe, had one job; to break up Rafe and Sami. Things didn't exactly work out like Stefano and EJ planned. When the doppelganger gig was up, faux Rafe agreed to testify against EJ and Stefano but was mistakenly taken for Rafe by inmates and killed. The irony. Without him, the case against EJ and Stefano died too. To Sami's astonishment, EJ gave Sami full custody declaring he was a changed man, again. We love EJ but come on he was always "changing". LOL. 

The next couple of times Ejami got close was when they thought Johnny was dead and slept together. And when they were on the run as fugitives. One of the countless times Stefano was presumed dead; EJ this particular time was charged with his murder. (He was set up by Ian McAllister and you know Stefano was alive).

Sami returned home once again caught in the middle and torn between her feelings for Rafe and EJ. Sami went back and forth like she often did between the two and decided she wanted to be with Rafe. She was going to tell EJ she had chosen Rafe after Nick Fallon and Gabi Hernandez's wedding. Another wedding another game changer. Chad, EJ's brother, dropped the bomb that Gabi's baby (she was pregnant) was for Will and not Nick (Will already knew). And Nick wanted Will to give up his parental rights and Sami was like not on my watch. Rafe took his sister's side and Sami said again not on my watch. This caused a permanent rift between Rafe and Sami; so EJ got the nod. Sami and EJ started dating and they would get married again.

Ejami continued to face and overcome challenges together. They worked together to get Will from under Nick's blackmailing thumb, to free Sami from murder charges (Bernardi) and to stop Sami, Kate and Gabi from going to jail for attempted murder and cons
piracy charges (when they thought Gabi had killed Nick and Sami and Kate helped get rid of the body). 

During this period the hardest obstacle for Ejami to overcome without question was EJ's affair with Abby. Sami kept it hidden from EJ that she found out about the affair. Sami and Kate teamed up. Yup it's not a typo. They double teamed to bring EJ and Stefano to their knees. Sami leaked information and had E.J. arrested for insider trading. Kate and Sami played Stefano and EJ and were voted co-CEO's of DiMera Enterprises. Kami was the bomb people.

Sami never could cut EJ totally out of her life. She forgave him. The problem was Sami had done too good of a job of cutting EJ off at his knees financially. In EJ's quest to rebuild his empire, he met and started doing business with bad guy, Clyde Weston. This business venture would ultimately lead to EJ's "death". Let us unequivocally say, we will never buy that Clyde Weston would be able to take THE EJ DiMera out, never. Anyway that is how it was written. Stefano when he heard of EJ's death, called Kristen and she got to the morgue in enough time with Dr. Rolf's special resurrection sauce. And took EJ's body, which would be revealed much later.

Sami and the kids left Salem shortly thereafter for Hollywood. A letter from EJ sent to Sami in Salem sent Sami on a journey to find EJ. Three plus years later a bandaged man was rescued from Kristen DiMera's burning purgatory lab believed to be EJ. Ejami went to and has been in Europe where EJ has been receiving treatment for his injuries. Since then there has been a mention here and there about EJ and his rehabilitation. But specific details have been sparse. Sami is headed to Salem very soon. Maybe we can get some information. Has anyone seen EJ's face? Does he still have the same face? Are we sure it's EJ? Many questions we need answers to.

We are plugging that we would love for Ejami not to be a "Throwback" anymore and be in Salem permanently! 


I AM KP Smith



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Soap Opera News: Couples of the Past: Days of Our Lives EJ and Sami!
Couples of the Past: Days of Our Lives EJ and Sami!
A throwback couple: Days of Our Lives EJ and Sami, Ejami. Read more here--->>
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