Tyler Christopher Talks His New Direction, New Projects, Returning to General Hospital And Much More! (EXCLUSIVE)

We recently caught up with Mr. Christopher and had the opportunity to speak with him. It's still so surreal to me that I get to talk to people who I stan and love so much! If you all recall, we chatted with Tyler in March of this year as his onscreen appearance as Stefan DiMera was nearing its conclusion. At that time, Tyler was catching us up on what he had been doing since he had wrapped up filming at Days (production is about six months ahead). Tyler told us he had begun producing and was working on independent films. So, we were especially excited to talk to him again and see how things were going.  

We are pleased to report, they are going fantastic! We talked about Tyler's "new" hat, his new business endeavor, his excitement for the future, returning to General Hospital and more. When we spoke to Tyler in March, his sci-fi thriller, F.R.E.D.I had been released on Netflix. He also had an upcoming film, Max Winslow and the House of Secrets, that he wasn't able to speak much about then. Now we can report, Max Winslow and the House of Secrets is a film about five teenagers who compete to win a mansion owned by an entrepreneur and scientist, Atticus Virtue. In order for them to win the competition, the teens must compete against the supercomputer, Haven, who controls the mansion. Tyler appears in the movie and plays Wade Lawson. The film also stars Chad Michael Murray. 

Tyler is enthusiastic about this opportunity and what he describes as his "new hat". "I'm changing hats. I'm producing and I love it. I absolutely love it. I'm really enjoying what I'm doing being on this side of the camera."

Tyler is working with SkipStone Pictures, which is under the umbrella of SkipStone Studios. The company also has a distribution arm, SkipStone Media Group. Tyler is the  Executive VP of Development. At the helm, is the President, Founder, and CEO of SkipStone Studio and SkipStone Pictures, Johnny Remo. SkipStone Pictures produces inspired family entertainment for film and television. 

The company has been primarily producing projects for film and now they are branching out into television. Tyler told us their genre is family friendly. "We are producing projects in family entertainment with a good strong message where the whole family can sit around and enjoy. We have humor and drama for both kids and adults. There is something for everybody." 

We got the scoop on some upcoming projects. "We are expanding into television. We optioned two television projects that we are shopping around and we have four films all ready to go. Our next project that I'm excited to mention is, Allie Mitchell Must Win. It's a feature musical." We can't wait to see all the fabulous inspired family entertainment coming our way!

Tyler has also embarked on a non-entertainment business venture. Tyler is an ambassador for Vasayo, a health and wellness business. To learn more click here.

Don't despair soap family. Tyler is still around! He's doing a Facebook Live Chat on the Days of our Lives Fan Talk Page on this Tuesday, June 25th at 8:00 PM Eastern, 5:00 PM Pacific. We also talked about the great job Brandon Barash is doing as Stefan DiMera. Tyler is happy for him and happy it was Brandon that  took over the role. 

And of course, we asked if our beloved Nikolas Cassadine was set to return to Port Charles anytime soon. "I'm open to it. But there haven't been any talks about a return." Again soap family, don't despair. We will never ever stop hoping and believing for Nikolas and Tyler's return! Never!

Tyler is enjoying sporting his new hat. But he has not stepped away from acting. "I will always act. I love the hat I'm wearing but when the acting juices come, I have to do something with it." 

Tyler is doing something with all of his "juices"! In addition to acting and producing, Tyler is writing and looks to direct when the right project comes along. It is full steam ahead. He has new representation and is heading in a brand new direction. And his message to us, his fans, "You will see me again!"

We were thrilled to have a chance to catch up with Tyler again!

Family, Mr. Christopher is busy busy busy;

Check out F.R.E.D.I on Netflix!

Keep your eyes and ears open for the release dates for Max Winslow and the House of Secrets! Trailer below.

Be on the lookout for all Tyler's upcoming projects, in front and behind the camera!

Tune in for his Facebook Chat on Days of our Lives Fan Talk Page this Tuesday, June 25th at 8:00 PM Eastern, 5:00 PM Pacific.

Check out the business venture, Vasayo!

Tyler thanks for chatting with us! Please keep us updated on all of your exciting endeavors!

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