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Young and the Restless

Phyllis was trying to buy back the property from Adam that he swindled from her. She didn't have the money to buy it. She needed to get it from someone She asked Adam himself, Nick, Devon, and Nikki; everybody turned her down flat. Adam denied to Billy that he had anything to do with Delia's doll showing up in his bed. It's not Adam so who is it? Poor Billy. He is talking to ghosts, pacing, restless, having nightmares and receiving cryptic messages. Somebody is telling him to "Stop Adam Now." Somebody should have tried harder to stop Adam from telling Christian he is his father. Adam did and that was a big no-no. He told Christian in the park with no warning no nothing. Just I am your daddy. Nick was understandably livid. But he took Adam's bait and beat Adam up. Then Sharon took Adam's bait and ran over just in enough time to be a witness to Adam getting beat up by Nick. SIGH. Sharon nursed Adam's wounds and fell right into bed with him. The morning after Adam called the police to make a statement about Nick. Rey showed up and yeah you know how that went. Adam told Sharon that she is the one for him, not Chelsea. She is the one he wants. The one he has always wanted. Huh? Chelsea got her five million from Calvin and Connor home in the same week. Big kudos to her for telling Connor that Adam was alive. Connor was so happy his daddy was alive! He insisted Chelsea bring him to see Adam. It was a sweet reunion. Connor kept pushing until Chelsea agreed that he could spend the night. Chelsea stayed too a Chadam plus Connor slumber party.

Bridesmaid Abby was demoted in the party planning department. Mariah came up with the idea of having a dual bachelor/bachelorette party on the rooftop of the Athletic Club. For those who liked it good for you, we hated it. Kola is young and hot that wasn't young nor hot. All of Kola's family and friends were there. There was dancing, pictures, singing, and speeches. Thank the soap gawds Lola invited Summer because at least we got a fight between Summer and Abby. Abby overheard Seo talking about how lame the party was and she and Summer had words. Summer threw a pail of water on her and the fight was on. That was the best part of the party! Oh yeah, Summer invited Theo who gave a speech and almost spilled Kyle's secret which caused Theo and Kyle to get into it. That wasn't too bad. And we did find out that Kyle's secret involved a seventeen-year-old girl that almost died and Jack paid off her father.


Wyatt couldn't believe that the Flo he knew would do something like what she did to Hope. Well, Wyatt believe it. We weren't moved at all by Flo's tears, remorse or excuses. It didn't look like Wyatt was either. Wyatt ran to Sally and told her he was sorry because in hindsight what she did wasn't that bad. Compared to baby napping? Nope, it sure wasn't. Sally make him grovel. Ridge and Brooke hunted down and found Flo and demanded answers. Shauna was there too. She gave them answers. Beth is Alive. Phoebe is Beth. Zoe walked in and Ridge and Brooke figured if her daddy was the culprit then she must have known too. Ridge and Brooke were livid! You mean your daddy let Hope think her baby was dead and gave her to Steffy to raise for a gambling debt. Well, my life was threatened Zoe tried to explain. Ridge and Brooke whew they let Flo and Zoe have it. Flo and Zoe made sure to tell Ridge and Brooke Thomas was in on it too. Ridge had a rough day. Ridge called for Reese to be arrested. How we wanted Wayne Brady back for the reveal. And then Ridge and Brooke took all three of their licenses to make sure they wouldn't flee before leaving to go check on the kids. 

For Lope their week started with Thomas barging in on them when Liam was telling Hope Beth is Alive and Phoebe is Beth. Thomas told Hope not to believe Liam. He punched Liam, knocked him out and grabbed Hope and carried her out of the office. Liam woke up and followed them out onto the rooftop. Liam and Thomas had a brawl. Thomas got away to the helipad where Liam got him in a chokehold until he confessed the truth to Hope. Psycho Thomas never said the words but Hope read it in his face. Lope reunited and Liam took Hope to go see Beth. Steffy came home and Lope told Steffy everything. Our hearts broke for Steffy. Ridge and Brooke showed up. OMG, those were intense scenes. Steffy and Hope both unwilling to let Phoebe/Beth go. Steffy said that is Phoebe. That's my daughter. This is her home. You can't take her away from the only home she has ever known. Hope no that is Beth. She is my daughter. And there is no way I am leaving without her. She's coming with me and there is no way you are going to stop me.

Days of Our Lives

Rex punched Eric and he deserved it and much more. Everything Rex told Eric about his hypocritical sanctimonious self was the truth. Since the truth was out Eric and Sarah decided to grab their chance at happiness and they are officially together. Rex who couldn't handle seeing Sarah and Eric together (us either Rex) decided to leave Salem. Good Luck Kyle Lowder! We wished they would have done more with Rex this time around! Stefan told Gabi she wasn't getting away with double-crossing him. He was going to make her suffer. She played her final Ace and he was still standing. But he still had his; her feelings for him. An unmasked Kristen and Tony had to contain Ted. Ted and Tony scuffled for Kristen's gun and Ted ended up dead. Kristen hauled a heavy dead Ted to his place to set it up to look like a botched robbery. Stefan went there to once again confront Ted about him and Kate lying about Stefan kidnapping them. Stefan found the dead body and Eli and Jack found Stefan over the dead Ted. Stefan has been arrested for kidnapping and murder. Maybe he is a real DiMera after all. Nah, he's innocent so maybe not. LOL. 

Tony began to reacquaint himself with the residents of Salem. Kate believes he knows Kristen is alive and that he is in on it with her and Nicole to take over DiMera. We knew he couldn't hold out for too much longer. Brady slept with NotNicole. Kristen in the afterglow was ready to reveal herself to Brady. But she didn't. Tony wanted him and Kristen to leave Salem. Kristen could leave with Brady and he could leave with Anna. But Kristen said they weren't going anywhere. Hope found the necklace Ted gave her in the trash can where the mysterious woman was. Hope and Rope teamed up and started to put the pieces of the puzzle together. They surmised that Stefan was telling the truth that he hadn't kidnapped Ted/Kate and he didn't kill Ted. But rather the mysterious woman was the killer or she knew who was. And since Hope left the necklace at Ted's, it stood to reason the mysterious woman had killed Ted or met the killer to get the necklace in between the time Hope left Ted's place and Stefan got there.

General Hospital

Neil and Alexis confessed they had feelings for each other. But Neil told her they couldn't pursue a relationship. Brad confessed to Dr. O that it was he that pushed her overboard. He also told Dr. O Britt knew everything about Wiley which made Britt an accessory. So, if she even tried to blow his life up, he would drop the dime on Britt. And Britt's parole would be reversed quicker than she could say DNA test. We missed you, Brad! Welcome Back! Dante's deprogramming has been discontinued indefinitely. Robert told Lulu not to expect Dante home anytime soon, if ever. Sasha fell out at Crimson as a result of Cassandra's poisoning. She is in the hospital and is in insolation for an infection. Lucas/Finn has never seen this type of infection. It doesn't look good. Jax figured out Hayden drank the truth serum laced drink that was meant for him. Shiloh put Sam in a freezer and Jason rescued her. Moving on.

Shiloh happened upon Cam and decided to use him as a subject to get Drew's memories since he couldn't get Jason. His partner Dr. Cabot was angry and they argued about the fact that Shiloh hadn't provided Jason as the subject as agreed upon. Plus Cam wasn't a twin and was a child. The procedure could do serious and irreversible damage to him. Shiloh said this is the best I could do so we are going to use him. Shiloh illegally parking in Scotty's stolen car led Franco to where Cam was being held. Franco offered himself up for Drew's memory transfer. He sacrificed himself for Cam. Shiloh didn't want to at first but then agreed to let Franco be the subject. We aren't necessarily fans of the storyline. But Roger put in work talking about how he was haunted by his past and his childhood and how having not to live with those memories might not be so bad. And those scenes between Cam and Franco tore us up. "I just need you to get back to your mom in one piece. I enjoyed getting to know you. You are a good kid. Tell your mom I love her and I'll be back." Cam's pain, fear, and anger were so real and raw. Curtis and Drew rescued Cam and Franco but the damaged had already been done.  Cam told Drew he didn't know exactly what Shiloh was looking for on the flashcard only that whatever it was Shiloh said it was enough that he could run away. Everybody held their collective breath as they waited to see who would awake Franco or Drew. The doctors wouldn't know that answer until Franco woke up.

Performers of the Week!

Performer of the Week is William Lipton! (Cameron, General Hospital)

Last week Henry Samiri won the crown. This week it is William Lipton. The younger "men" of daytime are showing up and showing out! Mr. Lipton is so talented. Last week William was as good as any vet in daytime. He gave us an Emmy Award-winning performance. Cam poor thing that was some ordeal. He went through mind crippling terror overhearing Cabot and Shiloh discuss the procedure that would eliminate him, the essence of him and replace him with Drew's memories. And also that because of his age it could cause irreparable damage. The rage Cam felt that someone would be so cruel, evil and inhumane to even think something let alone actually carry it out. The hope he felt when he saw Franco there (thinking Franco could save them both) only for it to be replaced with disbelief, despair, and desperation when he head Franco offer himself for the procedure instead. Then we are sure in him somewhere mixed in with every other emotion was wonderment and gratefulness that Franco loved him, his mom and his brothers enough to sacrifice himself for them. Now that was some reel real grown-up stuff William played out for us. And oh my goodness he knocked it out the park (more than a few times!) Tell me you didn't get chills up and down your back as Cam wailed to Franco; No! No! No! Stop it!! Somebody Help Us! Somebody Help Us!  And then when Drew had to hold Cam back from whipping up on Shiloh at the hospital (Drew should have let Cam do it), that was a man ready to defend himself and his family. What phenomenal work young man! Loud, blistering roars of applause for you William!

Our Honorable Mentions of the Week are Annika Noelle & Jacqueline Wood! (Hope Logan & Steffy Forrester, Bold and the Beautiful).

August 9th Annika and Jacqueline gave us a full soap heroine face-off. We have seen Hope and Steffy face-off over Liam many times over the years. But seeing them toe to toe face to face in momma bear mode gave this frenemy rivalry a whole new face and spin and we loved it! One soap heroine (Hope) went from the valley to the mountain top when she found out her baby was alive. Hope had a roller coaster ride week; learning Beth is Alive, Phoebe is Beth, that Thomas is psycho, reuniting with Liam and seeing and holding Beth for the first time knowing it was Beth. And our other soap heroine (poor Steffy) went from the mountain top to the valley. And my goodness how couldn't you feel for Steffy. All she wanted was to give her daughter a sister. She didn't ask for any of this. Her world was torn apart because of the lies, deceit, and deeds of others. Each one of these soap heroines was in momma bear love and protection mode. Hope had empathy for Steffy but it was time for Beth to go home with her. Steffy fought like any mom would for "her baby" to stay with her and in the only home, she has ever known. We will let the fandom hash out the fandom wars. We are only here to appreciate and recognize these two talented ladies of daytime and thank them for giving us two supreme powerhouse soap performances. Annika and Jacqueline Queens of Daytime!!

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