Performer of the Week: General Hospital's Maura West!

The performer of the week is Maura West (Ava, General Hospital) and the honorary mention goes more here--->>

Hey family!

We had a couple of character returns, The Nurse's Ball, the prodigal son's memory returned and a "face-off".

Recaps and winners below;

The Bold and the Beautiful

The week was monopolized by Hope ending her marriage. She's gone from "doing what's best for the girls" to "doing what's best for the kids" (Douglas is included now). Thomas set it up so he would open the box of Caroline's things with the faux letter in it. After reading Caroline's faux letter (that said she knew if she was no longer among the living there was a woman somewhere out there who could be a mother to Douglas) and helping Douglas when he couldn't sleep; Hope knew that it was time to end her marriage.  According to Hope, it was as if Caroline knew she would pass on and that Hope would lose Beth. It was a sign from the great beyond. She told Liam there were bigger forces at play and he needed to accept it. He belonged with the girls and she belonged with Douglas. The kids deserved the best. Her mind was made up. Liam begrudgingly agreed to accept her wishes and asked for one last night to remember when. Steffy returned home. Liam brought her up to speed of what was going on with Hope and Thomas. Hope also dropped by and told Steffy Liam was hers if she wanted him. Wyatt and Ridge also seemed to be slowly but surely buying into this family swapping theory. Brooke was the only person, who like us, thought this is kind of out there. Will Brooke continue to be like the cheese and stand-alone or will she eventually start drinking the kool-aid too?

Zoe and Flo managed to wiggle out of Hope hearing them discussing Beth. Zoe was still pushing for Flo and Shauna to head back to the strip. Shauna was still like Wyatt told Sally it was really over between them because him and "honest Flo" was going to give it another shot. Shauna and Quinn were all teeth that their kids are going for round 2 while they gushed over Shauna and Flo living in the Forrester mansion. The fall is going to be a big one when it finally happens.

General Hospital

The Nurse's Ball kicked into high gear. We were treated with performances by the GH Nurse core, Dr. O & Franco, Chase/Willow, Cam, Ava, Valentin, Ned/Olivia and Joss. Cam brought Joss a video of Oscar asking her to perform at the Nurse's Ball even if he had gone to soap glory. It took a little time. But she found the strength to perform. The mystery of Anna's engagement ring was solved. Finn got the real deal, Mike got the knock-off and everyone was happy. Finn proposed and Anna accepted! Congrats Fanna STANS. Hope y'all can survive Hayden and Jr's return. Nina was listening to Willow's conversation and confronted her about having a child which is none of her business. But Willow shouldn't have been talking all out in the open either. Anyway, Shiloh overheard them talking about Willow's baby. Shiloh went a lil ballistic. He grabbed and squeezed Willow's face until she told him, Yes!, she was pregnant. She tried the miscarriage story but yeah you can't con a con. Michael came to her rescue. Good luck y'all. Shiloh is just getting started. It didn't take Lucas long to figure out that Willow believes Wiley is her son. And that if Shiloh didn't give up his parental rights he may have a claim to Wiley. Brad ran to Julian and told him things were unraveling at a rapid rate. Can Julian please go back to his old ways and take Shiloh out? Please?

Sam went ahead with her plan. She took the drugged drink and let Shiloh put his "mark" on her. Shiloh took Sam to the Lighthouse and Sason was too late to rescue Sam at the DOD house. Shiloh was ready to complete Sam's initiation. He was very excitedly undressing saying that he and Sam were meant to be together. He was unbuckling his pants when Jason came in and saved Sam. Jason threw Shiloh down the steps. Sam was shaken by the experience. Curtis spread the word out about what happened with him and Laura and that Ryan was indeed alive and headed to Port Charles. Kevin and Scotty didn't find out in enough time. Scotty was knocked out by Ryan. And Ryan had Kevin literally hanging from the rafters. Both would be okay. Jordan poor thing went into V-tach when she found out Ryan was alive and on his way back. It made her already tenuous medical condition even more so. Curtis implored for Laura to call off the shoot to kill order and bring Ryan in alive so Jordan could get his kidney. Ava was way ahead of all of them and had lured her prey into her trap. She played Ryan like a fiddle. She fired a couple of warning shots just for the fun of it and assured him his death would be slow and painful. Curtis and the PCPD found them and talked Ava down for Jordan's sake. Ryan should have sat there and "ate his food" and been grateful he got a reprieve. But he had to tell Ava he knew she couldn't kill him because she loved him. Well, Ava tried to love him to death and stabbed him.

Days of Our Lives 

Eli and Hope followed a lead to find Jaley. But Tripp got there first and helped them. Eli and Hope didn't buy Tripp's story that he didn't know where Jaley was. Hope and Eli were about to arrest him when Hope was officially relieved of her duties and didn't have authority to bring him in. Eli gave Tripp a pass. Jaley is hanging out at the Horton cabin until they can get to Canada. Jack offered the Commish job to Rafe but he declined. Eve saw Ben and attacked him. Oh, Ben, you should have taken a different route. Jeve declared they are in charge. They are the law now. Jack made Eve Commish. An "I've had just about enough of this stuff" Jennifer vowed to bring them down. Rex caught Xander red-handed with Holly's autopsy and Eric and Sarah in a tense moment and didn't figure either out. So, we aren't expecting much that he will look back in his notes (when he was Dr. Rolf's mentee) to try and find something to help Will. Thank goodness John committed to finding the diary to help. Xander made it known to Sarah...anytime any place...he is ready, willing and able.

Firestarter went in on Eve and threatened her. Eve looked a bit taken aback, pot meet kettle. She was about to burn Tripp's clothes when Ben walked in. She talked her way out of it. But Ben knows a fire starter when he sees one. He was suspicious. Kate and Gabi kissed and made up. Gabi solicited Kate's help to have Chloe find Gabi and Stefan in bed. What was in it for Kate? Sticking it to Chloe is always a good enough reason for her. Stefan tried to talk to Chloe. Really Stefan? She caught you in the sack with Gabi. She told Stefan to stay out her life. Kate also saw "not Nic" being chummy with Xander and told Victor. Maggie had a rough week. Between Holly's "death" and her being sure Kate is after her husband, she couldn't resist the urge any longer. She had more than a sip. Maggie drank to the point of passing out where Brady found her. 

We will work from backward to forward. It was revealed that Nicole is Kristen in a mask. Eric kissed Sarah then apologized and told her he couldn't give up on Nicole. Eric being smarter than Rex, didn't buy Xander trying to help Victor by getting the autopsy. Eric asked a key question. What is in it for Xander for him to want Holly's autopsy report? Ari has rocked playing Kristen playing Nicole. It has been so much fun; Not Nicole and Xander's banter, the play on words, Not Nicole mocking Eric, Ari doing the Kristen laugh, Not Nicole going off on Eric at Holly's memorial and Not Nicole screaming into the pillow frustrated when Brady rebuffed her advances. Kristen told Xander the entire plan was about Brady and nothing but Brady. WOW. Brady hooked Kristen and she never broke free. LOL.

The Young and the Restless

Mia and Arturo left Genoa City and went back home to Miami. We had a Faith sighting. Rey filed for divorce. Rey moved in with Sharon and Kola moved into Rey and Mia's old place. Skyle completed their break-up and broke-up at Jabot too. Lauren tried to set Jack up. But Jack said he was taking a break from women right now. Jett is leaving to go on tour. Elena is staying in GC. Tessa wasn't feeling Ana's ideas for her new look or sound. Ana said I'm the boss take it or leave it; Tessa left it. Abby asked Nate out for a friends only dinner. Cane started his job rehabilitating prisoners. Trane was having a nice moment when Traci had another daydream. This time Cane was clothed but kissing her. Traci got all flustered and had to run home. Dina keeps getting worse. She didn't know who she was or where she was. She was agitated, disorientated and aggressive. Traci and Jack realized Dina had reached the point where she needs more care than they can provide. She needed to be put in a facility that could provide that care. Dina heard Traci and Jack talking about it.

Sharon heard a gunshot and found Adam bleeding from a gunshot wound. Poof! Magic! After Adam was shot, he got his memory back. He knew who shot him and asked his phone pal to find him a patsy. Paul was skeptical about every word that came out of Adam's mouth which made sense because every word that came out of his mouth was a lie. Welcome back, Adam. LOL. Adam and Jack had a hospital bedside reunion.  Adam was hot and cold with Sharon just like old times. The Newman chess board is in full effect. Everyone planning and playing mind games. All of them trying to outmaneuver the other one. Everyone with their own agenda and their own secrets. Victor vs Adam. Adam vs. Nick/Victoria. Victor vs. Nick. With Billy, Abby and Nikki standing by watching it all unfold with us. Who will be able to say checkmate first? Adam texted his phone pal and said he was staying in GC. But then he called a Newman sibling meeting (minus Abby of course) and gave them three demands to meet and he would leave GC for good. He told them that Victor wanted him to work at Newman Enterprises. And that Victor didn't value you, Victoria or you, Nick. But if I can get five hundred million in cash, the whereabouts of Chelsea/Connor and my son Christian; I'll be on my merry little way and you all can be daddy's favorites and heir apparent's again. He's back....

Performers of the Week!

Our Performer of the Week is Maura West (Ava, General Hospital)! Ever since Ava realized that she, the mobster Queen of PC, had been "duped" by serial psycho killer Ryan, she has lived and breathed exacting revenge (and us as well) for her daughter's death. Everyday we waited with bated breath for that day. The day Ava and Ryan would meet face to face again. It came and it was glorious. Ava with surgeon-like precision drew Ryan in and rendered the psycho killer powerless to resist her charms. Ava knew Ryan wanted, needed to believe that Ava still loved him. She played him like a fiddle. Put the knife down so you can hold me. Your brother was only a substitute for you. You heard that song I sang at the Nurse's Ball? I sang it for you. Ryan tested to see if she was for real and Ava passed each test with flying colors. And only then when she knew for sure he was vulnerable, did she turn on him and go in for the kill. Did you honestly think I would still want you? I've been planning for months for this moment, for justice. Oh, Ryan are you scared? Good. This is how your victims felt. Your brother is so much smarter than you. He knew exactly how to set you up. We loved Ava's warning shots just for the heck of it. Maura and Jon are FIYAH on screen. Their coy cat and mouse is soapgasmic! Maura was Maura synonymous for everything. Her steely and haunting eyes, the single tear, the death stare, her coyness, and the inflection in her voice; Maura is always always always at the top of her game. Yet still manages to always go higher in culminating scenes such as these. All we can do is fall at the feet of the soap gawds in gratitude for blessing us with the legendary Maura West. We are so not worthy but so very grateful! Thank you Maura for gracing us with your greatness!
Honorable Mention Marla Adams (Dina, The Young & The Restless)! Dina has been suffering with Alzheimer's and her condition is deteriorating daily. This might have been the worse we have seen her. Dina was all out of sorts and didn't know who she was or where she was. Dina was frazzled, frightened, disorientated, frustrated and all out of sorts as anyone would be in that situation. We broke when a despondent Dina curled up on the sofa clutching on a pillow for dear life. Dina's interactions with Traci and Jack were realistic and raw. This is a situation/experience that so many families and individuals have had to or will face.  Marla has been exceptional throughout. Marla played each beat perfectly. Her mannerisms, expressions and demeanor emoted Dina's emotions. And Marla is giving us a programmatic poignant portrayal! Marla, applause, applause, applause!!

I AM KP Smith




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Soap Opera News: Performer of the Week: General Hospital's Maura West!
Performer of the Week: General Hospital's Maura West!
The performer of the week is Maura West (Ava, General Hospital) and the honorary mention goes more here--->>
Soap Opera News
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