Performers of the Week: Days of Our Lives' Matthew Ashford & Kassie DePaiva!

Performer of the Week Days of Our Lives Matthew Ashford & Kassie DePaiva. Stacy Haiduk (Susan) gets the honorary mention. Read more here--->>>

Hello Family!

In GC Judge said neither of you (Nick/Adam) is worthy of Christian right now. In Salem, two powerhouses brought the house down. In PC, Nelle hopefully will put Shiloh on her radar. And in L.A. finally finally finally we have us some good soap!

Recaps and winners; 

The Young and the Restless

Jett had a relapse in relation to his singing voice and Ana left Genoa City to be at his side. Loren Lott wrapped up her run at Y&R. Good Luck Loren! Soar! Jack and Ashley are going to merge Jabot and My Beauty into one company much to everybody's surprise and glee except for Billy. Billy loves Ashley but when it comes to business um, he's still raw from the stunt she pulled via Dominque/Kerry that almost killed Jabot. But Billy said if that's what you all want, go ahead. Theo spilled the beans of Kyle's past and Lola's surgery to Celeste who didn't know nada. Right now it appears that Kyle's big secret was a lot of booze, women and some drugs. We are hoping there is more. Celeste and Lola had a tiff because Lola didn't tell her she was having a liver transplant. Celeste only wants Lola to be happy and to not make the same mistakes she did when choosing a mate. Celeste also read Kyle a bit before she packed her bags to go back to Miami. Celeste said she wasn't going to stay where she wasn't wanted. Billy is still being haunted and gaslit by person X. He reached out to Sharon for help. Phyllis agreed to go into business with Abby with The Grand Phoenix Hotel. Phyllis and Victoria discussed them teaming up as well but for a much more sinister reason; to take Adam down.

Adam forced Michael to withdraw as counsel in Christian's custody case. Nick elected to proceed without counsel. Nick and Adam put on their respective cases of how good they were and how bad the other one was. Adam dropped the JT/Nick mask video to strengthen his case. The Judge wasn't impressed with either of them and questioned their ability to provide a stable and loving home for Christian. He ordered custody to a loving third party. Nick asked Victoria and Adam asked Sharon. Victoria was awarded temporary custody for at least three months. Nick was distraught. Rey was mad that Sharon would try and help Adam and offer to take care of Christian. Rey said he had been through this with Mia and he wasn't sticking around because he knew how it would end. He told Sharon Adam is manipulating her but she can't/won't see it. Sharon maintained she doesn't have feelings for Adam and she just was trying to help Christian. Rey moved out. Michael convinced Kevin to get while the getting was good. He told him to leave Genoa City and go home to Chloe and Bella. Michael would take care of Adam. Kevin left but we are expecting him to return.

Days of Our Lives

Susan and faux Susan were hilarious. Susan came face to face with Kristen and pulled a gun on her. But Susan let Kristen fool her into thinking she was her sister, Sister Mary Moira Banks. Kristen told Susan she had come to Salem to tell Susan she left the nunnery, found a beau, Hank, and was telling Susan good-bye because she and her new beau were going on a cruise. Gabi returned Xander's briefcase via Brady. Xander made Kristen beg, on her knees, for threatening him but gave Kristen her mask so NotNicole is back. We enjoyed the appearance of Susan and her interactions with the other residents of Salem, hilarious. Nice touch. Stefan maintained his innocence. Lani started to become suspicious of Ted and Kate's story. Kate was close to telling Stefan the truth but didn't. Haley has PTSD. Not Ciara which would make perfect sense. Haley. We got nothing on this one. We will add that she told Tripp but won't tell JJ because he has already sacrificed so much for her. Moving on. Oh yeah, we did get to see Claire in Haley's traumatic visions so all wasn't lost. Now, moving on.

NotNicole discussed with Brady options for her/them to take over DiMera and still adhere to the bylaws that the person running DiMera must be a DiMera and/or married to one. When she left Brady she flew to Chicago (during the commercial lol) and walked in the room where Tony/Andre was in a wheelchair. We saw his face for only a few seconds. But what a glorious few seconds they were; Thaao is back! Back in Salem, Stabi was discussing how it's clear that NotNicole wants Stefan out of the way and wants to move up in DiMera. Abe dropped by and Gabi was ready to play her ace. She told Stefan the only thing left to do was for her and Stefan to get married. Jack told JJ he took the serum (or so he thought) and JJ told Jennifer. But Eve....we will get to that later.

General Hospital

Ava met with another psychic. She's still trying to reach out to Kiki. The second psychic spooked Franco and told him not to go for that drive. We still have psychic's walking around GC "reading" people. Moving on. Ava figured out that Jax and Nina pulled a fast one on her and that the article wasn't the picture of herself that she wanted to be portrayed. Ava put Nina on notice. "It's a long way to fall." Oh but that the cover was FIYAH! Dante served divorce papers on Lulu for desertion (he deserted her). She has twenty days to decide if she wants to contest it. Lulu was devasted as she pictured her future as a single mom without him. Laura, Oliva, Sonny, Maxie, and Peter were there to comfort her. Lulu ran into Dustin during her and Maxie's girls' night out at The Floating Rib. Too soon.

Oscar unknowingly cut Joss and Oscar's lock off the bridge during his community service. Cam and Dev went to great lengths (dumpster) to get it back for Joss. Jax and Nina continued their dance. Jax wants whatever he is looking for regarding Cassandra and Valentin. Nina wants to find out what he is looking for before he ruins her and Valentin's lives. Let's see who gets what they want first. In flashbacks, we saw Navy Seal Drew (with his original face and with his memories) tell fellow injured solider Shiloh that he knows that he was selling fuel to the enemy. So that is why he doesn't want Drew with his memories. Not exactly earth-shattering. But oh well. Carson's baby has spina bifida and will need surgery two-four hours after birth. Chillow told each other they loved each other. Finn filled Chase in on Fayden's history including Hayden losing the baby. Are we ever going to know for sure that there is no Fayden baby? Chase was investigating who pushed Dr. O. It was Wiley's birthday. Nelle and Harmony discovered Harmony's grandson and Nelle's son was born on the exact same day. When Harmony dropped Wiley's name. Nelle going after Shiloh to protect Wiley could be good soap.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Hope was shaken by Phoebe/Beth calling her mama. But she looked over at Douglas' smile and said I do. Hope and Thomas were married. Not too long after the wedding, Lope was upstairs talking alone. Mkay. LOL. A drunk, flask Flo and Thomas had it out and Liam overheard. Liam overheard them fussing about the secret and how Hope wouldn't have married Thomas if she knew the truth if Hope knew the secret. YES! Now we finally have some movement in the story. Liam filled Wyatt in on what he overheard and sent Wyatt on a mission to see if he could find out what the secret was and what was going with Thomas from Flo. Wyatt was a good brother and did exactly what Liam asked him. He could tell something was wrong with Flo so he had his own vested interest in knowing what was up and what secret she was keeping. Flo spoke over her mouth when she said she wanted to do things she had never done before and included having a baby. She cleaned it up. But Wyatt did mention it to Liam.  Liam started doing his own investigation reviewing Phoebe/Beth's adoption papers, making phone calls and asking Steffy questions about Flo, the adoption process and Taylor's colleague who helped to facilitate the adoption.

Thomas having achieved his goal of marrying Hope wasted no time on his next one, bedding Hope. He tried in L.A. But Hope wasn't feeling it. He got the idea of a staycation. He would whisk Hope away on a short trip; away from Douglas, Liam and Brooke in the hopes that she would loosen up. He was probably so aggravated and frustrated with Hope he wasn't thinking clearly. Because if he were he wouldn't have been on the phone fussing with Flo with his back to the door. Douglas overheard Thomas say "Beth is alive. Phoebe is Beth." Thomas turned purple when those words came out of Douglas' mouth. He grabbed Douglas and told him he didn't hear what Douglas knew he did. Douglas who is a smart little fellow stood his ground and said no, "You said, Beth is alive. Phoebe is Beth. I heard you." Thomas grabbed Douglas and got on his physical level and looked him eye to eye and told him to keep his mouth shut. He even told his son, "I'll leave you here and go back to New York if you don't keep quiet." Douglas was like go on. Hope will take care of me. Thomas who was actually going back and forth with his son said, "Hope is my wife she comes with me. Now you are going to Aunt Steffy's house. And you won't say another darn word okay?" Douglas response, "Okay, daddy." Then Douglas went straight away to the mirror and said, "Beth is alive. Beth is alive." We love this kid! Thomas must have really wanted Hope because no way I would have brought Douglas over by Steam at that point. But Thomas did. Thomas and Steffy were in the room talking and Douglas told Hope and Liam "Beth is alive!"

Performers of the Week are Matthew Ashford & Kassie DePaiva! (Jack & Eve, Days of our Lives)

After several months, Jack was finally ready to get his memories back. He wanted to remember his children. Eve wasn't on board because as she said it was dangerous and she didn't want anything to happen to Jack. We do believe that was true......up to a point. The real reason is that she didn't want Jack to remember Jennifer. And for that we don't blame her. Now her methods, LOL. Eve tried to think of everything to talk Jack out of taking the serum but his mind was made up. The saying goes if you can't beat them join them. So Eve did just that, sort of. Eve told Jack she supported his decision and even helped administer the "serum" herself. But it was sugar water! She had Xander switch the serum. That was gangsta! Xander delivered the real deal to Eve. When Eve was destroying a loose end, Rolf's diary, Jack came in. Eve tried to lie her way through it when Jack saw it was the diary. But her own slip of the tongue was her undoing (I should have destroyed the diary eight months ago). The light came on and Jack realized Eve had been lying to him the entire time. They got into it. Things got nasty. Jack told her he wanted a divorce. Oh boy, that was it. Eve told him proudly there was nothing running through his veins but sugar water. She waved the real serum in his face and threatened to destroy it (his past) like he had just done with her future.

Lawd! Matthew and Kassie slayed, slayed, and slayed some more. We watched their scenes a few times. This is what soap is all about. The culmination of this storyline was all we could have hoped for and more. These two veteran pros put on a show! They brought it! The pain, anger, indignation, accusations, bewilderment, insults, lies, deceit everything that had been building for months all spilled over in this glorious climax. This was a long piece we know. But there was no way we could have even attempted to give them their just dues with any less.  This is how it is done ladies and gents. A long-standing ovation, Matthew & Kassie!

Our Honorable Mention of the Week is Stacy Haiduk! (Susan, Days of Our Lives).

We love us some Xander. But we love him even more for taking Kristen's mask away for awhile because as a result we were treated to a Susan vs faux Susan faceoff. YASSS!  Kristen pulled a fast one on a suspecting but believed Kristen in the end, Susan. Excellente stuff. And what about those scenes with Brady and the real Susan and faux Susan last week (and the week before)? Platinum comedic soap. Not to be overshadowed by the scenes with Wilson and Marlena who were also so good! Susan is one of the most unique characters in recent soap history. And for Stacy to come in, take over the role and nail it, we mean on the tip of the head? Ms. Haiduk you are amazing! You embody every ounce of Susan's humor, quirkiness, eccentricity, lovableness and everything that makes Susan, Susan. You are Susan! Stacy you absolutely positively rock! Bravo!

I AM KP Smith



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Soap Opera News: Performers of the Week: Days of Our Lives' Matthew Ashford & Kassie DePaiva!
Performers of the Week: Days of Our Lives' Matthew Ashford & Kassie DePaiva!
Performer of the Week Days of Our Lives Matthew Ashford & Kassie DePaiva. Stacy Haiduk (Susan) gets the honorary mention. Read more here--->>>
Soap Opera News
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