7 Roles We Could See Billy Miller Playing!

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It was recently confirmed that Billy Miller would be exiting from his role of Drew Cain on General Hospital. Billy has expressed his desire to make his name in the primetime TV world and is already on his way with his role as Alex Dunn in the upcoming series Truth Be Told.

We are excited to see what is next for Billy, but many fans would also love to see him stay and shine in the daytime community. So, we started thinking about what potential roles Billy could take on that would make a huge impact in the soap world. 

Here are our picks:

7. Billy Abbott (The Young and the Restless)

There's no place like home, right? Miller played the role of Billy Abbott to perfection from 2008-2014 on the CBS soap. A role that garnered him 3 Daytime Emmy awards including one for lead actor in 2014. Of course, the role of Billy is being played by fellow GH alum Jason Thompson. So, maybe another role on the soap could be a fun challenge for Miller. 

6. Philip Kiriakis (Days of Our Lives)

Days fans have asked for the return of Philip K since the character's departure in 2016. Philip is the son of the iconic Victor Kiriakis and Kate Roberts, and we think Miller could bring the goods as this legacy character. He could possibly be the start of the resurgence of the Titan vs DiMera battle that the fans have missed! 

5. Rick Forrester (The Bold and the Beautiful)

B&B fans have asked for months now what happened between the characters of Rick Forrester and his wife Maya. The two disappeared from the show and we learned rather unexpectedly that they had split up. Now would be the perfect time for Rick to make his way back to Los Angeles and spill the tea! We think Billy would be a great casting choice for this role. 

4. Chance Chancellor (The Young and the Restless)

Jill Abbott's grandson sure has had a ton of mentions lately since the arrival of Adam Newman in town. YR viewers know that Chance had some dealings with the Newman outcast while he was in Las Vegas, and the soap twitter rumor mill began producing the idea that Miller could return to the soap and taking over the role of Chance who was last seen back in 2011. We would love to see Miller reunite with his one time TV mother Jess Walton! Their onscreen chemistry alone would make this a worthy choice!

3. Andrew Donovan (Days of Our Lives)

You can never have too many Brady's in Salem! That's just a fact. And one member of the Brady clan that we never got the opportunity to know was Andrew Donovan, the son of Kimberly Brady and Shane Donovan. Bringing on Miller as Andrew would not only give viewers the chance to finally know this legacy character, but it would also give Days Head Writer Ron Carlivati the opportunity to develop Andrew as a fully fleshed-out character. 

2. A Brand New Character 

The other 3 soaps have the amazing opportunity to snatch up this Emmy winning actor and use him to his full ability. Create a complex character with a riveting story and let Miller shine like we all know he can!

And our number one pick is:

1. Ronan Malloy (The Young and the Restless)

Ronan recently got a shout out from Phyllis Summers which had fans asking about a potential return for the character. Casting him in this role would not only give Miller the challenge to play a complex and edgy character like Ronan but would also reunite him with castmate Michelle Stafford. The storylines are endless with this choice. From romantic relationships to potential cases for him to solve. (We know the residents of Genoa City are always getting into trouble.) 

When we think Billy Miller we think The Young and the Restless, and we can't imagine a better role for Billy Miller than Agent Ronan Malloy! 

What do you think of our choices? Let us know who you think Billy Miller should play!

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