General Hospital Spoilers for the Week of August 19 - 23, 2019!

Episode 14368 AIR DATE: MONDAY AUGUST 19, 2019            
Jason goes to see Franco. Drew and Curtis head to Elizabeth’s. Lulu invites Robert and Olivia to join her at Sonny’s. Julian attempts to reconcile with Sam. Alexis reminisces.

Episode 14369 AIR DATE: TUESDAY 

AUGUST 20, 2019         
Shiloh proposes an exchange. Kim has a heart to heart with Monica. Obrecht asks Maxie for help. Peter receives a disconcerting call. Joss springs and idea on Carly. Drew races to find Cameron. Maxie has ulterior motives. 

Episode 14370 AIR DATE: WEDNESDAY AUGUST 21, 2019         
Sonny deals with an issue at the warehouse. Ava’s dream leaves her with unanswered questions. Kim finds comfort in her past. Drew races to find Cameron. Maxie has ulterior motives. 

Episode 14371 AIR DATE:  THURSDAY AUGUST 22, 2019 
Curtis gets a lead. Kevin just wants what’s best for Ava. Franco seeks Kim out. Maxie is pulled away. Peter rethinks his decision. 

Episode 14372 AIR DATE:  FRIDAY AUGUST 23, 2019
Ava has a miserable night. Jax defends Hayden. Cam gets swept up in Trina's enthusiasm. Finn is at a loss. Sam gets an unsettling email. 

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