Couples of the Past: One Life to Live's Viki and Clint!

Remembering the great love story of One Life to Live's Viki and Clint? Do you remember it all? Check it out here---->>>

Our Throwback Supercouple is Clint Buchanan and Victoria Lord!

Viki's husband, Joe Riley, was dying from a fatal brain tumor and asked Clint Buchanan (he ran his own independent newspaper in Arizona) to come in and take over as the Chief Editor of Banner (the Lord family newspaper Viki owned). The two met when Clint brought a drunk Joey home. Not the most romantic of beginnings. But we all start somewhere. They did meet. And a cowboy and princess began a 30-year-old on and off again love affair.

In the beginning, Viki was mourning her husband and Clint dated Pat Ashley and Dorian Lord. When Viki was ready to date again, she dated Ted Clayton, who was only after her money. While she was dating Ted, her and Clint began to fall in love working side by side. Ted wasn't going to just let his dreams of living the good life go without a fight. Ted fought dirty.  He drugged Viki into agreeing to marry him.  Clint kidnapped Viki before the wedding.  Ted poisoned Clint. Once that whole ordeal was over, Viki pressed the pause button on dating. Who wouldn’t? Clint wasn’t pausing. He got with Edwina Lewis.  It took for Viki to go to jail, for not revealing a source, for Viki and Clint to come to their senses. It took daily jail visits for them to get together. We always say whatever works. Viki was released and they got married.

Their first significant post nuptial's problem had a name, Echo DiSavoy, a photographer.  She came to town and landed a job at Banner. She blamed Clint for the death of her mother, Giselle, and was there to make Clint pay. Echo seemed familiar to Clint but he couldn't quite put his finger on why. But he did put his fingers on Echo. She seduced him and he allowed himself to be seduced. Echo made sure to let Viki know of the affair and Echo lured Clint on a bridge where they argued. She jumped into the water as if she wanted to kill herself. Dorian Lord told the authorities Clint pushed her. He was arrested and put on trial for murder. Lies. Lies. Lies. All of it lies. Clint didn't push her and she wasn't dead. Viki and Marco Dane found out she was alive. She confessed at Clint's trial. Viki forgave Clint for his wandering fingers.

Next Tina Clayton showed up back in Llanview with a bombshell reveal. She wasn't Ted Clayton's daughter. She was Viki's sister. Viki's best friend, Irene, Tina's mom, had an affair with Viki's father when they were in college. All the revelations in the bombshell letter triggered Niki, Viki's wild child split personality, to reappear.

Niki preferred Harry O'Neil over Clint and they began having an affair. Tina and Mitch Laurence hatched a murder plot to kill Clint and frame Viki so Tina could seize the family fortune. Mitch mistook Harry for Clint and Harry was the one who ended up dead. Tina went from wanting to kill Clint to wanting to sleep with him. She tried a faux pregnancy but that didn't work. Viki and Clint divorced during all the mayhem. But Clint was still desperate to get his woman back. He set up a faux romp in the sack with Tina. When Viki saw that even though Niki's eyeballs, Viki pushed Niki out the way and took control again!  Viki said heck no! Clint should have done that in the first place! LOL.

The next steps along their journey were, Clint and Viki remarried, Viki got pregnant and they had Jessica. Also around that time, Clint found out he had a grown son, Cord Roberts. Baby Jessica was kidnapped. Viki blacked out and woke up with selected amnesia and couldn't remember the last eight years of her life. She didn't remember Clint but remembered Joe. She fell for her late husband Joe's twin brother, Tom. Viki was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She underwent surgery and visited heaven and her loved ones including Joe encouraged her to return to earth and Clint. Only in daytime. I'd like to think once I get to heaven I never want to come back here. She recovered and remembered Clint and their love for one another.

Clint was shot in the head while rescuing Viki and Tina from Jamie Sanders, an old foe of Tina's. He lost his eyesight and went horseback riding (while he was blind?) He was thrown from his horse and woke up in 1888. What's a hundred years in soapland? You know you have reached the elite status in coupledom in daytime when you travel together through time. Viki followed and found Clint in the past. They had a few adventures of course and then made it back home to the present.

The present would be more taxing than the past. Viki was elected mayor then suffered a stroke. Clint had, survived and recuperated from a risky surgery to remove bullets fragments that had shifted. Viki remembered she gave birth during high school to a baby girl.  Viki and her daughter, Megan Gordon, became very close. Megan was diagnosed with lupus and died. Clint would grieve his believed to be dead son Cord. It was a lot of stress on the marriage. All that plus Viki started getting close to the family biographer, Sloan Carpenter. The marriage was splitting but Clint held on because he didn't want a divorce. However, after Dorian Lord, Viki's rival literally put Viki and Sloan in his face he gave up. Viki and Clint divorced. Their 15 years together ended.

Even after the divorce, Clint and Viki remained in each other's lives. Clint helped her through her latest split personality bout and when she found out she killed her father. They got closer and it seemed a reconciliation was on the horizon. Clint proposed to Viki. She declined. She changed her mind. But Clint had a knee jerk reaction to Viki's rejection and ran off and married Lindsay Rappaport. It was a short marriage and when it ended Clint moved to London.

Clint came to Llanview to visit; to attend his father's wedding, for the birth of Jessica's first child, during the who the baby daddy storylines of Natalie Buchanan and Jessica and to help Viki through her heart transplant. Clint returned to Llanview full time about five years after he moved to London. Even though both Clint and Viki had other significant relationships/spouses they were still there for each other and for their family whenever they needed to be. For example, during another split personality crisis, it was Clint who was able to bring Viki back when it looked like Niki would take over for good. They were there to comfort each other when they learned that Jessica's alternate personality (Tess) was there because of the numerous times when she was a child, Jessica was used in child pornography. They also tracked down Natalie and Jared when Tess' kidnapped Natalie and then they found a pregnant Tess turned Jessica in labor.

It was so good and "mature" of Viki and Clint that they were always there for each other and their family. But um....a double wedding to other people? Guess if it worked for them. I'm not that good or mature. LOL. Viki/Charlie Banks and Clint/Nora Buchanan were married in a double wedding.  Clint and Viki's relationship remained "mature". Clint and Viki were also heavily in each other's orbit when Clint found out he had a son, Rex, with Echo DiSavoy and when Clint needed and had a heart transplant.

Viki and Clint spent many years apart.  Things started changing in 2011. Clint was the one that time on his way to the slammer and it was for far more than not revealing a source. After Clint's father, Asa's, death in 2007, Clint began acting more like his daddy. He was lying, cheating and exacting revenge on those he believed to be his enemies. Clint was orchestrating kidnappings, had David Vickers thrown in a foreign jail and altered paternity tests, among other crimes.  Clint was to serve 20 years but his family and physician argued Clint's health wasn't good. The judge was lenient and told Clint he could stay confined to his house. There was only one problem. Clint didn't have a house anymore because his son stole it. Viki opened her home to Clint and told him and the judge Clint could stay at her house, Llanfair.

Clint and Viki were on the road to getting back together. It wouldn't be easy. It never is. Kimberly Andrews (Clint's ex) returned and wanted Clint back but by that time he knew for sure, there was only one woman for him, Viki. Then Llanview had a massive power failure and the town was full of inmates who escaped from prison. Mitch escaped and held a gun on Natalie and knocked Clint out at Llanfair and Mitch took Natalie. Mitch wanted Clint and Viki to hand over Jessica in exchange for Natalie. Jessica went with John Bain where Mitch was holding Natalie.

At Llanfair Clint and Viki were confronted by another escaped convict, Allison Perkins. She was there talking about something about Oprah and was armed with a gun. It was hard for them to follow what she was saying at first. A shot was fired but thankfully Alison just wanted their attention and struck a nearby vase. She told them that she kidnapped Natalie at birth and replaced her with Jessica. She had to tell Mitch what he wanted to hear. He would have killed her if he knew the truth that she had faked the DNA test to show Mitch as Jessica's father and that Natalie and Jessica were Clint's daughters! Why didn't they just believe her? When they were skeptical Allison got miffed and shot Viki. And Clint collapsed!

Clint took another unconscious trip. He didn't go to 1888 he went somewhere between Heaven and Hell. He had a choice to make. Clint picked the door where Viki and Megan were. Megan sent them back to Earth. They had a DNA test and it was true Natalie and Jessica were Clint's daughter. In the television finale, Clint got on one knee and proposed to Viki.

*Online version Viki accepted Clint's marriage proposal.

Thirty years. WOW. Clint and Viki; time travel, trips to heaven and hell, medical crisis and other people. You know in 30 years on a soap there were lots and lots and lots of others; Sloan Carpenter, Charlie Banks, Ben Davidson, Dorian Lord, Nora Buchanan, Echo DiSavoy, etc. What we loved about their story was their bond remained strong at its core no matter what or who happened. In the end, it took Clint to almost go to hell literally, for him to be where he belonged, with Victoria Lord.

The End.

I AM KP Smith



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Soap Opera News: Couples of the Past: One Life to Live's Viki and Clint!
Couples of the Past: One Life to Live's Viki and Clint!
Remembering the great love story of One Life to Live's Viki and Clint? Do you remember it all? Check it out here---->>>
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