Michael Campion Talks Fuller House, Red Ruby and Much More! (EXCLUSIVE)

When we agreed to interview Michael Campion we were under the impression that we would be interviewing a young budding star. Close. Michael is a star. We missed the budding stage. His projects have included; streaming (Jackson, Fuller House), feature films (Robo Dog), YouTube Series (Theo, Red Ruby), stage productions, (The Wizard of Oz, Annie, The Little Mermaid) television commercials and film. Michael has done all of this and has only just turned seventeen years old. It sounds like a star to us!

It goes without saying Michael's career had to have started at a pretty young age for him to have had so much success by seventeen. He was five years old. Yet, even younger when his parents first realized Michael was indeed a young budding star. "I've always been the performing type. When I was two, I was in this Halloween Costume Competition dressed up as little Elvis. I was so open and friendly, my parents decided to put me in theater to see if I liked it."

He did.  Three years later his career officially began. "I was five when I started acting. I did theater in a small production house. My very first acting gig ever was an Oompa Loompa in Willy Wonka which was great and a lot of fun." Too Cute! Michael fell in love with acting. Well, how could he not? Everyone loves the Oompa Loompas!

Michael hired a manager and an agent. By the age of ten, he had starred in two feature films. The week he turned thirteen he landed the part of Jackson on Fuller House. Jackson is D.J. Tanner-Fuller's (played by Candace Cameron-Bure) oldest son. He's a bit of a rebel so he does "rebel" from time to time but all and all he's a pretty good kid. The fifth and final season of Fuller House will premiere late 2019. Michael and the rest of the cast don't even know for sure how the series will conclude as the writers are still penning the episodes. Michael was nice enough to drop us a few tidbits, of course, being careful not to give too much away. "This is what I can say about the final season so far. Steve and DJ are solidifying their relationship. Not too much is going on with Jackson and his girlfriend (Michael wasn't sure if girlfriend was the word to use but he went with it) Rocky so far. But I'm expecting that to change in upcoming scripts. Romona's love life is going good. Jimmy and Stephanie are raising a baby and there is a lot of fun stuff with that. And in the final season, there are a lot more guest casts, John Stamos and Bob Saget." Yea!

Michael also stars in YouTube's Brat Network series, Red Ruby, as Theo. The series is about students who were presumed dead after a cave collapsed that they were exploring. Many years later they show back up in town without aging a day and looking for blood. Season one of Red Ruby is available on YouTube. Michael is waiting on word of when they will begin filming season two. "The show is about vampires. Theo is the main character and pretty much the only human on the show. He's just a normal kid living his life until he is thrown into this vampire madness. It's up to him to clean it up because all of his friends are involved. It's a great show and everyone who hasn't watched it should check it out." 

For the foreseeable future, Michael's plans are acting, acting, acting. He dreams of landing roles in motion picture action films and as action heroes. Tom Cruise's name was mentioned a few times. Go for it, Michael!

We discovered this young man also possesses a wide array of non-industry talents and interests as well. A couple may surprise you. "I perform at the Magic Castle out here in L.A. I do multiple shows a month. It's a club for magicians where people can come and watch magicians perform. I create my own shows. I'd like to invite anyone who is ever in the area to please come and watch me perform." How cool is that? Very. The Magic Castle has a strict no filming policy. So, right now Michael doesn't have a video of his act. But he is working on it. We want to see it!

Later this year Michael will learn how to fly. He is planning to take flying lessons. Yep, flying lessons. It's in his blood. His dad is a pilot who flies helicopters and private planes. Michael's grandfather was also a pilot. Michael shared with us a special memory from his first flight. "I have a very specific memory of when I was three years old being at the airport with my grandfather. We flew up together in one of his planes. Since that day flying has always been near and dear to my heart. My dad and grandfather did it. So, I think, why not do it?" We think that just about sums up Michael's philosophy in life. Why not do it? So, we weren't surprised that he's also into computer coding, building robots, sailing, and rock climbing. Again, he's only seventeen.

Now we must admit there was something that did surprise us. When we asked Michael what artists were on his music playlist, we most definitely had a few artists in mind. A few artists one would guess would make a teenager's playlist. Not this teenager. If you take a peek at Michael's playlist you will find classic rock artists like Toto, Brandy, and Paul Davis. Michael told us he likes listening to music with a clear story and that, "Makes me feel emotion. Music from the '70s and the '80s does that more than modern music for me." For us too, Michael.

This busy young man despite his hectic schedule makes sure to make time for fun and friends. After all, he is a teenager. We asked him to detail the ultimate fun-filled friend day. "I have a very tight-knit group of friends, five other guys. The perfect day would be us in the condo I have, waking up and going sailing, playing board games, going to the beach and just hanging out." Sounds pretty perfect to us.

Wow! It was exciting to hear all the great things that are happening for Michael. He made sure to acknowledge and express his appreciation and gratitude for all the love and support from his fans, and the fans of Fuller House

Michael's special message; "Thank you guys for being such fantastic support. Fuller House wouldn't have gone five seasons without you. And whatever else I'm a part of or do I so appreciate your support. I have some great things coming up that I can't wait to share with you."

Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us, Michael!

Good luck with the final season of Fuller House

Everyone make sure and look for it later this year!

And also keep a lookout for Michael's own personal merchandise coming soon!

Michael, we hope you had a wonderful Birthday! (July 26th)

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