Performer of the Week: The Young and the Restless' Jason Thompson!

Jason Thompson , (Billy, The Young and the Restless) is the Performer of the Week and General Hospital's Inga Cadranel (Harmony) gets the honorary mention. Read more here--->>>

Hello Family!

Salem was comedic gold. We got Flask Flo on the West Coast. Port Charles is putting Wiley under the umbrella. And Genoa City went to Paris.

Recaps and Winners!

Days of Our Lives

Rafe and Hope's marriage is officially over. Hope is ready to give a relationship with Ted a chance. But he and Kate sure made eating a chocolate bar look hot. Despite Eve's pleadings, Jack will proceed with taking the serum to get his memory back. Eve asked Ted again to be the DA. He's thinking about it. Eve told Xander the most she could help him with was getting him a bail hearing. Xander was out on bail and granted immunity in exchange for turning on Stefan. Based on the language in his Titan contract Brady wasn't able to fire Xander. We saw the flashback of Kristen threatening Ted and Kate to make them say it was Stefan who kidnapped them. She also threatened Kate's kids. A softening Gabi believed Stefan had nothing to do with the kidnapping and offered to help clear his name. She said it's because she wants to be the one to take Stefan down. But um....we ain't buying it. NotNicole is at the top of Stabi's suspect list. Gabi tried to get Kate to tell her the truth about what was going on. Kate held firm and told Gabi Stefan kidnapped her and Ted just as she said. Gabi told Kate she would get to the bottom of whatever was going on. Abe, Brady, and Eric are all worried that NotNicole is having a mental breakdown. We are sure wherever the real Nicole is she is having one. Brady still resisted NotNicole. That must be a record for him. 

Xander after seeing Kristen turn on Stefan used some self-preservation and stole Nicole's mask. The plan was to make her a prisoner and chained to the hotel room. But Xander should have known that wouldn't be enough to keep someone like Kristen down. Kristen as Susan headed to the Kirikas mansion to retrieve her mask. OMG those scenes with Xander and faux Susan in the Kirikas mansion were fantastic! Only to be surpassed by the scenes with Wilson, Brady and faux Susan in Brady's bedroom. Faux Susan was trying to get all up on Brady. Listen fam, Eric Martsolf in a towel is must-see TV! Yes, I would have said I had an open relationship too seeing Brady in that towel! Wilson and Brady were a bit surprised and suspicious that faux Susan was packing some heat, carrying a gun. Gabi and Xander were packing heat with their heated confrontation. Gabi got the jump on him, kneed him and stole his briefcase which had Nicole's mask and ran off. 

The Bold and the Beautiful 

Thope comforted the faux ghost seeing shaken Douglas. Hope made good on her promise to move up the wedding. To the next day. How creepy was it when Thomas was leering at Hope's bare legs? Thomas pulled Hope into a "passionate" kiss.  Hope told Thomas to temper his expectations for sex even after they get married. Psycho Thomas was already taking Caroline's pics down and replacing them with Hope's. We see the potential for real problems with Ridge and Brooke over Thope. Ridge told Brooke to leave well enough alone. Brooke said I can't. Steffy told Liam I can live with you not liking my brother but you have to take it down a couple of notches around me. Liam said for the record, I don't think all this is for Douglas' benefit like Thomas says but fair enough I'll do better. Hope told Steam about the quickie wedding and Thomas told Ridge and Brooke. Liam and Brooke tried to talk Hope down but she was resolute that being Douglas' mommy was going to stop the hurt in her heart for Beth. Sigh. Ridge happily and Brooke begrudgingly agreed for them to have the wedding at their place instead of Eric's house which also serves as a chapel at least every ninety days. Thomas asked Douglas to be his best man. And Hope asked Steffy. Ain't no way in the world...moving on. Hope and Steffy called themselves sisters. Y'all it was a little too much for us. Liam's look like he was in the Twilight Zone made us feel better that he wasn't feeling it either. 

Brooke told Hope you are marrying a man you have no feelings for whatsoever. I haven't seen you kiss him or touch him. So you will be lying before us and God when you say your vows. Well, she didn't say it like that but that sounded better. LOL. The best thing about the wedding was we got a Carter sighting! We also got Eric, Quinn, Donna, and Katie! Yea! Before the wedding, Eric asked the family to keep the negative energy at bay. Brooke made a last-ditch effort to save Hope from herself but it didn't work. They cued up the music and there came the bride. All was going as well as to be expected until Beth had had enough of being called Phoebe and watching all these grown folks play God with her life. Right in the middle of the ceremony, before Hope could say I do, Beth crawled over to Hope and called her by her name, "Ma. Ma. Ma" It shook Hope and that was our cliffhanger Friday. Oh before we forget. Flo can't live with her guilt anymore. She was drunk on Friday. Felony Flo is now flask Flo folks.

General Hospital 

A faceless Dante shot Peter when Maxie and Peter burst into his room at the WSB facility.  The bullet passed through Peter's shoulder and Peter won't need surgery. Dante really needs help. Dante really ain't coming home no time soon. Lulu was devasted at first and was mad at Maxie for showing up at the facility. But it didn't last long. She will need her bestie more than ever. And now Lulu has the answers she needed even if they aren't the ones she wanted. Lante is no more at least for awhile. The psychic channeled Kiki and told Ava that she didn't want Ava to contact her anymore but to please tell Avery she misses her. Is it real or not? Dunno. But I sure in thee heck hope and pray Nikolas Cassadine is alive! Sonny got in Ava's face and told her to stop passing messages to Avery about or "from" Kiki. Julian for once was in sync with Sonny and suggested grief counseling to Ava. Sasha told Valentin she was Jennifer Holiday and she wasn't going nowhere. She was staying in Port Charles. Sasha tread lightly Michael can't go against no Valentin to save you. Guess he might call daddy Sonny if needed. 

Nina was all of a sudden upset that she might have been the reason that Shiloh found out Willow had his child. Most of Port Charles celebrated when the word came down that Shiloh couldn't move forward with his petition against Willow until after his criminal case was resolved. If he was found guilty then he can kiss any hopes of laying claim to Wiley goodbye. And if he beats the wrap, he will need to start from scratch with his petition and none of the evidence he has already obtained will be admissible. So it looks like we are still a ways out for the Wiley reveal. Investigators, Friz investigators were on the scene. Franco had a picture of a shoe and the bottom of a pair of men's pants in a picture taken at Friz's wedding ceremony/murder mystery party which gives air to Dr. O's claims that she was indeed pushed overboard. Friz leaned on her to fess up on who she had the goods on this time that might be trying to get rid of her. Dr. O. was tight-lipped with them. But looks like she was ready to unloosen them for her niece Nina so she wouldn't feel bad about giving Shiloh's paternity claims life. GH is making this Wiley paternity storyline an umbrella story.

The Young and the Restless

Lola was upset when she learned that Papa Rosales had made his way back into Celeste's life and was trying to make his way back into hers. Celeste told Lola we are together and that is that. She told Lola she should let him back in her life or one day she would regret it. Lola said I'm good and just keep him away from my wedding. Lola overheard Kyle and Theo talking about the wild days in New York that should be kept secret. She believes Kyle is keeping something important from her. Kyle blew her off when she asked him about it. So now Lola is on a mission to find out what it is. Please, soap jesus let it be good and soapy. Trane had a great time in New York. Cane told Traci he wanted to explore a fresh start, a future with her. Traci with tears in her eyes thanked Cane for making her feel butterflies again. And for reminding her she was worthy of love and respect but they would just be friends. HUH?! That's all we are going to say. Jack went to visit Ashley in Paris. He's been in a funk and doesn't know why. Sis Ashley said you been stuck on the crazy life for so long you don't know how to appreciate normal. Just take a deep breath and enjoy the normal. 

Rey continued his investigation of Chance and his connection to Adam. Wherever this is headed just like with Kyle we hope it's good and soapy. Devon asked Elena to move down the hall and live with him. Elevon's love scene was hot. Abby asked Phyllis to partner her new hotel with Society. That's interesting. Nate bought Lane's house. Phyllis told Billy everyone is assuming she's in cahoots with Adam but just maybe she has a master plan to make things right. Billy told her to hurry then. They had a Newman Family dinner that everyone was invited to but Adam. No worries Adam and Phyllis crashed. LOL. Adam moved the custody hearing up. Adam gave Kevin incriminating pictures of the presiding Judge to deliver as leverage to the Judge. Kevin planned to double-cross Adam. But Michael told him to go sit down and leave him to handle Adam.

Performers of the Week!

Performer of the Week is Jason Thompson! (Billy, The Young of the Restless)

Our Billy is going through it. His son's killer, Adam, has risen from the dead yet again. And with Adam's resurrection so has every emotion one would feel toward their child's killer. No Adam didn't mean to hit Delia. But for a parent does that even matter? Billy is having nightmares and daymares about Delia. And on top of that, someone is gaslighting him/using Billy's ordeal to their own advantage. They are leaving Delia's dolls and one-word messages behind. But why? To torment Billy? Or is it something to drive Billy to carry out an even more sinister plan? We don't know yet. But we are all in! We are overjoyed that Jason has his own storyline and he is killing it! Oh my, you know how we love when actors can express everything without saying one single word and Jason did us so right last week. Billy's torment, pain, confusion, distress, and agony filled Jason's eyes and was carved out all over his face. He made us feel the weight of Delia's loss all over again. We absolutely can't wait to see where this is headed. And we know JT is gonna b-r-i-n-g it! So well done, Jason!

Our Honorable Mention of the Week is Inga Cadranel! (Harmony, General Hospital).

We have no idea what Shiloh was expecting when he went to visit Harmony in the big house. But we are sure he didn't get it! Harmony gave Shiloh an earful and then some. She might have been blind but now she sees. Her eyes are wide open. She sees him for the sexual predator he is. And she can't wait to tell it and to tell it all. She's gonna do for her grandson what she didn't do for her daughter. Hank underestimated her and he reeked of desperation. She looked him dead in the eye and made sure he knew she meant business. When she jumped up and pounded on that table (calling for the guard) we had no doubt she was imagining it was Shiloh's face. LOL. And that death stare she gave him on her way out the door, chills. We don't know where that Harmony's been hiding but we sure want more of her. We got fierce, fired up, ferocious and fearless. Inga thank you so much for the invite to your GH coming out party! Invite us anytime! It was awesome! You were awesome! Inga, fabulously fearsome!

I AM KP Smith



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Soap Opera News: Performer of the Week: The Young and the Restless' Jason Thompson!
Performer of the Week: The Young and the Restless' Jason Thompson!
Jason Thompson , (Billy, The Young and the Restless) is the Performer of the Week and General Hospital's Inga Cadranel (Harmony) gets the honorary mention. Read more here--->>>
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