Performer of the Week: The Bold and the Beautiful's Henry Joseph Samiri!!

Performer of the Week is The Bold and the Beautiful's Henry Joseph Samiri.(Douglas Forrester) and Scott Clifton (Liam Spencer) gets the honorary mention. Read more here--->>>

Hey family!

In L.A we got the best soap of the week! No typo. LOL. In Salem, DiMera has a new CEO. In Genoa City, Chelsea got five million surprises. And in Port Charles, there was some drugging going on.

Recaps and Winners;

The Bold and the Beautiful

Beth is alive. Phoebe is Beth. Beth didn't die. Who knew three words could sound so good! This story was finally moving toward a resolution. Liam, Steffy, Hope everybody tried to tell Douglas he was mistaken that he had misunderstood that Beth wasn't alive and that Phoebe was Phoebe. But Douglas like his daddy was persistent. He called Liam's bluff and assured him he could show him exactly where Beth was.  He told a skeptical and bewildered Liam that; Phoebe is Beth. Beth didn’t die. She’s alive. That’s your baby.  It is true.  Daddy told me. Liam had flashbacks while Douglas spoke then the revelation hit Liam like a ton of bricks. Beth is Alive! Phoebe is Beth! Those revelation scenes were pretty darn good in sloooooow motion. Steffy thought rightfully so that Liam was off his rocker when he tried to explain how it all added up that Phoebe is Beth even though he knew it sounded insane. Liam was right but of course, Steffy thought Liam was off his rocker. Wyatt was pressing Flo to tell him what was really going on with her. She was hemming and hawing spinning tales. She was an accomplice and didn't know it. That she didn't realize what she was into until it was too late blah blah blah. Then Liam barged in and pushed and pushed until Flo broke and admitted the truth. I never had a baby. I was never pregnant.

In the interim, Thomas was trying everything and then some to get Hope to have sex with him. My goodness Hope had less than zero interest shirt no shirt. She just isn't into you Thomas. The pressure started to get to Thomas and Hope began to see the real Thomas. The real Thomas received a call from Douglas from Steffy's phone telling him he was mean and he told nice Uncle Liam the truth about Phoebe and Beth. Thomas said it wasn't gonna end like that. He called the Forrester pilot to meet him at Forrester in the helicopter. He told Hope they were going on another adventure. Hope's spider senses finally woke-up and she became suspicious of the phone call he received from "Steffy" and by the way he was acting. She locked herself in one of the all-purpose offices at Forrester. She let Liam in thinking it was Thomas. And Liam told a shocked, unbelieving Hope that they had received a miracle that indeed Beth is Alive and indeed Phoebe is Beth.

Days of Our Lives

Jack and Eve's nasty fallout continued. Jack begged and begged Eve not to. But sister girl broke those vials of serum with a vengeance. Jack called Eve a not so nice word. Eve said if I can't have you Jennifer ain't gonna have you either. It is Tony who is alive! Please please please please don't reverse it. LOL. Gabi and Kristen were still posturing to become a DiMera so they could helm the company. Kristen proposed to Tony. He was like um I don't do Flowers in the Attic. Plus, I want to find Anna. She will be devasted if I marry you. Kristen played the I saved your life card. Stabi was haggling over Gabi signing a prenup. Gabi tried but Stefan stood strong. Prenup. Rafe almost passed clean out when he overheard Gabi talking about marrying Stefan. Gabi said I am grown. I am marrying Stefan so you gonna just have to get over it big bro. Rafe who has been here before with little sis told her this will blow up in your face just like everything else always has. NotNicole laid the groundwork with Brady about a dream/memory she all of a sudden had that either Tony/Andre was still alive and of course Brady believed her. NotNicole continued to work Tony over to agree to marry her. Stefan gave Gabi Vivian's big ole rock. Gabi begrudgingly signed the prenup. Tony relented and agreed to marry his sister. No it's not a real marriage and it is not his bio sister but no. 

Eli is the new police commissioner! Will did some investigating and told Hope that he had reviewed videotape and he didn't see Ted or Xander at the docks as Ted said. Auntie Hope Ted is lying to you again. Hope played along with Ted so she could go snooping through his stuff at home. She found cash, lots of cash. Ted tried to spin it. But Hope gave him back the necklace and left. Sarah who still couldn't get Eric out of her mind said the wrong name in bed. She admitted to Rex that she was in love with his brother. And that his brother was in love with her. 

Gabi lost it when Abe mentioned Nicole was getting married on the same day as Stabi. What is she up to now?! #Cin stood up for Stabi who said I do. And Brady stood up for NotNicole and Tony. NotNicole convinced him to throw his hat in the ring with her and together they could bring Stefan down and take over DiMera. Eric lost it when he found out that NotNicole married Tony and Brady knew about it and supported it. He beat up Brady again. LOL. Shin flew all the way to Salem to fire Stefan. Stabi was trying to convince him that Gabi could step in as CEO until Stefan's name was cleared when the other Mrs. Dimera with a not so dead Tony dropped by. NotNicole and Gabi both presented their case to Judge Shin on why they should head DiMera. Gabi got Stefan to agree to surrender all his power at DiMera so she could be CEO including his money and the DiMera mansion. That plus Gabi's prior success at DiMera was enough for Shin to appoint her CEO. NotNicole will stay on at Basic Black. Gabi told a shell shocked Stefan to get out of her house.

The Young and the Restless

Michael sent Adam's PI packing and destroyed the compromising pictures and the negatives of Adam's leverage against the Judge in the custody hearing. He told Adam if you go down I'm not going with you. Sharon tried to make her case to Rey that it was he that she wanted and not Adam. Rey was a no. He told Sharon only she could save herself from herself but he was sure she didn't want to. Calvin left Chelsea $5,000,000.00. Billy was still spiraling out of control. He left the kids home alone and went for a drive. OMG. He finally confessed to Victoria what he was going through. He agreed to seek professional help. Thank goodness. Abby told Nate he was moving too quickly. She just wanted to hit the sheets, have fun with no strings attached. Michael wants to be the new DA (not sure if I'm fully clear on why) and he asked Christine to leave her post early and appoint him interim DA until the election. She told Michael she would think about it. 

Phyllis started her redemption tour. She got Nick back his properties from DH. Although, he only kept a few and let NE keep the rest. In exchange, Nick gave Phyllis a clean slate. And she got Jabot back their Jabot Boutique properties. But that tour will be short-lived if she doesn't stop flirting with Theo. Phyllis got everyone their properties back. But Adam pulled a fast one on hers. Nick and Devon will partner in New Hope which will provide affordable housing for people who otherwise might not be able to afford it. Victor had a spell at the parking garage of Jabot. Jack saved him! Nick declared war on Adam again...somebody left Delia's doll in Billy's bed.

General Hospital

Nelle was close to telling Michael their baby was alive but decided he wasn't worthy to know after he got a text about Sasha. Um, Nelle, you think Michael is gonna just sit at home and do what exactly? Oscar from the soap grave was trying to help daddy Drew. He got Drew's medals sent to him. Drew told Shiloh he was going to do everything to remember exactly what happened in Afghanistan. Shiloh stole Drew's memory flash drive. And is enlisting the help of Dr. Cabot, memory mapping doctor, to help him have the memories implanted in Jason not Drew. SIGH. Drew and Curtis found out that Shiloh was selling fuel on the black market and that Drew had requested a meeting with NCIS. Sam broke into Shiloh's place. Shiloh caught her. SIGH. Sasha is staying in PC with Valentin's blessing. They agreed the only loose end was Leisel. Valentin told Sasha to leave her to him. Neil and Alexis got stuck in an elevator but their clothes stayed on. Heck, they didn't even kiss. So moving on. Laura told Lulu if Dante thinks he is too gone then maybe he is too gone i.e. cut your loses. Dev got his wish and is working for Sonny. Just in the coffee division at least for now.

The second psychic helped Ava realize that Kiki's soul isn't at rest because Ryan is still in love with Ava. They are still bound. Ava went to the jail and asked Ryan to set her free so Kiki could rest in peace. Ryan said I don't believe in that. There is no light. All that is hogwash. Even if I did believe it, I'm never letting you go. Moving on. Finn went to Wyndmere to warn Nina and Valentin that Cassandra had resurfaced. Jax and Hayden were there and heard it too. Hayden went snooping and was caught by the help. They had a cover story. But why? Valentin and Nina didn't believe it.  Valentin had some truth serum for Jax to find out what he was up to. But Hayden ended up with it. Finn got stuck there for a while due to a storm. That serum started working and Hayden laid herself bare before Finn. Michael and Sasha ran into Cassandra in Puerto Rico. Sasha Nina's daughter and Michael Sonny's son. What luck! She called someone and said she needed to be moved. She had been compromised. Then she drugged Sasha's grapefruit.

Performer of the Week is Henry Joseph Samiri! (Douglas, Bold and the Beautiful)

Henry is adorable. We mean adorable! We love all of our kids in daytime! Henry hasn't been on screen for that long. But since day one he has been a young actor to watch. All of B&B fans have been waiting for the big Phoebe/Beth reveal. We knew it would be epic! However, we didn't know it would be Henry who would steal the show! Ever since that episode a couple of weeks ago where Douglas promised Thomas he wouldn't repeat what he heard about Phoebe/Beth then went right to the mirror when Thomas left the room and said "Beth is Alive. Beth is Alive"; we knew it was game on.

This kid is a great actor! His delivery, facial expressions, and timing are well beyond his years. We have enjoyed so much! Douglas talking to himself to the mirror. Douglas whispering to Beth that he knew she was Beth. Douglas calling Thomas and telling his mean daddy that he had told nice Uncle Liam all about Beth. And he hung up. LOL. All of his scenes with Liam leading up to reveal and that smile when Liam was holding Beth. OMG. This kid has it! Beth is Alive. Phoebe is Beth. Beth, I know you are Beth (in a whisper). Everything. Henry you are a star. We are enjoying you and your work immensely. And are so looking forward to watching you as you continue to blossom! Great job, Henry!

Our Honorable Mention of the Week is Scott Clifton! (Liam, Bold and the Beautiful).

Scott played every beat last week like the leading man he is. Liam was inquisitive, smart, persistent, euphoric, incredulous, confrontational, angry. We witnessed every emotion and trait one would have when finding out that their thought to be dead daughter was very much alive, had been right there the entire time, and that people had been lying to your face about it. Every scene Liam was in commanded our attention. His prodding of Douglas was perfectly timed and executed. We loved how he patiently explained everything to Steffy and understandingly acknowledged that all of it sounded loco. He was justifiably "aggressive" with Flo without being overbearingly so. But our absolute favorites were the moment he realized Beth was alive (When Liam looked at, smiled at, held and kissed his baby girl, we were all up in our feels) and the moment that Hope realized it too. Scott made this #TeamSteffy soaper feel so happy and joyous that Beth is Alive! Scott, you tugged at our heartstrings. You played each beat, each emotion effortlessly. So well done, sir!

I AM KP Smith




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Soap Opera News: Performer of the Week: The Bold and the Beautiful's Henry Joseph Samiri!!
Performer of the Week: The Bold and the Beautiful's Henry Joseph Samiri!!
Performer of the Week is The Bold and the Beautiful's Henry Joseph Samiri.(Douglas Forrester) and Scott Clifton (Liam Spencer) gets the honorary mention. Read more here--->>>
Soap Opera News
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