Performer of the Week: The Young and the Restless' Tracey Bregman!

Tracey Bregman (Lauren, The Young and the Restless) is the performer of the week and Days' Suzanne Rogers (Maggie) gets the honorary mention. Learn more here--->>

Greetings Family!

We needed lots of tissues in Genoa City. L.A. had us scratching our heads a bit. In Salem, Maggie and the audience were getting double diva doses. And the DOD storyline came to a less than thrilling climax (we think) in Port Charles. 

Recaps and Winners;

The Young and the Restless

Nick told Adam to put his offer where the sun doesn't shine. He was Christian's father and that was that. Adam was like, yeah we are going to see about that. Threats fired. Victor is sick. Soap prayer circle time. Victoria got in daddy Vic's face because once again he was choosing someone else over her. She told daddy Vic that she is the one who loves Newman not Adam. Victoria said enough of this. I can play just as dirty as the big boys. She went in Nick's phone and got Chelsea's phone number and gave it to Adam. Sharon called Chelsea for Adam (come on Adam we aren't in grade school). Chelsea told Sharon look Adam is the past. I have a new man and Connor has a new father. See ya! Rey told Sharon he took the job at Dark House and part of his job duties is to spy on Adam. It was a "pass the tissues" week. Dina was put in a facility that could better take care of her. Those good-bye scenes were rough. And when Dina looked back one last time. Sniff. Sniff. We will miss you, Marla! Devon, Lily, family and friends gathered for the reading of Neil's will. Neil was more than generous as expected. A couple of things that might not have been expected was Neil left Nate his penthouse and gave Devon his half of Hamilton-Winters with the provision that Devon makes Nate a board member. Devon already taking Neil's advice paid it forward and made Ana co-head of LP. And Laners said good-bye to their ship as Cane signed the divorce papers and Lane had one last good-bye.

Ashley before she left, in good faith, tipped Jack off that there was a company who was trying to get to the market with knockoffs of Jabot Collective before Jabot. Phyllis was able to dupe Jack that she had nothing to do with it but not Lauren. Chile. Chile. Chile. Lauren read Phyllis...a few times. Friday's episode was a love in the afternoon episode. We want to give props to and acknowledge the effort. Devon and Elena shared very nice touching/romantic scenes. But poor Devon he still can't get Hillary out of his head. But she is unforgettable. Nate and Abby had their first date. Adam had a sex fantasy about Sharon. Rey had the real thing. And STOP the presses Teriah had a real love scene! Thank you Y&R! It was about no past time.

The Bold and the Beautiful 

Bridge found themselves on opposite ends of the Lope/Thomas drama. Brooke, "It's my daughter's life at stake. Hope will regret giving up on her marriage. We should be supporting Lope not giving up on them." Ridge,"I don't want to see her in pain. They are just going through the motions. Maybe they need a break. Maybe it's time to move on." Brooke, "You aren't worried about my daughter's life just your own." Bridge maybe in trouble. Thomas kissed Hope. Hope told Thomas he can't have any unrealistic expectations about her. So lemme get this straight. Hope is going to be a momma to Douglas, nothing to Thomas and needs to divorce Liam to do that. Got it. Hope went to Steffy's house and asked her to let Liam move in and for Steffy and Liam to make a home for the girls. Have you ever heard of such? It gives Hope peace and comfort to know her husband would be moving in with Steffy and the girls. Um....What can one say to that? Steffy told Hope I can't force you to stay with Liam but that doesn't mean Steam is gonna get Steamy again if Lope breaks up. Lope had a romantic evening (with flashbacks) before the break-up. What can one say to that?

We had a Maya sighting. Wyatt and "honest" Flo made love. She was upset to learn Hope was ending her marriage. Zoe appeared upset and for the first time in awhile questioned their decision to stay quiet. But not enough to be ready to confess though. LOL. Xander overheard Zoe and Flo. Zoe didn't want to lie to Xander so she told him everything. He was shook (he must not watch soaps). Xander, "We have to tell Hope and Liam Beth is alive." We know someone might not make it out the hot grueling L.A. summer alive. Will Xander's desire to tell Lope the truth be the death of him?

Days of Our Lives 

Will's tumor is growing at an exponential rate so much so that Kayla said he may only have days to live. Hurricane Sami soon come. Rory was arrested for "herbs" by Eli before he could deliver the passports to Jaley. Tripp went to get them but eavesdropping Jack got there first. Jack was ready to haul Tripp in until Jennifer whacked him across his head. Jack hauled her in instead. She was willing to spend the night in jail because there was no way she was giving Jack information on Jaley. Even with Jennifer going to jail she was still smiling because Jack had a memory. Our Jen is determined to get her man back. Eve was determined to set up an innocent Ben for the fire for closure purposes. And Mayor Jack said, "go right ahead." Ben knowing he is innocent was hypnotized by Marlena to try and remember anything useful. Ben got close to figuring out Claire set the fire but not close enough. Ciara thought Ben was way off base accusing Claire. She doesn't think niece Claire was capable of such. 

Kristen (The NuPhoenix daughter like father) and Xander celebrated their ingenuity dashed with some good luck and detailed for us how they conceived and pulled their plan off without a hitch. Xander reminded Kristen they still have one loose end, Ted. Xander also pointed out to Kristen it was dangerous for  her and Brady to have sex, surely he would notice the difference. Kristen assured Xander she had planned for every possible contingency. We got a lot of drunk Maggie. She threw Brady under the bus and told Sonny that it was Brady who had fallen off the wagon. A drunk Maggie also saw Kristen, who was then Nicole. But Maggie was positive it was Kristen. Jarlena bust Eve on the security camera and knows she took Dr. Rolf's diary. John leaned on Eve's softer side and told her that he needed the diary to help save Will. Eve went to Xander and told him to cough it up. Xander was like, "why would we care if Will Horton dies?" Sorry, but I'm not giving up the diary. And you know if we give it up, Jack could get his memory back and leave you for Jennifer." Eve told Xander, "Let me worry about that. I just can't watch someone else's child die. Give it up." Xander was a no. They had an eye-off with a few threats thrown around. Eve vs Xander. Yes! Eric was in the room with "Not Nicole". They were arguing. Brady was at the door. Kristen is about to set Eric up. "Bric" needs to THINK. The audience figured out something wasn't right with Nicole right off. What is taking them so long???

General Hospital 

Kim and Drew took Oscar's ashes to Africa. Kim gave Joss Oscar's guitar. Ryan made it out of surgery. He was in negotiating mode. Jordan gets his kidney. He gets his freedom. Ava took Scotty and Julian's advice and pleaded not guilty and she was released on bail. Paxie are going on a search to find Dante. Jax is Nina's new boss. He bought Crimson (again). Robert and Anna still were arguing over if Anna should tell Peter he may not be her son. She's going to visit her sister to try and get answers. Have a great vacation Finola! 

Jason moved back home with Sam and the kids. Jasam gleefully told Shiloh the jig was up. Jasam found and destroyed all the pledges but three. Sam delivered Kristina hers (and told Kristina her interest in Shiloh/DOD was all a ruse to protect her. Aww sisterly love). Jason gave Willow her pledge as a big thank you for helping Kristina. But Jason gave Margaux's to Sonny. Did we miss something? Shouldn't he have...never mind. Kristina told Alexis the pledge was about her. But didn't tell Alexis what it was. Lucas went to his daddy, his mobster daddy and asked him to help him keep Wiley. So now it's okay if Julian is a gangster? We are just trying to keep up. LOL. Julian, Alexis, Sam, Michael, Chase, Willow, are all on team keep Wiley away from Shiloh. But hey y'all it's easier than you think. Just let Shiloh get the DNA test cuz um....

Performers of the Week!

Our Performer of the Week is Tracey Bregman! (Lauren Fenmore Baldwin, The Young and the Restless) Phyllis vs Lauren not exactly something we see everyday. But we most definitely wouldn't mind seeing more if it. I have a saying in my own personal life. "I'm good with people until you mess with my kids or my money. And then it is on." LOL. Lauren must feel the same way because friendship flew out the window when she figured out what Phyllis was up to. She read, threatened and told Phyllis a thing or two regarding Phyllis' plans to sabotage the Jabot Collective launch. Phyllis tried to get Lauren to understand that she needed the money. Nope. Nope. Nope. Lauren said nope. One of our favorite moments was when Lauren stood there with her hands on her hips (my momma used to tell me take my hands off my imagination). Sassy Lauren, yes! The whole time during the heated exchanges between Phyllis and Lauren, Lauren's blazing gaze never flickered. She made sure Phyllis knew she was not playing. She told Phyllis she had half a day to shut down her knockoffs or else. Whew. Man those scenes took us back to the days when Lauren was kicking butt and taking names. Oh how we have missed our spunky, take no prisoners Lauren. More please. Tracey gave us so much life. She was fierce, edgy, feisty and tenacious just like we want our Lauren. Tracey gave us a refresher course lest any of us forget (not that we would) that Ms. Bregman was, is and forever will be soap diva royalty. B-R-A-V-O Tracey!

Our Honorable Mention is Suzanne Rogers! (Maggie, Days of Our Lives)

We are loving our drunk Maggie! She's fun! Maggie has more than enough reason to have backslid lips first back into the bottle. Holly is "faux" dead but Maggie doesn't know that. As far as she knows, her last link to Daniel is gone. Victor is by no means a perfect mate. But lately, he's even less so. Kate is back at Titan and is always smiling up in Maggie's husband's face. Victor who does have his good qualities isn't exactly known for being warm and compassionate which is what Maggie really needs right now. If Maggie can't get what she needs from Victor then another "V" will have to do, Vodka. Drunken Maggie is very different from the usual Maggie. Drunken Maggie vs Sober Maggie. Sober Maggie believes in honesty. Drunken Maggie asked Brady to lie to Grandpa Vic and keep her secret. And threw Brady under the bus with Sonny. Sober Maggie is mild and even-tempered. Drunken Maggie went off on Brady. All this is more than understandable. Maggie is suffering from a devastating loss and is sprawling. And what's worse is she's sprawling and feels all alone. Suzanne is doing all incredible job of tapping into Maggie's desolation and despair at the same time delighting us with perfectly timed levity moments to lighten things up a bit. Maggie is depressed, deceitful, despondent and hysterical all in the same episode. That can't be an easy balancing act but Suzanne is werking it. Fantastic work, Suzanne!

I AM KP Smith



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Soap Opera News: Performer of the Week: The Young and the Restless' Tracey Bregman!
Performer of the Week: The Young and the Restless' Tracey Bregman!
Tracey Bregman (Lauren, The Young and the Restless) is the performer of the week and Days' Suzanne Rogers (Maggie) gets the honorary mention. Learn more here--->>
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