Best Dressed Star of the Week: The Young and the Restless' Melissa Ordwayl!!

What's up Fam!!!!

Our Best Dressed Star of the Week is Melissa Ordway!!

Photo Credit: WornOnTV

My goodness, Abby Abbott Newman was in "a mood" last week! LOL. Now we have to agree with Abby on getting tiffed because Mariah "hijacked" the planning of the bachelorette party that turned into a combo 2 for 1. That is the job of the Maid of Honor to plan the bachelorette party.

So Abby showed up to the Kola combo pre-wedding party with a little chip on her shoulder and a bit testy. Her aggravation level rose as she overheard a snide comment or two or three by Seo about Kola. And when she was about done she got in Summer's face and they went at it. At first, it was the usual verbal insults they are known for tossing around; "Summer, Kyle doesn't want you. Get over it." "Abby, you are just upset because you can't keep a man." But when Abby told Summer she blackmailed Kyle into marrying her knowing he didn't love her and never would; Summer got a pail/bucket of water and cooled a "hot" Abby off. And the fight was on! Who doesn't love a good ole soap catfight! We sure do! Mariah and Tessa messed up our fun by breaking them up. LOL. 

Now Abby, we gonna have to chastise you just a bit. We understood you being mad about the party. But you are playing games with and were mean to that fine Dr. Nate for no good reason. You just want to keep things casual between you two? Okay, that's well within your rights. But you can't tell the man you will need a date for the Kola combo pre-wedding party, that you will let him know and then walk off. Then at the party get mad about taking photos and about planning a trip. It's no wonder Nate left to take Elena home. Sis, you gotta do better by Dr. Nate!

Our pick was Abby's look earlier in the week. We loved Abby in the orange scalloped stripped Reinetta Dress by MajeWe loved the cool summer colors, the patterns, and designs and the flared skirt. 

We especially love it when a member of our soap family wears something that we can totally see ourselves in. It looks like something I would wear to church or to Sunday Brunch. Loved it!

Melissa, you were stylish and chic as the co-owner of one of Genoa City's hottest spots should. Beautiful!

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