Ambitions: Giving Up; Episode 109 Recap: Threesome Oh Geesome! WHAT A RIDE!!!

Rondell was still distraught over the petition disaster. She figured correctly that it was either Peters or Stephanie behind it. Kent was more inclined to believe the conspirator was Evan. He literally said so in front of Senior. Kent you don't talk about family in front of family! And his own daddy! Senior set him good and straight. We love us some Senior. 

Tori and Purifoy hosted a mixer. Another piece of ladies' chocolate candy caught Lori's eye. Choccalatta told Lori "they" wanted to get out of there with her. They being the choccalatta and her plus one, a piece of vanilla male candy. Threesome time! Um, we are very curious how that threesome scene made it past the censors. Now we are only curious and not complaining! Cuz it was hot!

Stephanie wasted no time moving forward with phase 2 of her plan. Evan wasn't happy that the City was auditing Rondell because of the invalid signatures on her petition. Stephanie assured Evan there was no need to worry because she had a solution that would satisfy everyone. As she fed Evan strawberries and cream she told him she'd get Peters to the negotiating table and he needed to get Rondell to join them. We are sure she said more but we were too distracted by that finger-licking between Stephanie and Evan to notice. But then Stephanie saw the news about Titus being arrested on her phone and the moment was lost. Darn it.

While Rondell was gearing up for her annual Thelma's Place Anniversary Dinner Party, Senior was making plans of his own. He was planning to propose to Loulene. Rondell isn't exactly Team Loulene on her becoming her step momma. But more than anything else she does not want Loulene or her rutabaga pie or her Kale chips trying to takeover Thelma's Place. As a side note, although we didn't hear the words it did appear Senior is putting two and two together about Joaquin. 

Inez went behind Bella's back and let Evan spend time with Joaquin. She saw firsthand what not having a father in her life did to Bella and she wants better for her grandson. Look Bella is his mom. Period. And it is understandable why she would be upset with her momma for going behind her back. But under no circumstances do we support Bella keeping Joaquin from Evan. It's not right. It's not right. It's not right. 

Stephanie paid Damian a visit. She told Damian he was here to break up Titus' and Amara's marriage. It was not on him to call an audible and try and ruin Titus' career. Make the charges go away, STAT. Damian was like ooooh there is more going on than you trying to throw Titus off his game. You love that lame azz off-brand, Johnny Cochran. Stephanie told him look son my feelings are not your concern. Make it go away or my next call is the DOJ. Damian physically threatened and pushed her on the bed! Son, you think Stephanie was coming to the motel by herself?!  You see sometimes too crazy isn't good because it can clog up brain cells. Damian meet Steph's Glock. She and her Glock glided out Damian's motel room. But not before she gave Damian two slaps like a good "doggie." Yas! Obey your master like a "good boy".

Rondell wasn't too keen on going to the negotiation table. Rondell told Evan not even a buck naked Idris Elba could convince her to team up with Peters. Well, sis, you is better than me. Cuz um can I channel my inner Tori and have both Idris and Peters...nevermind my momma might read this moving on. LOL. But Rondell relented and agreed to meet with Stephanie. 

Stephanie was busy busy busy this episode. She lured Tori to her home under the guise of being Carly. She even gave Tori some kudos about her style. Game recognizes game. Stephanie told Tori that maybe in another lifetime they could have been friends, platonic friends that is cuz Stephanie is "strictly "d*ckly." Then she reintroduced Thirsty Tori to her bed pals who also just happened to be Stephanie's high-end hoes for hire. Tori dismissed it. It's your word against mine. Carly will believe me. Tori, you sipping from Damian's crazy cup? THINK! Of course, they made a tape! "Sit yo azz down." You are in the presence of the QUEEN. After Stephanie told that "vapid little nothing" she had better break up with Carly, she called Constance to come to take out the trash! Wow! That was good stuff!

Stephanie, Rondell, and Senior had their meeting. Stephanie, with her picture props in hand, pitched to Rondell and Senior for Thelma's Place to be the mainstay for The English Rose Development. Stephanie agreed to Rondell's demands and all three of them shook on it. As soon as Rondell and Senior were on the other side of the door Stephanie told her assistant not to include Rondell's demands in the contract. There was no need because the "hood rat" didn't know how to read a contract. Hmm, Steph while you drinking your fancy spiked tea don't get too overconfident. Rondell ain't no fool and neither is Evan. We can't wait to see how this plays out.

Steph and her Glock had Damian shook. He needed to clear his "head." Brody to the rescue. Just remember the Pretty Woman rule, no kissing. Yes, it was that Brody. The IT Department Brody at the U.S. Department of Justice that dropped the dime for Amara to realize Titus was creeping on her at 3:00 and 4:00 AM with her password and her work computer. 

No family dinner parties ever turn out good! This one was no different. All Rondell, Evan, and Senior wanted to do was celebrate the occasion. But Stephanie got the word that Peters' investors were out of patience. They wanted the deal to be signed immediately. Stephanie pushed and pushed for Rondell to sign the contract right then and there. She sang like a bird to all the dinner guests who didn't know about the deal for The English Rose Development.

Inez was mad. She has passed up a lot of money from the investors because Rondell told her they were in it together to save The Banks. Loulene was mad that Senior sold her out while sleeping with her. Kent was mad because in his mind this was another Lancaster selling out the neighborhood. Carly who was already mad at her momma threw Stephanie the death share. "Everything Tori said about you is true!" Evan was mad although we aren't sure why. What did he expect? And we believe he would have done the same if the roles were reversed. 

Do we agree with Stephanie's tactics? No, but we will give her this, none of them at the dinner party to our knowledge has seen Natasha and her goons up close but her......

Until Next Week.....

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