Performer of the Week: Days of Our Lives' Laura Kai Chen!

Laura Kai Chen (Melinda, Days of Our Lives) is the performer of the week and B&B's Heather Tom (Katie) gets the honorary mention. Learn more here--->>

What's up Fam?!

Port Charles started the week with a memorial and ended it with the start of the Nurse's Ball. Everything was coming up Adam in Genoa City. We saw new sides of Melinda and a not so new side but kind of a new side of Nic. Yeah, we are still figuring it out. And in L.A. Katie took charge!

Recaps and Winners below;

General Hospital

Ned and Olivia carried out Oscar's wishes and had a memorial for him. Those closest to him attended and some spoke about him. One of Oscar's dying wishes was for Daddy Drew and Uncle Jason to build a tree house together. How we wish Oscar's dying wish would have been for a Dream vs Jasam long overdue triangle. Anyway, Oscar's family and friends threw/planted seeds to grow a sea of flowers in remembrance of him. And there is a stump there now named Oscar's Meadow. The embargo was lifted and Dream actually shared a scene together. Drew and Kim will travel to Kilimanjaro and spread Oscar's ashes there fulfilling a dream of his to visit. Julian ran upon Kevin and Ava in the middle of a rehearsed kiss and was enraged that Kevin and Ava were seeing each other. He punched Kevin and Ava sent her brother to a holding cell overnight to stick the screws a little deeper to Ryan in the hopes for him to come out from wherever he is. Alexis got Julian out of jail. Hmm. Paxie gave into their feelings and desires and made love for the first time in Canada. Willow was fired. There was a meeting at school (parents, Willow, principal) regarding Willow putting a book in the school's library that featured gay parents. It was probably a combination of her problems with Valentin/Nina over the school year and this that caused Willow to get the ax.

Robert lost Anna's engagement ring. Mike took it. Robert tried to pass a faux engagement ring to Finn that didn't pass the smell test. Anna saw the ring and assumed Robert was going to propose to her. Then she told Robert, Felicia and Mack she has sworn off marriage, period. Her and Finn are good the way they are now. Will she feel differently when she knows it is Finn who wants to propose? Mike proposed to a married Yvonne with Finn's ring. Molly pitched an idea to Peter to write an exposé on DOD and Shiloh. Sam was determined to proceed with trying to get the goods on Shiloh no matter how far she has to go. Jason and Spinelli are worried how things might shake out but they will be nearby recording it all if/when Sam needs them. Curtis and Laura's investigation turned seriously deadly. They found April dead. Then Curtis and Laura were both attacked (by someone the audience didn't see), tied up and barely escaped April's house, filled with gas, that exploded. Ryan. Ryan. Ryan. When we gonna see his face?

The Nurse's Ball kicked off on Friday hosted by Nina and Sydney Val Jean, Crimson Magazine's New York Fashion Editor, (Chandra Wilson guest star) with Maxie live tweeting. Red Carpet walkers were; Lucy, Kevin, Ava, Scott, Liz, Franco, Sasha, Michael, Valentin, Willow, Chase, Epiphany, Amy, Deanna, Felix, Peter, Lulu, Valentin,Carly, Sonny, Jax, Sam, Shiloh, Anna, Finn, Robert, Mac and Felicia. Everyone looked soooo good

Young and the Restless 

Jack confronted Phyllis about her trying to obtain info on Jabot without implicating Summer. But Phyllis ain't no dummy and ran over to Nick's to lay into Summer for turning on her. Jack ain't no dummy either and so now he's creating his own Jabot accessory line. No way Phyllis will back down. The war will continue. Kola was making plans to move in together. Did I miss the Skyle divorce? Mia, Rey and Arturo had some very intense moments but it was also a cleansing heart to heart talk, all admitting their own faults in all that had transpired between them. It ended with them promising to always be family and to be there for the baby. Maury Povich and the DNA results named Arturo the baby daddy. Paul agreed not to press charges aganist Mia or Rey. So, Mia and Arturo were making plans to move back home to Miami. 

Cane dropped by the Abbott mansion to give Traci some ideas for her book. But Traci had some ideas of her own. She was visualizing Cane naked. Villy are engaged. Isn't that kind of soon? Adam made his rounds and "remet" most of his family. Billy and Nick weren't totally buying the amnesia. Nick told Adam he was giving him the benefit of the doubt. But he wasn't going to let him hurt his family. Victoria said memory or no memory Adam is still a master manipulator. And she was sure there is more to all this that meets the eye including from Victor.  Victor took care of Adam's criminal charges. But TGVN knows Adam has a lot of him in him. He is having Adam followed. Adam had a lot of cash and texted someone that he was in GC and all was going to plan.

Victor just showed up at Nick's to introduce Adam to his son. Both Adam and Nick pushed back on that idea. Nick had old texts from Chelsea. Hmm. He never deleted them? Then Adam assumed Victor left a picture of Delia for him to find. Billy detailed Delia's tragic death and the aftermath to Adam and Adam's responsibility in her death. Adam was mad at Victor and accused him of trying to control him and play games. He told Victor he was leaving GC. But he was shot before he could leave. 

Days of Our of Lives

Jack is Mayor-Elect of Salem. JJ gave him a punch, an I hate you and an I'm done with you as a congratulation. Jack fired Hope and Ted quit because he did. Hope served Rafe with divorce papers. The eye spy DNA light bulb finally went off in Tripp's head. He figured out that Claire had been the one helping Jeve. It was Claire who was also to blame for Haley making that confession. Claire tried to spin it. But she's just a "Sami, Jr." in process. In her spin she spun herself right into busting herself. Tripp was livid and lashed out at Claire. Surprisingly, it was Ciara that showed Claire understanding. She told her niece she was just impulsive. Mkay Ciara keeps that same energy when....At the police station, a tearful Melinda told Haley, (in a room full of people) that she wasn't her sister she was her mom. Dun-Dun-Duuuuuuun!! JJ couldn't bear the thought of Haley being deported to China. Jaley is on the run. Melinda was ready to be a real mom and help her daughter and bust a cap in Jeve. But Jennifer talked her down.

Lani lied to Ciara's face. She was determined to still keep lil David away from Uncle Ben. #Cin found out what Lani was doing. Nic went in; Eric, Sarah, Chloe. Nobody was safe. None of them had protected Holly. All of them left her as kidnapper prey. She stared at Stefano's picture and is getting closer to Brady. Hmm. What is going on? Whatever is going on Nicole and Xander are in on it together. The partners schemed to get Xander a job, a place to stay and Nicole a divorce from Xander all the time Brady thinking he was the one pulling the strings. "Nander" celebrated the success of their plan. We loved Nic's smirk to close out the week.

Bold and the Beautiful

Katie pulled her Logan card. She told Shauna, since we fam, I need you to help me out. I need to set up Bill and make sure he won't step out on me, if we get married again. You are a momma, Shauna. You understand that I have to protect my son. Brooke protested but Shauna was on board. Anything for family. While Brooke waited for the results from Katie's master plan, she told everybody who walked in the door about Katie's plan. Shauna gave it everything she had and then some to seduce a shirtless Bill while Katie listened in. But Bill held strong. He loved Katie. He wanted Katie and his family back. Thanks but no thanks. Batie had a sweet reunion. And Bill wasn't mad about Katie's master plan. He was sort of impressed. Batie is getting remarried! Will has his family back! Congrats Batie STANS!

Thomas continued to pimp his own son to lay it on Hope that he wants her to be his NuMommy. Quinn and Eric invited Shauna and Flo to move into the Forrester mansion. Now they are living there. Zoe was all up in Flo's face again. Wait, now you are living here and going to date Wyatt? Are you crazy? You can't keep messing with my life like this. You think you can be all involved in these people's lives and keep the secret about Beth. Oh boy, they dropped the "B" word. Hope was at the front door, heard it and sprinted to the other side of the room to ask them what they meant. Cliffhanger. 

Our Performers of the Week!

Our Performer of the Week is Laura Kai Chen! (Melinda, Days of Our Lives)
Imagine.....a young girl (in China) who finds out she is pregnant. She is petrified. Her father tells her she has brought shame and dishonor on her and her family. He threatens to disown her. Her mom's heart is breaking and tells everyone that she is pregnant. The young girl stays away until she gives birth. Her mom takes the baby as her own to raise and the young girl is sent to a foreign land (USA) to live. Years later your daughter, who still thinks she is your sister, shows up at your door. You are shocked. What do you do? She keeps the secret. Now your daughter is being deported back to China. And you tell her the truth about her maternity right before she is set to leave. Imagine the shame, regret, pain, disappointment and the sense of failing your daughter. Melinda transparent, vulnerable and her eyes pleading for understanding; took us in. Melinda under Laura's artful direction peeled back layer after layer. She allowed her "cool" mask and exterior to be shattered. She was bare, exposed and unlike any Melinda we had ever seen. We were able to take a closer and deeper look at the person behind the usually reserved and prickly exterior. We applaud Laura's ability to take us in bit by bit into the mind of an innocent young girl's life forever changed and the broken woman who stood before us encumbered with regret. Her regret then spun into a thirst for revenge. Did you all see the look in Melinda's eyes? She might have really taken Jeve out if Jennifer hadn't stopped her! Prickly, vulnerable and vengeful; that's a character we can totally get behind! Laura thank you so much for introducing us to this new side of Melinda! We can't wait to learn more! Awesome, Awesome, Laura!

Our Honorable Mention this week is Heather Tom! (Katie, Bold and the Beautiful)
Trust is fragile and once broken can be almost impossible to restore. But for those willing to do the work it is only...almost impossible. But who wants to do all that work? Katie said let's skip all that. Let's just cut to the chase. The opportune word being chase. She told Shauna you need to pull out all the stops and give Bill an offer he can't (but I'm hoping he will) refuse. We waited with bated breath with Katie. I mean this is Dollar Bill.....Bill passed the test! Tears streamed down Katie's face as she heard Bill declare his love and commitment to her and Will. Batie shared their own tender and tearful reunion. And then an even sweeter one with Will. Heather gave us the I'm taking control Katie. But when things got a little on the hot side with Shauna and Bill; Heather showed us the crack in Katie's countenance. Then she showed us Katie's relief and joy that Bill loved and wanted their marriage and family just as much as Katie did. Whether you ship Batie or not Heather/Katie tugged at your soap heartstrings. Gunshy looking for reassurance, "schemer", overjoyed, relieved, a woman taking charge; Katie was all that. Katie like Heather Tom is a B-O-S-S! Heather Tom always going in and gave us what we have come to expect from her. Hail Queen, Heather!

I AM KP Smith



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Soap Opera News: Performer of the Week: Days of Our Lives' Laura Kai Chen!
Performer of the Week: Days of Our Lives' Laura Kai Chen!
Laura Kai Chen (Melinda, Days of Our Lives) is the performer of the week and B&B's Heather Tom (Katie) gets the honorary mention. Learn more here--->>
Soap Opera News
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