Performer of the Week: Days of Our Lives' Sal Stowers!

Sal Stowers Lani, (Days of our Lives) is the Performer of the Week and Days' Olivia Keegan (Claire) gets the honorary mention. Read more here--->>>


We hope all of the Father's had a wonderful Father's Day!

Bold spinning us around and going no-where is making us dizzy. Thank you soap gawds Days' lull came to an end and it is good again. General Hospital needs a jolt, stat. Y&R is good again but scale back on the same characters daily, please.

Bold and the Beautiful

Another week in L.A. another week about Beth, Phoebe, Liam, Steam, Flo, etc. We are impatiently waiting for Bold to give us anyone else to watch. Bill? Maya? Katie? Donna? Eric? Quinn? Justin? Do any of these names ring a bell to TPTB at Bold? Moving on. There was a lot of back and forth and a lot of conversations but for the most part, we ended the week pretty much where we started. Zoe, don't tell. Xander, tell. Flo, it changes. For some ungawdly reason, Flo felt the need to spill everything to Thomas, whom she barely knows. Thomas was in disbelief and denial that Beth was alive and was Phoebe being raised by his sister. He marched out of Eric's house (Where is Eric again?) all set to tell Steffy the truth. To tell Steffy something that would change her life forever. And what was that? Nothing. He saw Steam's little happy family and decided he was with Zoe, don't tell. He threatened The Three Musketeers that they had better keep their mouths shut or else. Xander put some bass in his voice and told Thomas you have nothing to threaten me with. Thomas told him well, I hope you like Zoe in orange because I will make sure she's in that color for a long time. Xander took the bass out of his voice. And the Three Amigos agreed to keep their mouths closed. 

Liam moved in with his ex-wife and the girls (he's staying in the guest room) like his other ex-wife, Hope wanted. He seemed right at home. Hope was happy when she heard Liam had moved in and she called to assure him he had done the right thing. She even asked him to send pics of the girls. You can not make this up. And how we wished Bold hadn't either. Anyway, Liam is suspicious of Thomas with Hope so maybe he has an ounce of daddy Bill's DNA after all. Wyatt? Still none. He heard The Three Degrees talking about Beth/Phoebe yet didn't overhear anything significant. Hope gave Thomas an opening that she was open to more than just playing mommy to Douglas and Thomas kissed her. But didn't she just tell him, was it last week, not to have any expectations? Brooke witnessed an embrace of Thope. Brooke's spidey senses are up regarding her stepson maybe she will bust this thing. Just somebody, please, soon. Xander spoke the soap gospel when he said Thomas was obsessed with Hope. Thomas deleted Beth's picture from Hope's phone when she wasn't looking with a crazed look in his eye. 

Days of Our Lives

Sonny, Jennifer, Kayla, Maggie believe Eve had or knew where Dr. Rolf's diary was, that could possibly save Will's life. Mr. Xander, "I'm not giving up this diary under any circumstances", did. What love can do to a man? Yes, even a man as um.....ethically challenged as Xander. Xarah is hot hot hot inferno hot. Their banter was foreplay like. We have all eyes and ears on these two. Praise soap jesus Kayla and the medical team has the diary and are working around the clock to save Will. Also, praise soap jesus that somebody finally called Lucas and Sami. They are on their way home! Will popped the question. Wilson is getting married!  By the time Ben arrived at the Horton cabin, it was fully ablaze. Tripp and Haley tried to escape but the flames were at the front door. Haley hit her head and passed out. The smoke engulfed Tripp. Eli showed up and arrested Ben assuming he had set the fire and saved Tripp and Haley. Haley had to go to the hospital. When she recovered, things were set to send her back to China. Her and JJ said good-bye (again). Melinda came and told Haley she was going to do all that she could to expedite her visa. But it could still take years but she was going back to China and would fight with her to be able to return one day.

At the police station, Ciara had to come to grips with reality, Claire had set both fires. She was ready to go at her. Ben told Ciara they had to play things smart. They had to make Claire feel comfortable, relaxed and safe enough to slip up. So, Ciara will faux believe Ben started the fire. Lani was ready to mix her, baby David and Rafe for an insta family until she realized that Eli had been right all along about her attachment to David. Stefan offered a position to Abe at DiMera. Xander and Kristen suggested Stefano DiMera maybe alive. Hmmmm. Kristen is going to preserve her father's legacy. She's going to take DE from Stefan herself. She put on her "face" and NotNicole showed up at the DiMera mansion. She got Stefan to agree to resurrect Basic Black and putting her in charge. We witnessed the beginning of Kristen vs. Gabi that should be good. Hope told Ted she wasn't "fast" she moved slow. He figured he'd speed things up by playing the hero letting the world know Holly was alive. He successfully stole the proof, the autopsy report and hunted NotNicole down to share the miraculous news with her. NotNicole knocked the soap heck out of him with a fire poker. LOL.

General Hospital

Shiloh is a free man because Harmony took one for the DOD team. He spent the week hunting down proof, that he found, that Willow gave birth to his son. He served Willow with papers to appear in court. Margaux was still in Port Charles. She gave Jason a tip that someone in DOD in Beacher's Corners had a drug overdose and a member had taken the wrap. She told Jason if he wanted to bring Shiloh down that he needed to find out what happened. Jason would have preferred just taking Shiloh out. But Sonny told him to stand down because Kristina didn't want Shiloh's blood on her hands. Julian desperate to keep Wiley's real paternity a secret is ready to take Shiloh out himself. Somebody remembered Julian was in the mob. Praise Gawd.

Ryan woke up in prison and in pain. It didn't take long after Finn told Ryan he had kidney surgery, for him to ascertain his kidney had been stolen for Jordan. In a series of flashbacks, it was revealed to the audience how Operation Steal Ryan's Kidney unfolded. Jordan had figured it out. Well, she is the Commish. Kevin, Laura, Finn, Liz, Franco, Valerie and the ring leader Curtis all participated. Nelle was back on the screen. She and Ryan, the two members of the stolen kidney club, were brought together by fate, according to Ryan. During their bonding time, they realized they had a mutual enemy, Carly. Brad stopped by and brought Nelle up to speed about what was going on with Shiloh. Nelle told Brad she might be getting out early for good behavior and she would have an interest in being a part of her son's life. Oh boy. Something may be wrong with Carly and Sonny's baby. Harmony and Nelle are jail mates. Kim fell ill and became disoriented after climbing Kilimanjaro. She started seeing dead people, Oscar. Maybe Joss should have tagged along because she's looking up seance's so she can see dead people, Oscar. Jax and Carly teamed up to try and play Jedi mind tricks on Ava so she will change her mind and do the cover of Crimson. We are unsure how a woman who got away with cold-blooded murder, is going to be fazed about how she comes across in a magazine spread. But we are going with it.

The Young and the Restless

After Summer saw Phyllis' keys, toiletries, clothes and suitcase she correctly determined something was amiss. Phyllis was missing. Adam and Kevin met up a couple of times. The first time Kevin told Adam he was looking for a trade, Chloe for Phyllis. Adam was like um, why would I care you have Phyllis? Kevin was like that's your woman right? Adam laughed at Kevin. You sure read that wrong. Bye, Kevin. At first, Adam denied having Chloe. But at their next meeting, he admitted he had Chloe. In Adam's words, "she shot me." He smugly informed Kevin that he had owned him and that Kevin was going to do exactly what he was told. We hope Kevin is just playing along. We were hoping for the edgy arsonist Kevin. At the end of the week, a suspicious Michael followed Kevin and both were very surprised to see that the person being held there (Phyllis) had escaped!

Victoria and Nick had it out. Adam told Nick it was Victoria who had given him the money to buy Dark Horse's debts. Victoria didn't know what Adam was going to do with the money. But she basically told Nick better Dark Horse than Newman Enterprises because that was hersNick unsuccessfully tried to raise funds to buy back Dark Horse from Adam. After Nick exhausted all of his options, he was forced to swallow his pride and ask Victor. The scenes between Victor and Nick were stellar and birthed from years of character and storyline history. Well done. The Newman heirs were brought into the Oval Office and informed that Victor was ill with a rare, possibly life-threatening, blood disease. Victoria offered to step in and take the reigns. But Victor offered the reigns to Adam, who in Victor's words, "is the only one qualified." Wow. Abby told her big sister get out now while you can. Save yourself.  Adam told Sharon there are still unresolved feelings between them. Is he playing mind tricks on her? We think so and so does Rey. Sharon insisted she's not that gullible, insecure Sharon anymore. And she sees Adam for who he is and will not be manipulated by him. Sharon told Rey he has nothing to worry about. Hmm. We will see. Devon paid off Elena's student loans and Elena was not happy at all. There was a very constructive discussion on Social Media about this with valid points. Was it an invasion of privacy? A means of control? Devon doing what Neil asked him to do, "pay it forward". A rich man just doing what sometimes rich men do; giving generously to those they care about? Everyone has and is entitled to their opinion. Mine is simply, anybody who wants to come to pay off any of my debts, feel free. Kyle proposed a second time this time on one knee with a ring. Congrats Kola STANS!

Performers of the Week!
Both of our Performers of the week are from Salem and both had that "Aha" moment.

Performer of the Week is Sal Stowers! (Lani, Days of Our Lives) One of our favorite things in the entire soap world happened last week. It fills our soap heart with joy when actor/actresses we know can bring it, are given the material to show their stuff. Days gave it to Sal and she brought it. Ever since baby David came to Salem, we all (audience, Eli, Abe, etc) were concerned about Lani. We were worried she might develop an unhealthy attachment to baby David. Lani took a leave of absence from work, she moved in with Rafe and she and Eli were having problems. It was clear what we feared would happen was happening. But it wasn't so clear to Lani or Rafe. A single Lani figured this was her chance for her insta family. Her kissing Rafe made him see what had been going on right under his nose. Lani told Rafe they could raise David and be a family to Rafe's astonishment. He gently but firmly "pushed" Lani to see the truth. Lani pushed right back. David needs me to comfort him...His love for me is real and mine for him. I have so much love to give my little boy. Lani heard those words. And her "Aha" moment crashed in on her. In that moment, she saw that she had developed an unhealthy attachment to David. She had let it take over her life and heart. She tried to replace her son with David. Sal took us there. We were right there with Lani, sorrowful, grieving and torn up inside. Sal portrayed beautifully that loss and grief never truly goes away. But it is possible to move on. But we have to be honest with ourselves and others about where we are. Sal conveyed that Lani's pain was still very real and present. And she also embedded the internal strength and fortitude of Lani who was ready to deal with it, face it and began her journey to healing. Sal, poignant, riveting, touching and heartbreakingly good! Thank you, Sal! We never know where people are that are watching. Fiction does have the power to help people heal. It has helped me on many occasions. Sal, yes!

Our Honorable Mention of the Week is Olivia Keegan! (Claire, Days of Our Lives) Claire now had two sets of fire starter tracks to cover. Good thing she has a covering tracks partner, Eve. Can we just say that Olivia and Kassie are dynamic screen partners? Eve confronted Claire. She told Claire the last time we talked, you were supposed to be bringing me the lighter and the next thing I know the Horton cabin is on fire. Claire went on a fury induced rant. Tripp was going to leave me for that little **itch. I fell for all his lies. I saw them hugging and I was so angry. I just wanted to see them burn!! Claire has said a lot of "crazy" stuff, lots. But there was something about her hearing those words out of her mouth and the intensity and fury in which she said them; that caused the "Aha" to finally come. Olivia played Claire's "aha" moment effortlessly and flawlessly. Clearly, the moment had an impact on Claire. It was evident in Olivia's eyes, expression, mouthing of the words and then her vocal acknowledgment; "What's wrong with me?" Something was wrong. We felt with Claire the weight of the epiphany. And this is the thing that we absolutely adore about Claire and where the range of Olivia's acting lends to the complexity and depth of Claire. In the very next scene, Claire pulled it together, was back in scheming mode and gave Eve the final piece, a motive for Ben, to cement their case that Ben set the second fire. Olivia, you rocked it again! We are glued to our screens to see what you and Claire will do next! Bravo, Olivia! Bravo!

I AM KP Smith



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Soap Opera News: Performer of the Week: Days of Our Lives' Sal Stowers!
Performer of the Week: Days of Our Lives' Sal Stowers!
Sal Stowers Lani, (Days of our Lives) is the Performer of the Week and Days' Olivia Keegan (Claire) gets the honorary mention. Read more here--->>>
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