Performer of the Week: The Bold and The Beautiful's Katherine Kelly Lang!

Performer of the Week is The Bold and The Beautiful's Katherine Kelly Lang! (Brooke Logan Forrester) and Thorsten Kaye (Ridge Forrester) gets the honorary mention.

Hey Family!

Hope everyone is well!

Bold had fight week! PC, let's have a prayer circle for Kim! Days Nic is home! GC gave us some light fun! 

Recaps and Winners!

The Bold and the Beautiful 

Bold could have named last week fight week. Everybody had it out. Everyone was fighting. Steffy and Thomas. Steffy, "You crossed the line, Thomas. I don’t know if I could ever be in the same room with you again. We will all move on without you." Whew. Steffy went to the jailhouse and gave Flo hers that Steffy had been saving up. Now, Wyatt was trying to be a lover not a fighter. He sure was being pushy. He wants Sally back and back in his bed like nothing ever happened. Sally was like pump the brakes let's slow this thing down. The case into Emma's death was closed and no charges were brought against Thomas. Ridge decided not to fight the DA's offer to give Flo complete and full immunity for her cooperation in the larger baby caper case. Ridge did it to save Thomas from further scrutiny and public exposure without discussing it with anyone first. Yikes! Shauna was happy that her daughter, Felony Flo, was free as a bird. Brooke was livid! Flo came to see Wyatt and she and Sally tangled up a bit.

Bridge fought over Ridge's unilateral decision not to fight Flo's immunity deal as well as Ridge wanting Thomas to move back in with them when he was released from the hospital. They went on and on fussing back and forth. Ridge and Brooke gave us soap old school life! Ridge left home in a huff and went to the Bikini Bar and got smashed! While Brooke was blowing up Ridge's phone to get him to come back home; Ridge was knocking them back. Carter tried to get him to go home. Danny tried. But Ridge was drunk and stubborn. Then Shauna spotted him and that was all she needed to see. She had just come from Brooke's having it out with her because Brooke refuses to forgive Flo. She smiled her devilish smile. She slinked up to a smashed Ridge with visions of just that smashing. She and a passed out Ridge ended up upstairs. She got in the bed, kissed Ridge and then pushed her body, clothed thank goodness, up against his. Fade to black.

General Hospital

According to the flight manifest, Drew was the only one on the plane that went down and the wreckage confirmed there were no survivors. Drew was missing and presumed dead and the devasting news spread around. But Sam and Liz were hopeful that Drew had survived. Jordan, Curtis, Sam, Jason, etc all concluded it was no coincidence that Drew's plane went down and Andre was attacked around the same time. But how were the two connected? And who would have a vested interest in both? Andre told Liz there was only a 25% chance that the procedure to give Franco his memories back would work. Julian figured out that Wiley is Michael's son and Sonny's grandchild. Brad told him the entire sordid tale including that Dr. O was blackmailing him. He asked Julian to reach back into his inner mobster self and take her out. Speaking of taking someone out, Valentin asked Sonny to take Cassandra out since he had a vested interest with Michael having been close to danger himself. Why in the world would a Cassadine need help taking someone out? Moving on. 

Rocco is having a hard time without Dante around. Lulu? Um, maybe not so much. Dustin crashed Rocco's birthday party and then he and Lulu had their own post kid celebration on the Haunted Star; a party for two with two unexpected crashers. Curtis recruited Laura, an expert in all things Helena Cassadine, to help with the case of the missing will/document. Jax asked Sam to head Aurora in Drew's absence. Jax is now the sole CEO. Liz confronted Kim about Franco. She was much nicer than I would have ever been. Kim again is GONE PECONE. Franco was by Kim's when she found out that DREW was dead and comforted her. My gawd. Lucy continued to push Sasha to be the face of Deception. She would be in the public eye and every detail of her life pried into. So yeah Valentin and Dr. O. weren't feeling that. Sasha was finally ready to tell Michael her big secret. Tamron Hall made a guest appearance. Maxie asked her to be on the cover of Crimson. Hey Tamron!

Days of our Lives

Lani we love you but you kinda was snitching last week. Lani told Rafe that Gabi left Julie to die. Eric came clean and told Nicole everything. Yep, he had slept with another one of his brother's women. Nicole took it well. Sarah was devasted when she got confirmation that Nicole and Holly were among the living. Do I tell Eric about the baby or not? We all know the drill. She won't tell anytime soon. Moving on. Nicole thanked Sarah for all she had done for Holly and for helping Eric with his pain after her "death" and the NotNicole ordeal. Sarah and Eric said good-bye officially. We had very nice reunion scenes with Marlena and Nicole. It was nice to see them happy to see each other. We also enjoyed the scenes with Nicole, Brady, and Eric. We have enjoyed the melodrama but it's time for them to move past all of it. Nicole faced off with Kristen. We don't know why Eric held Nicole back. He should have let Nicole rip her face off! LOL. 

Brady stopped Victor from choking Ben to death. Ben vowed to tell Ciara. But then when Ciara went on about wanting to work in the family business he pulled back. But he did put Brady on notice that Victor better leave him and Ciara alone. Um, that ain't happening. Are Brady and Kristen happening? Brady can't decide. He wants her but she's bad for him. Brady won't let Kristen destroy him again. We know. We have heard this all before.  Brady just really decide one way or another, once and for all because we is tired. Vivian told Stefan she killed Kate and buried her alive. He was still in shock when he told Gabi. He was even more in shock when Commish rolled on by to question them about  Kate being shot not dead. Yep, Kate hung around Stefano for so long sister now knows how to literally rise from the ashes herself. LOL. She managed to get to the hospital. Toward the end of the week, Vivian was back to try and finish Kate off. Dr. Rolf has a state of the art lab at the hospital sort of. He mixed up a couple of different serums that fell to their own respective demises. The latest mixture was destroyed by someone who destroyed the lab as well. Jack was convinced it was Eve who did it in a rage when the judge ruled against her in her wrongful termination suit against Jack. Why did you even tell her Jack? Days gave a good wink and a nod to all the One Life to Live fans with scenes between Eve/Blair and Vivian/Dorian. Nice touch.

The Young and the Restless

Faith is away at boarding school now. Victor was feeling too sick to go the opening of The Grand Phoenix. Phyllis began to wonder if Adam was having second thoughts about altering Victor's meds. Adam insisted he's still the dark prince and he is good. Most of GC's elite turned out for the opening of The Grand Phoneix. It all started out innocently enough until Zoey decided the party wasn't "lively" enough and she spiked the sangrias with molly. That was so much fun to watch! We enjoyed the "drugged" episode. Theo played guitar with his pool stick. He got a "kick" out of watching Teriah "enjoying themselves." Theo and Summer were having fun until they realized exactly what was happening. Shey kissed. Summer kissed Kyle. But it wasn't all fun and games, Sharon and Devon had a bad reaction to the molly mixing with their prescription meds. Then the po-po came and shut the party down.

The GC police department investigated the incident. Theo was questioned by Paul and Rey. Phyllis was questioned by Summer. But the culprit was Zoey. She had done all this to get back at Kyle and Theo for what happened all those years ago i.e. her getting drunk at their party and them dumping her off at a hospital. So all this was for them. But didn't she include and hurt a lot of other...never mind. Phyllis figured out that it was Zoey. She tricked Zoey into confessing on tape and used it to her advantage to get 25% of The Grand Phoenix from Chelsea and Abby for NADA in exchange for all evidence that Zoey spiked the drinks. Chelsea and Abby were in a free fall with cancellations over the barrage of bad press and gave into Phyllis' demands. Elevon exchanged "I Love You's." Mariah was more distrustful of Theo than ever. Nate came to the ranch to discuss Victor's blood test results. Victor called in the family minus Victoria. Chloe finally told Victoria everything about Billy and Victoria rushed to his side. Victor asked all of his family to come together for his sake and then he "fell out."

Performers of the Week!

Performer of the Week is Katherine Kelly Lang! (Brooke Logan Forrester, The Bold and the Beautiful)

Our Honorable Mention of the Week is Thorsten Kaye! (Ridge Forrester, The Bold and the Beautiful)

We love those over the top big soapy story arcs. But there is some special, extra special about just giving legends good material and letting them do them. Oh my, that's what we got and it was so darn good. To be honest, both Katherine and Thorsten were outstanding and the performers of the week. But we gave Katherine the edge because Brooke did...well you will read soon. Katherine and Thorsten you both were outstanding!

Marriage is hard enough but blended families can bring an added challenging dynamic in real life as well. Everybody loves their own. Brooke loves Hope and Ridge loves Thomas. So simple yet in this soapy arc so complicated. It all started when Ridge told Brooke he decided not to fight Flo's immunity deal. And he did it to protect Thomas. Brooke was like say what? We need to be looking out for Hope and Beth and Thomas can fend for himself. Ridge was like no he is my son. We need to pull together and help him as a family when he gets home.

Brooke was like heeeeeck no! He's not moving back in here. In fact, his bags are already packed and let me spring this one on you; he's not fit to raise Douglas and I'm going to make it my life's mission that he won't! Ridge kindly reminded "Logan" she was just that and had no blood ties to Douglas. You can't keep Thomas away from his son. Brooke looked at Ridge dead in his eye with a look that said "try me."And on and on it went and we loved it.

Brooke shrieked and gave the censored version of "cussing", "freaking". Ridge bawled up his hands in frustration and knew he had reached his boiling point and knew it was better to leave. Most of us who have ever been married have had at least one of those married down-home fights! LOL. Interestingly enough, Brooke and Ridge both were right. Brooke should protect Hope. And Ridge can't abandon his son. We are a little rocky with Brooke wanting Hope to take Douglas and Ridge wanting Thomas back in the house though. LOL. 

Then Shauna came by after Ridge stormed out. Lawd. Brooke read Shauna Flo's list of crimes and told her "the tramp" wasn't getting her forgiveness today, tomorrow basically never. But when Brooke told Shauna to "Get Out!" while pushing Shauna with each word toward the door and then slammed the door in her face; yep we knew she had to get the prize!

Katherine gave us our fiery Brooke that used to go toe to toe with Stephanie almost daily. Katherine brought the fire, defiance and don't try me, Brooke, that we have known and loved since the beginning of Bold. The tears, frustration, anger, and indignation were perfectly portrayed. Katherine brought it! The matriarch took no prisoners. Stephanie would be so proud! So good, Katherine! You were so good!

Thorsten picked up right where he left off last week. He has done werk as Ridge, Thomas' lone champion. We said it last week, Ridge is in a no-win situation. He is channeling everything a parent would feel fighting to help his son. Last week he continued but also drew us in being the husband who is pleading with his wife to help him help his son. No doubt that is a very tall order given the circumstances. Thorsten is playing the determined, not backing down, desperate dad incredibly, powerfully. Thorsten, second week in a row, Amazing!

I AM KP Smith



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Soap Opera News: Performer of the Week: The Bold and The Beautiful's Katherine Kelly Lang!
Performer of the Week: The Bold and The Beautiful's Katherine Kelly Lang!
Performer of the Week is The Bold and The Beautiful's Katherine Kelly Lang! (Brooke Logan Forrester) and Thorsten Kaye (Ridge Forrester) gets the honorary mention.
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