Performer of the Week: General Hospital's William Lipton!

William Lipton (Cameron, General Hospital) is the Performer of the Week and General Hospital's Kathleen Gati (Liesl/Dr. O) gets the honorary mention. Read more here--->>


We are late. But we got it in! My son is leaving for college in a few weeks, day job busy, life is just busy busy busy!

Recaps and Winners!

The Bold and the Beautiful

We are so tempted to copy and paste last week's recap with a few additions and move on. But I could hear my mom's voice saying; "Kenyan that is cheating." So, let's do this. Xander, as we stated last week, is the only one investigating Thomas. When Zoe remained in la-la land defending Thomas, Xander went to find proof that he had something to do with Emma's death and that he was a danger to Hope. He, which was pretty smart, went into Thomas' car in his GPS maps and saw that on the day and time of Emma's accident Thomas had pulled over close to where Emma's accident was. Even with that information, Zoe refused to believe Thomas had anything to do with Emma's death. And even worse she actually called Thomas to tattle that Xander was ready, to tell the truth about Beth. Zoe, Thomas, and Xander had a big brouhaha. Xander gave Zoe an ultimatum you are either with me, to tell the truth, or you are with Thomas and I'm leaving. Zoe stayed with Thomas and Xander left. Liam and Brooke still say Thomas is unstable. Ridge still thinks Brooke is being Stephanieish and that Thomas' issues are behind him. And that Liam should mind his own business, which is now Steffy and the girls. Liam and Ridge had words. Liam and Thomas had words. Rinse. Wash. Repeat.

Thomas pressured Hope to accept "Douglas" ring. Douglas needs you. I need you. Blah. Blah. Blah. Hope said yes. He wanted to have sex. Hope said let's wait until the wedding night. The Logan sisters led by Brooke held an intervention telling Hope she didn't have to marry a man she didn't love. Brooke urged Hope to free herself from Thomas before something bad happened. Hope believes she can be a guiding light to Douglas. She wants to be his mom. She did, however, seem to be on board to wait a while before saying; "I do. "Can't lie when psycho creepy Thomas was talking to himself in his head apologizing to Douglas for what he was going to do, all kinds of crazy things ran through our minds. But never in a million years would we have guessed that! We guess it is a good thing that Thomas didn't physically hurt Douglas. But staging for him to see "Casper" was one of the most ridiculous things we have seen in daytime in a very long time. That's all we will say. But hey it worked because Douglas having a "nightmare" and seeing a ghost made Hope realize her and Thomas had to get married soon. Mkay. On a better note, Sally kissed Wyatt. She hasn't given up y'all!

Days of Our Lives

We bid a "see you later" to Claire (we refuse to say goodbye). Eve pleaded for forgiveness to Claire for being so consumed with her own desire for revenge that she didn't get Claire the help she so desperately needed. Claire took full responsibility and told Eve it wasn't her fault.  She was the only one. Marlena, Hope, and Ciara are coming for you, Eve. Claire and her family waited for the Judge's decision regarding if Claire would go to Bayview or have to stand trial. You give mercy you get mercy. The Judge was merciful to Claire. She would go to Bayview for treatment. We really enjoyed the "see you later" scenes with Claire and her loved ones. Haley and JJ were evicted from their apartment. The landlord didn't want Haley living there. Jaley is moving into the loft with Tripp. NotNicole was having a hard time juggling her double life. She dropped the ball on the Basic Black/Gabi Chic relaunch. That was it for Stefan. He fired her. NotNicole threatened to sue him for wrongful termination, drop a dime about him and Gabi to HR and/or the DiMera Board and attacked him/choked him. But Stefan wouldn't budge his decision was final. NotNicole had to go. Stabi celebrated by almost having sex on Julie's desk until she cooled them off with water, called Eli (the cops) and threw them out. Those scenes were too funny. Gabi moved in for the kill and asked Stefan if they could stop playing around and "make this thing real." Stefan was hooked and Gabi was smirking. Oh yeah, Chloe told Gabi, "Brady filled me in on your little plan to bring down Stefan. Nope ain't gonna drop a dime to Stefan, I might just help you." Okay, Chloe!

Ted and Kate couldn't get out of the tunnel room before NotNicole slammed the door on them. They told NotNicole that they believed Kristen was alive, had faked Holly's death and was blackmailing Nicole to do her dirty work. Not bad but not quite. Hope was pretty close to hitting the bullseye herself. She unofficially interrogated Xander and was getting really warm to figuring everything out after seeing Sarah's necklace and hearing it came from Xander. Hope and Eli "Heli" are working together and make a great team. But they might want to clue in the rest of Salem to keep their mouths hushed. Marlena let Eve know that Eli had the incriminating voice mail Eve left for Claire. You know Eve took it from the evidence room before Eli could get to it first to secure it in a safer place. Okay, we have to suspend lots of reality as soap watchers. But in the 2019 year of our Lord are we supposed to believe with all the technology, clouds and servers that there aren't records or a copy of the recording somewhere? Okay, we will move on. Then, Eli got a copy of the 911 call that a caller made with a tip that she had just overheard Xander say he had killed Ted. Hope recognized the voice as Kate. We were doing our happy soap dance because our Fancy Fancy was in full investigation mode. She and Eli pieced together many clues right there in the Pub. Like her and Bo used to do!  Eli brought in Xander on suspicion for killing Ted.  Xander, right in front of Eli, gave Eve a veiled threat and she let Xander go. When she heard Eli talking to his new partner, Hope, she gave him a not so veiled threat. He had better remember who was the boss now.

NotNicole pulled weapon(s) on Xander for disobeying her. She held a knife to his throat and held him at gunpoint. She, as full-blown Kristen, also pointed a gun at a not so surprised, that she was alive, Ted and Kate. Then Kristen decided that it was in her best interest to keep Kate and Ted alive for now. But she told Xander he'd better not cross her again. Hope followed Xander and it led her straight to Ted and Kate. She found and rescued them. Plot twist; they told Hope it was Stefan (not Kristen) who had held them in the tunnels! Didn't see that one coming.

The Young and the Restless

There will be a new sheriff in town very soon. Genoa City's DA's office decided not to fight Victor's litigation against them rather they will just pay. Christine decided not to run for re-election. Adam wants to buy the new election. Stay Tuned. Mariah talked Lola into doing a cooking show on the internet. Um, no thank you. Moving on. Things between Lola and Celeste are tense. Lola isn't for having her mom treat her like a child, criticize her or try to run her life. Lola, sis, you got to try harder because Momma Rosales got herself back at your place. LOL. Momma's, always two steps ahead. Celeste and Kyle sure looked pretty sitting across from one another. We said what we said. Papa Rosales mention. He wants to be at the Kola wedding. So, we might be seeing him soon. Much of the airtime centered around Nick, Chelsea, Adam and Calvin's death. Let's just sum it up. Nick made Chelsea promise to stop running and to stay in Genoa City. The autopsy was inconclusive. Paul questioned Chelsea and made her feel like she was under suspicion. Nick felt all eyes should be on Adam as a possible suspect. Nick and Chelsea, not Chelsea and Adam flew on the Newman jet to tell Connor that Calvin was dead. Adam threw Chelsea way under the bus and gave Paul a recording that could suggest she murdered Calvin. Adam said you are trying to keep my son away from me, gloves off. Looks like the soap gawds answered our prayers and that we won't be getting a murder mystery, after all, Calvin died of a heart attack. You think they will answer our "Chick" prayers too? LOL. Oh, we couldn't resist.

The effects of the experimental drug appeared to be taking its toll on Victor and Jack observed it. We got a real treat with Jack and Victor discussing life and mortality. Man, Eric and Peter; my goodness we love them. Nick gave Victoria a tip on how to best Adam. Victor gave Victoria his blessing to take Adam down with some good advice, "When you go after Adam you have to go with both guns blazing and win." Yep. That's what Rey and Nick were also trying to do. According to Rey, Shey is in trouble because Adam is in Sharon's head. He brought Nick up to speed on what he had found out, that Adam and Chance were hanging out. Seo crashed the Abbott mansion with a group of people trying to have a party. Kyle threw them out and Seo told the "fuddy-duddy" he needed to loosen up. Amen! We had a good throwback with Phyllis and Christine "The Bug." Yeah, that was good! Somebody is trying to turn Billy into The Manchurian Candidate and have him kill Adam. They left Delia's doll at the Chancellor mansion. That's pretty interesting.

General Hospital

Ava and the psychic, Sibley, called upon the soap spirts to have Ava connect with Kiki. There were brief moments of connection but not nearly enough for a grieving Ava. They will try channeling next. We got a kick out of the psychic "reading" the residents of Port Charles. Big kudos to GH for the Friz wedding reception. Very good! It was physically appealing! It was festive! Cam, Aiden, and Jake performed. And they made it soapy! A drunk Dr. O was talking all over herself about Wiley's real birth father and got herself pushed overboard. Who pushed Dr. O?  And Hayden made an entrance and is back in PC. We didn't see an offspring. We did see the kiss she planted on Jax for Finn's benefit. Fayden didn't spend much time together. But you could plainly see "it" is still there. Anna, you'd better hurry back. Hayden and Jax met in Rome (so Hayden said). We love her but girlfriend ain't really known for truth-telling. Hayden (New CFO of Crimson) and Jax are working together. We are assuming it has something to do with the folders on Valentin and Cassandra Pierce that Curtis found in Jax's office. Oh boyDr. O said Hayden was the one who had pushed her. Chase hauled her in for questioning but there was videotape that showed it couldn't have been her. Kim drugged Drew still determined to impregnate herself with his seed. Julian busted in before that could happen which we were very happy about because um, no. Out of all the faux dates that Lulu has had she was really smiling all up in Dustin's face. We see you, Lulu. Maxie saw it too. She was more determined than ever to locate Dante and bring him home. 

Dev received his new identity. Jason was cautious about Sonny's new play cousin. He's not a fan and has all eyes on Dev. And he's most definitely not in favor of Dev staying with Sonny. Even more so now since he caught Dev in a compromising position with Laura's purse. Dev was not about that school life. He told Sonny, "let's skip that. I want to be where the action is working for you." Sonny said, "Not so fast young one. Trust is earned and you just got here." Oscar's will was read. In addition to some personal touching mementos and other earthly possessions, he left his voting shares of  ELQ squares to Shiloh. Shiloh will be fighting against a unified Q family? Good luck.  Harmony sang like a bird to the cops and DA, Robert. She now fully realizes the man Shiloh is, what's he's done and that he needs to be brought to justice. And she has the proof to get him there. She wasn't worried about herself she just wants her grandchild to be safe. Harmony made amends with Willow. She also told Michael that her room was his ex, Nelle. And that Nelle is always talking about her baby (as if she was still alive). Shiloh had the DNA results. Lucas chocked him something good at the hospital when Shiloh taunted him that he was going to take Wiley away from Brucas. Shiloh was arrested before he could open the results. Michael talked Lucas into throwing them away. So we aren't near the end of this one quite yet. Dante refused to see Maxie and Peter when they showed up at the WSB facility. Maxie being Maxie went into Dante's room anyway. Shots fired real ones.

Performers of the Week! 

Performer of the Week is William Lipton! (Cameron, General Hospital

Cameron had a dream week. It could have started off as a nightmare though if he would have walked in on Friz getting in a little pre-celebration activity. LOL. He was one of the three (Cam, Joss, Trina) who heard Dr. O's cries for help when she was pushed overboard and got help. He was so mature leading by example as the big brother as he and grandma Laura discussed previously. He and his brothers, Aiden and Jake had worked on a tribute song for his mom and his "dad". He called Franco dad! How sweet! And oh yeah, his bestie Oscar, who has passed on to soap heaven, left him his car. Wow, huh? The Friz wedding reception was so good. And one young man and two adorable boys had alot to do with why! William was amazing performing his single Side by Side! His voice, his stage presence, and oh my his smile! We got goosebumps listening to him perform with Aiden (Jason David) and Jake (Hudson West) singing back up. We watched their performance more than a few times. We have had our eyes on this multi-talented young man for a while now. He is the total package. Take note fam; we are witnessing the rise of a star! Thank you so much, William, for sharing your beautiful song, performance, and talents with us. We can't wait for more! Please support this young man! William tweeted where you can find this great song, Side by Side; SoundCloud, Apple Music and Spotify. Congratulations, William!

Our Honorable Mention of the Week is Kathleen Gati! (Liesl/Dr. O.General Hospital). We have one word, 
H-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s! Liesl is always fun. But this juiced-up Dr. O. was a riot! Our little soap hearts pinged for Liesl when she confessed she was lonely and tired of being alone. Psst #GH get Liesl a love interest, stat! Dr. O. read the guests at Friz's wedding reception better than Sibley, the psychic, did. She told Felix Lucas' marriage wasn't going to last. She shaded Finn that Anna had abandoned him. Her loose lips told Franco she knew secrets about Wiley's real dad. Dr. O. was lit! And how about her reactions to those who dared to suggest that she fell overboard due to inebriation? Dr. O.'s, slurred speech and all, made sure everyone knew she was pushed.  Come back drunken, Liesl anytime. Kathleen's comedic timing, demeanor, stumble, speech all of it was hilarious, timely and believable. Kathleen, you were delightfully entertaining! We loved it!

I AM KP Smith



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Soap Opera News: Performer of the Week: General Hospital's William Lipton!
Performer of the Week: General Hospital's William Lipton!
William Lipton (Cameron, General Hospital) is the Performer of the Week and General Hospital's Kathleen Gati (Liesl/Dr. O) gets the honorary mention. Read more here--->>
Soap Opera News
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