Performer of the Week: The Bold and The Beautiful's Matthew Atkinson!

Performer of the Week is The Bold and The Beautiful's Matthew Atkinson! (Thomas Forrester) and Thorsten Kaye (Ridge Forrester) gets the honorary mention.

Hey Peeps!

Recaps and Winners!

Young and the Restless 

Michael counted his freedom eggs before they hatched. Fen is using again and Adam has the pics! Adam is using the pictures to keep Michael under his thumb. But Adam didn't factor in the X factor momma bear Lauren. He done messed with her cub now. Lauren told hubby Michael they were going to bring Adam down. Jack and Sharon are both headed out of town separately to find themselves. We are interested to see this one play out. Jill was home! Devon filled her in on what was going on regarding Katherine's will being contested. And Jill, Devon, and Nick all wondered if the culprit was Chance and how Adam played into all of it. Jack left Kyle in charge as interim CEO at Jabot. Praise Gawd! Kyle and Summer agreed to put their checkered past way in the past and for them to focus on making Jabot and Kyle's interim tenure a success. 

Billy stayed a focal concern for Traci, Jack, and Victoria. Billy texted all parties to let them know he had checked himself into rehab. Victoria wasn't sure if that was where Billy was or what exactly was going on with him. She even suspected that somehow Adam was involved. Yes and no. Chloe and Kevin debated if to tell Victoria (she found out Chloe is alive) Billy tried to run over Adam. They decided against it to keep Victoria from becoming an accomplice. Billy woke up in the Chancellor's boathouse and didn't remember nada. Billy really has DID. After a conversation with Nick Chelsea decided to forgive Chloe. Mkay. Genoa City is handing out forgiveness like Oprah used to hand out cars. We had some fantastic scenes with Jack and Victor about Victor's relationship with Adam and how it parrels his own relationship and feelings toward his own father, Albert Miller. And Adam expressed similar sentiments that his greatest fear was that Christian would hate him as much as he hates Victor. Good stuff. 

Adam stole Nate's work laptop and with the help of Phyllis hacked and downloaded Victor's complete medical file. Phyllis didn't call in or name what she wants from Adam in return but when she does it will be big. Adam got someone to duplicate the look of Victor's meds but it was actually double the dose. Then he went to the ranch under the guise of calling a truce with dear old dad to give him the opportunity to switch the meds which he did. Yikes!!

Bold and Beautiful 

Sally backtracked a bit and seemed a little hesitant to go headfirst with a full-blown reconciliation with Wyatt. She is giving him another chance but isn't ready to just pick up where they left off. Make him sweat Sally please! Thomas told the detective that it was an accident that he wasn't pushed off the cliff. He tearfully asked them all, especially, Hope for forgiveness,  Even though he would understand if they didn't forgive him; he wished they would. And that what he did he did out of love for Hope. Mkay. Thomas only sustained a concussion and broken ribs and is expected to make a full recovery. Everyone wondered what was next for Thomas? For them? Liam and Brooke didn't buy Thomas' apology for a second. They didn't think he would go quietly into the night. They thought Thomas was still trying to manipulate Hope. 

Later Bill got into the mix and confronted Thomas at his hospital bed. Thomas would pay for all the misery he caused because Bill would make sure of it. Bill and Ridge also clashed. Ridge visited Flo in the pen and told her he wanted her to suffer and to keep on suffering. Ridge and Brooke continued to clash over Thomas and if Brooke pushed Thomas on purpose. There are big problems on the horizon for them. Brooke wondered how could she make Thomas pay without undermining her marriage. Good question. Thomas apologized to Ridge and asked for his dad to stay by his side and help him. Thomas told Ridge that Ridge was all he had. Thomas told Ridge he was scared. The detective looped back to Thomas' hospital room and asked him about the night of Emma's death. Thomas maintained his innocence. He didn't run Emma off the road. 

General Hospital 

Franco and Kim kissed and Cam saw and heard everything. Franco told Kim he was going to be leaving Port Charles as soon as the ankle monitor was off and he was taking her with him. Oh really? Kim is off her rocker folks. Way off. Liz told Julian that Kim has feelings for her husband. Yep. Yep. Yep. Julian defended Kim stating she knows that isn't Drew. Check again, Julian. Check again. Kim told Franco that she couldn't hurt Elizabeth and that she loved Julian. Um yeah, Franco didn't believe her. Did anyone? Cam told Liz that Kim and Franco were kissing. Liz told Cam this wasn't a sprint it was a marathon and she had to keep her head in the game. She had to focus on getting Franco his memories back. The sale of Charlie's to Olivia had to be pushed back a week. But Julian and Kim both on edge about Franco for different reasons decided to just move to New York and conclude their Port Charles business from there. 

Hayden convinced Jax and Curtis to make a threesome of them working together to find Mikkos' will so that the rightful heir of the Cassadine estate could take their place. Curtis just doesn't want Nina to get blindsided that Valentin once again lied to her. Come on Curtis how many times has it been? Nina must like it. Cousin Gladys popped in for a visit and somehow it rattled Sonny enough that now he wants to adopt Dev. Moving on. Felicia told Robert who is hell-bent on getting rid of Peter, to lay off unless he really had something. Michael wasn't sure if he really wanted to know Sasha's secret. Yes, you do. We are beyond ready for this storyline to move on. Well, we got another soap miracle. Sasha is expected to make a full recovery. And Brad made sure the secret of her maternity would stay a secret at least through the DNA testing/results. Neil and Alexis had a bingo date and they kissed. Alexis made sure of it. They are cute. Nelle told her jailmate Shiloh that she was going to help him reunite with Wiley because they shared a common enemy; the Quartermaine's. Andre and Drew met as planned. Drew got Andre on a commercial flight to Port Charles where Andre was intercepted and stabbed. Andre managed to make it to General Hospital before passing out. The flight taking Drew to Afaganstain vanished. Lawd no not Drew!

Days of Our Lives

Gabi convinced Julie was fake "jaking" again left her on the ground, clutching her arm and gasping for air. But Julie really had a heart attack. Cin found her and Ben saved her life. Be mad if y'all want. Ben needs his edge back STAT. But of course, we are glad he saved Julie. It gave her a chance and our Julie needed it. Her condition is serious. She suffered a major heart attack that caused extensive damage. Julie needs a heart transplant. But because of her age, 70, she can't be put on the transplant list.  Everyone was devasted by the news and decided not to tell Doug about the seriousness of Julie's condition just yet. It was touch and go. Julie did survive the week. It was an emotional week with great scenes from our beloved Horton family! Doug and Julie are just everything. Jack, Jennifer, and Eric found Rolf and Vivian in the hotel room in Chicago. Stefan was overjoyed to hear that Kate hadn't killed his momma after all. Whew, we know he was really glad Gabi talked him down from blowing Kate away. Gabi got a double whammy. Julie wasn't faking and Vivian, Monster in Law, was alive. Vivian was about just as happy when Stefan told her he was married to Gabi. She hit her flask a few times after hearing that one. We got a face-off between Gabi and Lani about Gabi leaving Julie; MORE MORE MORE PLEASE! This has the potential for a great female soap rivalry. 

Eric found Nicole and Holly! That's all I can say because if I go any further I won't be able to stop. Eric found Nicole and Holly! He felt the need to be totally honest and tell her he had been with another woman while he thought she hated him. SIGH. And Ericole doesn't know yet but Sarah is preggo. We are calling Days out. There is noooooooo way Sarah could know that baby is Eric's definitively. Nooooo way. Moving on. A surprised and caught off Kate came face to face with Vivian. Kate being Kate tried to talk herself out of getting shot. But there was no one to save her that time. Vivian shot Kate and sang "Row row row your boat" while she buried Kate alive in the Salem cemetery. Now that's some soap gangsta stuff right there. Brady offered Ciara a long-overdue job to work in the family business. A suspicious Ciara is interested but she wanted Brady to know just like you can't stay away from your "psycho" (Kristen), I can't stay away from mine. I will work at Titan but I am not giving up my man. Meanwhile, Victor finally woke up and remembered his granddaughter was shacking up with a hillbilly serial killer. He sent Xander to get Ben and bring him to the mansion so Victor could put an end to the madness once and for all. A lovesick Xander pulled up from strangling Ben to death. Sigh. Goodness. What's in the water in Salem? Where are the psycho males? Kristen looks like she gotta hold everything down herself. Well, Victor said not so fast. I might not be considered a psycho. But I am still here. I'm still someone to be reckoned with. He was going to finish Ben off until Brady walked in. 

Performers of the Week!

Performer of the Week is Matthew Atkinson! (Thomas Forrester, The Bold and the Beautiful)

Our Honorable Mention of the Week is Thorsten Kaye! (Ridge Forrester, The Bold and the Beautiful)

We usually give two specific write-ups for the Performer and the Honorable Mention. But this time we are going to write them together. The dialogue of these scenes was too intricately interwoven to even try and separate them. 

When the detective finished questioning Thomas about the night of Emma's death Ridge picked up right where the Detective left off. Ridge demanded that Thomas tell him the truth. 

Tell me the truth about that night with Emma. Did you run her off the road? Are you responsible for that young woman’s death?

Thomas was adamant. "No, I didn't kill her. Yes, I chased her but my car didn't hit hers I swear. We were both driving too fast."

And on and on he tried to answer Ridge's questions without incriminating himself. Tall task. But then...he told Ridge that Emma lost control of her vehicle and went over the railing and that's when things took a bad turn for Thomas. But a great turn for us. It was good! 

Ridge was like so you got out of the car? "Yes.". 
You tried to help? 
"Um, it was too far down." 
How do you know that? 
"Um..I could see there was nothing I could do." 
From that far down you could see that? "Um....." 
Well, you called 911 or an ambulance right? "Um..."
Ridge looked at Thomas in disbelief. You just left her there by herself to die? 
"She was already gone."

Thorsten's eyes told the story when Thomas told him that he just left Emma there dead. The realization in his eyes that his son was indifferent to Emma just sprawled out there left him as it would any parent, appalled, disgusted and ashamed. The magnitude of incredibility that Ridge looked at Thomas with and the depth of his disgust must have reached somewhere deep inside of Thomas. It appeared that maybe the totality of what he had done was finally dawning on him? Thomas sobbed like a baby. He tried to explain. Yes all that he did was horrible but he did it all for one simple reason; he wanted to be happy. Ridge was like happy? You have everything. You have had everything. Thomas' response was yes but that doesn't make you happy. Wow huh? This dialogue was on the tip of the on-point tip. Things can't make you happy. Thomas said yes it might sound funny. But with all that I have, I still have never been happy. And I just wanted to be happy. I've never known what happy felt like. Ridge had the correct response. So doing what you did made you happy? This makes you happy? What happened to my son? Maybe he was never here after all.  Then something reached and touched Ridge. Because he did a three hundred and sixty-degree turn and went into daddy mode. He asked about the tracking system in Thomas' car and then he sat beside Thomas, reached out and hugged him. Thomas cried like a little boy in his daddy's arms.

Matthew did such a great job in letting us see this venerability, fear and maybe genuine remorse by Thomas. The feelings of pain and regret he emoted were about as real and raw as it can get on screen. Matthew went deep. We were mesmerized at the anguish Matthew portrayed. And the look in Matthew's eyes showing us how Thomas must have seen himself through Ridge's eyes was a gut-punch. We were conflicted. How could we be feeling sorry for Thomas after all he had done? How? Because this is how good Matthew was. And my goodness who doesn't at the end of the day just want to be happy? That final scene where Thomas just bawled in his daddy's arms...stellar, stellar stellar. Matthew you were amazing!

Ridge wanted answers. He wanted the truth from Thomas. We felt the weight of what Ridge was feeling. I'm a parent of two older teenage young men. I pray daily that they will make good choices in life. Thorsten took us all to that place that no parent wants to go.  He took us there and we enjoyed it (because thankfully it's only fiction! LOL). Thorsten brought us there. He played the "oh you gonna give me the truth" parent when Thomas was hedging. Thorsten mirrored exactly what any parent would feel realizing their child for whatever reason could be that despicable and indifferent to leave another human in such a condition. There was one moment I remember when Thorsten gulped before speaking as if he was Ridge was literally sick to his stomach having to discuss such things. But then the unconditional love of a parent took over. And Ridge although ashamed and disgusted reached out to his son to comfort him and to let him know he was there for him no matter what. We felt for Ridge because he is truly in a no-win situation. Bravo to Thorsten who powerfully channeled every emotion a parent would in this type of situation. Incredible, incredible, incredible work!!

It doesn't get much better than what Matthew & Thorsten gave us fam!

I AM KP Smith



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Soap Opera News: Performer of the Week: The Bold and The Beautiful's Matthew Atkinson!
Performer of the Week: The Bold and The Beautiful's Matthew Atkinson!
Performer of the Week is The Bold and The Beautiful's Matthew Atkinson! (Thomas Forrester) and Thorsten Kaye (Ridge Forrester) gets the honorary mention.
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