Performer of the Week: The Young and the Restless' Gina Tognoni!

Gina Tognoni (Phyllis, The Young and the Restless) is the Performer of the Week and Days' Olivia Keegan (Claire) gets the honorary mention.

Hola Fam!

Let's Make A Deal, the reappearance of a ghost, recommitment ceremony, a proposal, an annulment, a dire prognosis, and switharoo's; it was an eventful week in soapland.

Recaps and Winners Below;

The Young & the Restless

Last week there was a lot to do about "Adam." Adam told sister, Victoria, that he wasn't interested in the Game of Newman Enterprises Thrones and that he was going to take the money she paid him to buy his own company. But then Phyllis and Adam "ran into" each other (the dynamic between Gina and Mark was fire) and he had a better plan. Phadam chatted catching up like long lost frenemies. Adam gave Phyllis some frenemy advice and told her she should stop letting Nick/Newman's/Abbott's push her around. Adam told her respect and approval was severly overrated and that Phyllis should be going for the gusto, power. And that he was willing to pay her some serious cash for info on Dark House which would give her the money she needed to chart her own course again. Phyllis told Adam she knew he was trying to play her. She was on the fence about hacking into DH and helping Adam. Villy had a very sweet (the kids were adorbs)  recommitment ceremony. Phadam crashed the event. You know what kind of response they received. Phyllis was mad at everyone's reaction, especially Nick's (although not sure what kind of reception she thought she'd receive when...nvm) and agreed to hack into DH for 2.5 million dollars. Rey had his eyes on Adam for his job at Dark Horse and for his own personal reasons as he sensed there was still a there "there" with Shadam. Rey might have been focusing too much on Shadam because Adam did get the leverage he wanted on Nick. He told Adam; "DH for Christian." Nick told Adam the same response as before put your offer where the sun doesn't shine. Christian was his son, period. Hmm.

Devon and Elena made love. Man, ghost Hillary didn't look too happy about that at all. For once Abby knew something Nick and Victoria didn't. She inadvertently saw a text from Victor to Nate about Victor starting treatment. She didn't believe Victor's explanation that he had a strained muscle and that the treatment was physical therapy. She knew something was wrong. She told Nikki and Victor admitted to Nikki he was sick. He had a rare blood disease. Victor didn't want to tell anyone else, including Nick and Victoria. Kyle proposed to Lola (impromptu) in the kitchen at Society. Lola wasn't sure but then after she overheard Summer talking about how happy she was living the single life; she knew that wasn't what she wanted and accepted Kyle's proposal. Kyle asked for and received Rey's blessing. Summer and Theo, however, was living the single life and enjoying every minute of it. Somebody kidnapped Phyllis!....Kevin!

The Bold and the Beautiful

To be honest, a lot (too much) of Bold last week was a repeat from the week before, and the week before that, etc. Xander now breaks the tie of the standoff between Zoe (don't tell) and Flo (tell). But then Flo also said she couldn't lose all that she has gained being a Logan by telling. So, with Flo, it all depends on the day. Xander is all for telling Hope because in his opinion it is cruel and inhumane, which it is. Hey, guess he has no problem at all with conjugal visits, Zoe. The invested characters of the Lope drama; Hope, Liam, Steffy, Brooke, Thomas, Ridge, Wyatt, etc all rehashed yet again why or why not Lope's marriage should end. If there was anything good to come out of this storyline; we finally got it. A Carter sighting! He was the attorney for Lope's annulment. Thomas was all up in Liam's face and in their business the day of the annulment. When is Liam going to put him in his place? Xander barged in on Lope's annulment meeting and was ready to tell Hope the truth. But psycho Thomas got him to back off. Then psycho Thomas who is psycho but pretty smart figured out Flo knew whatever it was that Xander was so pressed to tell Hope. He hollered at Flo one time and she broke and told him Beth was alive. Flo, you need to spend some time with Auntie Brooke. You need lessons on how to handle an irate man. Lope confessed their love for each other. Hope even asked Liam to stay for dinner after the annulment papers were signed (What do you say to that?), but in the end, Lope's marriage was annulled. Or was it? Did you all catch Carter saying that a stipulation of the annulment was that they had no children???

Days of Our Lives

We need some of the men in Salem to put on their thinking caps, notably Brady and Eric. Eric: "I looked into her (Nicole's) eyes and I didn't recognize her. not Nicole made it look like Eric attacked her. And she was pushing up on Brady. Think "Bric"! Think! We will give Brady credit that he didn't succumb to least not yet. Rex was trying to find a cure for Will's tumor (Radiation is not shrinking it. It could be only a matter of days for Will to be on this soap earth). Rex gave Sarah a lesson of his own family's history with masks in Salem. Maybe if Eric, Brady and Rex ever get together in the same room and share stories they will figure this NotNicole thing out. 

Bric and Rex might not have had the sharpest of weeks. But some of the other men of Salem were on their game. "Mander" bonded over loneliness and loss. Maggie's loose lips told Xander she saw Kristen. Xander turned on the compassion and they bonded. After all that bonding, they were so exhausted they had to take a nap. And that's where Brady found them cuddled up asleep on the sofa. Oh boyJack must have been talking to Adam in Genoa City because he was playing his own Let's Make A Deal. He told JJ if you and Haley turn yourselves in, I will drop the charges on your mother. Pretty good idea. Too bad JJ was way ahead of him. He came back but left Haley in Tripp's care to help Haley to Canada. JJ made sure Jennifer's charges were dropped first before telling Jack he wasn't telling him jack. Jack had JJ arrested. Hey JJ when you get out can you go help Bric and Rex figure this NotNicole stuff out, please? 

Eli broke up with Lani who was like look I know you think I'm PTSD but I'm just trying to be here for a motherless baby. Eli was like okay, my bad. Lani was like too late we're over Boy bye. Marlena counseled granddaughter Claire. Claire confessed some of her sins to grandma but not the biggest one of all. Ciara was still in denial about Claire. While Ben, you know when you have a tune you can't get out of your head? Yep. Ben was experiencing that. He had a tune in his head that he heard when he was returning to the cabin before he saw the cabin on fire. Holy coincidences. Guess who had the same tune as a ringtone and Ben heard it? Yep, our own little fire starter. Ben should have done what Xander did with Jennifer and made a citizens arrest and arrested Claire. Because if she was in the pen, she wouldn't have run into Rory, seen Tripp and Haley's passports and found out Tripp was not going to see daddy Patch after all. Claire was already on edge after she overhead Cin talking and knew Ben suspected her of starting the fire. She told an already rattled Rory to go somewhere and calm his nerves. She would deliver the passports. Seeing Tripp and Haley in an embrace (which was innocent enough) was all that the voices in Claire's head needed to see. Lies. Lies. Lies. That's all Tripp told her were lies. Fire Starter talked herself right into an encore presentation. She was going to teach them a lesson.

General Hospital

Drew and Kim traveled as planned to Kilimanjaro to climb the highest mountain in Africa and spread Oscar's ashes. Julian and Sam called a semi-truce to work together to keep Shiloh off of Wiley's track. They played switcharoo adoption papers. Now they need Willow to do her part and destroy hers that are in Diane's possession. Shiloh told Harmony her mission was (there was no if you chose to accept it) to reunite him with his child. If she failed, she was out of the DOD, out The Trust and out of his life. Harmony went running to try and get some information out of Willow. What kinda momma is she? Willow and Lucas had a nice heart to heart. Willow channeled her inner Tupac and told Lucas, "All Eyes on Me" so she had to stay away from Wiley and everyone connected to him for his sake. Margaux resigned and left Port Charles but before she left she did the soap gawd's work and had Shiloh arrested.

Nina was excited to work with Jax. She is committed to increasing her viewership to get all of Crimson's budget back. So she pushed her wedding back to September because the magazine needs her undivided attention. We guess Cynthia Watros will get the Sasha reveals nod. Maxie wanted to put Ava on the cover of Crimson. But Nina didn't want to. But Maxie talked it up. Before Jordan proceeded with the surgery she had a DNR drawn up. She woke up fine. Will something happen? There was a lot of cloak and dagger going on in Ryan's room. A faceless person to the audience shot him up with something in a syringe. Cam saw Franco throwing away medical gloves. Ryan with some prodding from Aunt Stella had an about-face and agreed to the kidney transplant with Jordan. Not so fast it wasn't Ryan it was Kevin! Kevin and Laura had a discussion about Kevin switching places with Ryan without actually saying the exact words. And the final scene on Friday's episode led us to believe that Franco, Liz and Finn were in on it too! Great job by the directing team. That scene was very well done.

Performer of the Week!

Our Performer of the Week is Gina Tognoni! (Phyllis, The Young and the Restless) Ever since Phyllis saved herself (well she said she really thought she was helping) during the JT trial she's been an "outcast".  After her latest escapade, the knockoff escapade, things have gotten much worse for her. Not only were Nick and Jack done with her. But her bestie, Lauren, and even her daughter, Summer, has sided with the Abbott's. She crashed the celebration of Jabot Collective at the Abbott's, had a bit too much to drink and almost had a head-on vehicle collision with Adam. Then GC's outcast crashed Villy's recommitment ceremony with GC's other outcast. And she was kidnapped. That was a lot even for Phyllis' always colorful, hectic and chaotic life. Gina's portrayal of Phyllis was defiant and angry when she raged at the Abbott's, Nick and Summer. But then Gina gave us a reflective, pained, vulnerable and still somewhat snarky Phyllis in Phyllis' scenes with Adam (that electricity between Gina and Mark was something wasn't it?) Gina gave us everything we could want and more in her last week in Genoa City. She did what she has always done since taking over the role of Phyllis, giving it everything she had and more. And how fitting was it that Gina's Phyllis spent her last week in GC like she came in.......crashing. Gina thank you for all you brought to Phyllis, Genoa City and to Y&R! Godspeed my sister. We wish you nothing but success, love and light!

Our Honorable Mention of the Week is Olivia Keegan! (Claire, Days of our Lives). 

Claire spent her week in Salem as she has the last few weeks; trying to get Tripp back, trying to cover her fire starter tracks and pushing up on Eve to make good on all of her promises. This week the "heat" was turned up a couple of notches when she felt more than ever the walls were starting to close in on her. Ben believed more than ever that it was she that started the cabin fire. And Rory sent her to the edge when he let her find out Tripp wasn't with his daddy but with Haley. Yet on the other hand in Claire's scenes with Marlena you get a sense that she really is sorry and remorseful about setting the fire. Yet by week's end she was doing it all over again! LOL. It really is the tale of the two Claire's. And we believe both. And that is totally and completely because of the awesome work Olivia has been doing. As we have said before, Claire has evolved into this dynamic complex character and Olivia has blossomed right before our soap eyes. We can't say enough of how great Olivia has been! Claire went from one extreme to another last week and Olivia nailed every single beat. Olivia, you were so good!

I AM KP Smith



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Soap Opera News: Performer of the Week: The Young and the Restless' Gina Tognoni!
Performer of the Week: The Young and the Restless' Gina Tognoni!
Gina Tognoni (Phyllis, The Young and the Restless) is the Performer of the Week and Days' Olivia Keegan (Claire) gets the honorary mention.
Soap Opera News
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