General Hospital Spoilers: Franco and Kim Hit the Sheets!

Photo: ABC

Friz fans better hold onto their seats for this one! The latest Soap Opera Digest lets us know that Franco/Drew (Frew as I will refer to him) goes to say goodbye to Kim (Tamara Braun) as she plans to leave town with Julian (William DeVry). 

Co-head writer, Chris Van Etten told the magazine that Frew comes to see Kim and hopefully give her some type of closure with the MIA Drew. “...Knowing that she’s leaving and that she’s got this man in her life that she cares for very much. The stand-up guy that is Drew is not going to make an overt move to get in the way of that.”

This visit leads to Frew and Kim taking a trip down memory lane about the beginning of Kim and Drew’s relationship. Franco having Drew’s memories doesn’t seem to make much difference to Kim as she starts to really believe that Frew has the same recollection of moments and feelings as her. This bonding moment leads to the two sleeping together.

What they don’t know is that Liz (Rebecca Herbst) is on her way over after thinking over her options regarding how to get her husband back. She’s considered all of the risks. She knows that the treatment is not something Andre or his mentor has performed before. And even though there are many things that could wrong, she ultimately decides to fight for her husband. Which means forcing him to have the surgery. Let’s just see if she changes her mind after what she finds at Kim’s place!

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