Sean Kanan Talks Soaps, Success, New Projects and Much More! (EXCLUSIVE)

I got the fantastic opportunity to chat with Sean Kanan this week. We talked everything from his beginnings in the business to what success means to him. And we also asked whether he prefers Deacon or AJ? Check it out below.

Sean found his way into the business at an early age. While he was attending high school in Pennsylvania he went to an open call for a modeling agency with a friend. He was chosen out of the participants to be represented. At 15, he found himself doing catalog modeling. He eventually was hired to do a regional commercial for a bank. This job would prove to be more lucrative than he thought because the work earned him his SAG card. "I didn't know it at the time, but that was a huge deal.

Kanan went on to complete his Political Science degree at UCLA and then set focus on his budding acting career. He quickly caught a huge break when he was selected out of a couple of thousand actors to play in Oscar-winning director, John Avildsen's Karate Kid III. He was cast as the bad guy, Mike Barnes. His part in the film led to more and more roles coming his way. Including, Francis Ford Coppola's television adaption of The Outsiders. 

In 1992, he was cast to play AJ Quartermaine on General Hospital. A role that would make him a star in the soap opera world. "I think it's one of the absolute best jobs you can have in television." Sean has a great appreciation for soap opera work, and that appreciation would lead to him playing on three other soaps over the years. He played Jude Cavanaugh on Sunset Beach and most notably Deacon Sharpe on The Bold and the Beautiful and The Young and the Restless. A role that would substantially affect his career. Since Bold is syndicated all over the world his time on the show brought him international fame and would garner him a separate career in Italy. Including an appearance on the Italian version of Dancing with The Stars.

Sean has played two iconic characters with AJ and Deacon. So, which one does he prefer? "I loved playing Deacon." He noted how he felt like AJ never really got a fair shake, but he did deeply enjoy some of the material that he was given during his run as AJ. He truly enjoyed the character of Deacon as well as greatly appreciating the work environment at The Bold and the Beautiful. 

"I would really love to go back and join The Bold and the Beautiful." A sentiment that I know many would agree with. Now would be an opportune time to bring back Deacon on the show. He needs to meet his granddaughter, Beth! "Decon's been in jail for a while now. I think it's time he gets out!"

While we are waiting for the day that Deacon gets out of jail, we can enjoy Sean's upcoming projects. He tweeted out a picture recently about his changing look for a new role in the sci-fi film, Colonials. Kanan will be playing the quirky soldier, Zeke in the film about a space colonist traveling from Mars crash lands on Earth to save a Resistance stuck in the dark ages from an advance Moon enforcer - and the galaxy from human extinction. 

He starts filming for the movie at the end of the month. 
He is also working on a new project with his wife that he has written and produced. They will start production on the project later next month. 

One of his most exciting current projects is the book Success Factor X that he co-wrote with Jill Liberman. The book contains thoughts and advice from 50 people about success. "We got an amazing treasure trove of advice." You'll see quotes from Tony Robbins, Mark Cuban and Sara Blakely to athletes and musicians like KC and The Sunshine Band. Sean even reached out to several of his fellow soapers like Tristan Rogers, Kate Linder and Steve Burton for their thoughts on what success means to them. "The overriding message is you really can accomplish anything."

Sean has also been touring the country to promote his book and its message. He has four upcoming appearances if you'd like the chance to meet with him and get your book signed. You can check out the schedule below:

Saturday Sept 14:
Cranberry Barnes and Noble 2:00 PM
1000 Cranberry Square Drive
Cranberry Township PA 16066

Barnes and Noble Settlers Ridge 4:00
800 Settlers Ridge
Pittsburgh PA 15205

Barnes and Noble South Hills Village 7:00 PM
301 South Hills Village
Pittsburgh PA 15241

Sunday Sept 15
Barnes and Noble Monroeville 1:00-3:00
700 Mall Cir Dr, Monroeville, PA 15146

He has learned from his own experiences that success will mean something different to everyone. Although, his career is extremely important to him. The meaning of success has changed for him. He now hopes to derive success from his relationships and his ability to inspire others. A wish that he is working towards with his growing interest in motivational speaking. He is also working on another motivational and inspirational self-help book that he hopes to get published in the future.

Sean Kanan certainly has had much success in his career. And he knows that a major part of his prosperity comes from the love and support of his fans. "I'm so eternally thankful." He would like to thank you all for your unwavering support in all things. 

Thank you, Sean, for a wonderful interview. Congratulations on your upcoming projects and the success of your book. We can't wait to see what is next for you!


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